Trendy Shoes To Pair With Your Jeans This Fall

Fall has officially arrived, and so have all the wonderful things that come along with it: Halloween, beautiful colors, chilly temps, pumpkin spice lattes, and jean season. After a long spring and summer of rocking sandals, shorts, and sundresses for months, styling your jeans again can feel a little challenging, especially when it comes to deciding on the right shoe for the look. As always, we've got your back with the latest fall shoe trends. 

Peruse this curated list of trending shoe styles to pair with all your jeans for inspiration through the summer-to-fall transition and beyond. Before you run out on a shopping trip to snatch up the pieces you need for your favorite looks, don't forget to check the back of your own closet — you may have had what you needed all along, but just hadn't thought about a particular pairing before seeing someone else rock it. From patent leather pumps to bows, we've got the scoop on how to pair jeans and shoes this fall. 

Black patent leather pumps

Shiny, sassy black patent leather pumps are often saved for formal attire, but they can add a stunning level of edginess to a casual outfit with jeans. Sometimes, contrasting pieces create the most balance in an overall ensemble. Don't be afraid to play with your pairings. 

Pointed-toe ballet flats

Ballet flats have been back in for several seasons now. This fall's tweak to the trend is a pointed toe — a nod to the season of the witch, perhaps? Pro tip: if you have wide feet or aren't used to wearing shoes with pointed toes, consider bringing a roomier spare pair in case your tootsies get a little sore at first. 

Comfy clogs

In 2022, Birkenstock's Boston clog blew up on TikTok, and the style is still very much in for fall 2023. The comfortable, versatile style looks great with all cuts of jeans. If Birks aren't in your budget this year, try a dupe like the one by Satusta on Amazon for a fraction of the price. 


Tis the season for buckles, straps, and dramatic closures of all kinds. However, nothing beats the combination of a good pair of buckled combat or motorcycle boots with a pair of perfectly fitted ripped jeans. If grunge is your aesthetic, you'll want to try this combo immediately. Flannel optional. 


It has been clear since New York Fashion Week that bows, ribbons, and all things modern balletcorefashion aesthetic are set to have a moment that may last from fall 2023 until the end of 2024. If you've been resistant to hopping on the bow train, it's time to relent, and shoes are an easy place to start incorporating them. 

Shades of red

Shades of red just make sense for fall, thanks to their association with falling autumn leaves. Bright, muted, and deep brooding red hues are all in, so take your pick. Since the metallic trend doesn't appear to be going anywhere any time soon either, a pair of red metallic pumps might be exactly what you need to take your favorite pair of jeans over the edge. 

No-nonsense loafers

Are ballet flats feeling a little too restrictive and clogs seeming too casual? Go for a loafer. This in-between style is comfy like a clog but gives off the put-together vibe of a ballet flat. You can even find loafers with a pointed toe that offer a little more breathing room than tighter-fitting ballet flats.