Vivid Prism Hair Is The TikTok Trend We Can't Get Enough Of

If you like to be on top of the most popular hair color trends, you definitely need to know about prism hair. A vivid style that's been around for a few years but has hit the mainstream again thanks to TikTok, the name is pretty self-explanatory. If you need a little more info, prism hair aims to capture the same rainbow effect you would see in an actual prism. That means stunning colors that tend to blend together at edgy angles and in captivating kaleidoscopic-like patterns.

As you might assume, prism hair isn't a subtle style and is an ideal choice if you love to play around with eye-catching aesthetics and bold looks. At the same time, if you've already fallen in love with the idea of this striking effect but are a little too timid to go all out — or have a job that won't let you show up with super-bright hair — then you can embrace one of the relatively low-key versions. That's right, there are plenty of ways to boast prism hair, and each one puts its own unique twist on this fabulous trend. That might involve different placements and patterns as well as a range of colors, transitions, and combinations. Once you find the kind of prism hair you want to slay, you can dive right in and play around with the effect that will change with every moment and in every light.

Classic rainbow prism hair

Step into the world of rainbow-colored strands by opting for a classic version of prism hair. Think of the colors you would see if you spotted a prism reflecting on a wall, and those are the same shades you'll want in your hair — pink, yellow, green, blue, and a touch of violet. The colors will merge together in an almost jagged way, creating a gorgeous blend where each meets. Although this looks incredible on a shorter style, it can extend the effect in a seriously impressive way when done on long hair.

Barely-there light prism hair

If your hair is on the lighter side — such as a golden hue, a platinum blonde, or a snowy white — you might want to try barely-there prism hair. While it uses the same colors and patterns as the classic version of this style, it opts for a much lighter touch of each shade. The colors are also only added to spots here and there, which adds to the effect that makes it seem like a prism is casting a shimmering reflection on the surface of your hair.

Eye-catching dark prism hair

Of course, while barely there prism hair is a fabulous choice, you could always go in the opposite direction and opt for an eye-catching dark version that's beyond bold. It's also an ideal choice for someone who has experience caring for highly colored hair. In this case, you'll want to choose the brightest varieties of the same basic prism colors and make sure each shade is fully saturated. You might also want to play around with the placement. Instead of jagged lines, you can try a staggered, layered, forked, or even an intentionally crooked pattern.

Peek-a-boo prism hair

You can show off your prism hair whenever you're in the mood and then hide it when necessary with the help of a peek-a-boo style. Simply ask your stylist to create the same prism effect that they would on the top of or throughout your hair; however, do so on an inner layer. This way, you can leave your hair down if you want to cover up the prism colors and wear part of your hair up when you want to give the world a good look at your stunning hairstyle.

Angled prism hair

When you hang a crystal in your window, it might cast an angled rainbow on your wall when hit by a ray of sunshine. If that prism falls on your hair, then it will look both mesmerizing and whimsical. You can capture that same look and vibe with angled prism hair. Opting for a single line of each shade, the colors create a stunning effect on each side of your mane when you wear your hair down. If the strands are long enough for an updo, then you'll find that the prism changes with each style.

Prism hair with baby rainbows

If you like the idea of a single line of colors as opposed to a look that covers every inch of your hair with vivid hues, then you might also want to try prism hair that opts for itty-bitty baby rainbows. Placed in seemingly random yet perfectly spaced apart spots around your head, each one will contain the full-color spectrum. Making it look like you're standing near a window filled with crystals or perhaps a rainbow disco ball, you'll surely love the effect, which is both edgy and adorable.

Prism hair roots

Getting your roots touched up doesn't have to be a chore when you opt for prism hair roots. An idea created by Kristina Cheeseman, a hair colorist from St. Louis, the technique for this effect involves adding prism-like colors to the very top of your head and letting them extend down just a few inches. The shades can be in a straight line, staggered, or in separate sections. They're also a fabulous choice for all lengths of hair due to the fact that they simply rely on the roots to make a statement.

Prism hair ends

Prism roots are gorgeous, and the same can be said for prism hair ends. Focusing the bulk of the color on the ends of your hair, this look tends to work best if you have medium-length or long hair. This is so the rainbow colors don't end up in awkward spots — as they might if you have a pixie cut — but can be kept to the same general line across the tips of the strands. This is also a look that will look incredible when your hair is down, in a braid, or a pretty ponytail.