Step-Cut Diamonds Are The Simplest But Most Elegant Engagement Ring Trend Of 2023

For anyone looking to find their perfect engagement ring, picking out the proper cut, carat, size, and design can be overwhelming. After all, finding one that remains classic throughout the years isn't easy with so many options. Thankfully, many of the recent engagement ring trends have been all about finding a ring that's personal and unique to you. That said, there is no better choice for brides with elegant and timeless taste than a step-cut diamond. These visually exciting diamonds have a particular cut that gives them a more luxurious vibe.

Step-cut diamonds feature a squared-off or rectangular shape with facets that run along the width and length of the stone, moving outward from its center. These parallel lines create the illusion of mirrors, making the ring seem even more elegant and intricate. With these parallel cuts, your engagement ring can catch the light and sparkle from any angle — and will for years to come.

Classic emerald

If you're looking for a step-cut diamond, you'll probably run into an emerald step-cut diamond during your search. These classic rings combine the timeless look of an emerald shape with magical step-cut facets. Although emerald rings are rectangular, their clipped corners give the illusion of an engagement ring in an almost hexagonal shape. These corners and the ring's elongated shape make the step-cut facets shine even more.

Lozenge cut

While everyone knows rings can be square, circle, or rectangular-shaped, the lesser-known rhombus-shaped ring is a true beauty. The trendy, unique style of a lozenge-cut diamond mimics an elongated, stretched rectangle with clipped corners, and is the perfect option if you're looking to add a surprising twist to your step-cut diamond ring. While everyone admires the initial shape, the step-cut facets steal the show with their mirror-like appearance.

Colorful bling

Hunting for a classic step-cut diamond ring doesn't mean you have to do without color. With step-cut facets, your colored stone is imbued with a stately appeal, almost as if it came from the queen's royal vault. Colored gems are an easy way to personalize your engagement ring, making it a one-of-a-kind piece, and the detailed facet design can make the color seem even more exquisite and refined. Add emerald or ruby gems along your clear diamonds for a vintage touch that'll stand the test of time.

Wider diamonds

It's only natural that the more surface area you have, the more you can show off your step-cut facets, and if you want eyes on those intricate, light-catching details, opting for a wider, more expansive stone is vital. Stick to one solitary stone to let your step-cut design truly shine.

Rectangle step-cut

You might think square and rectangle step-cut diamonds look similar, but a rectangle step-cut diamond will have its four points unclipped, providing a unique, regal look. This authentic rectangle shape is a standard option for step-cut facets since it lends itself perfectly to the parallel cut. If you're not concerned about over-the-top designs or shapes, a classic rectangle step-cut diamond is a flawless option that will be on trend even after 2023 is over.

Baguette diamond

Sometimes less is more and the baguette diamond is a perfect example. With a thin, rectangular diamond, the baguette engagement ring is a subtle and understated option that removes all frills. The step-cut facets add some visual interest to the ring, letting everyone enjoy the intricate details the more you gaze upon it.

Minimalist ring

The bridal industry isn't immune from fashion fads, and trendy minimalism is growing in popularity – from pared-down wedding makeup to, you guessed it, ring styles. The minimalist ring is a design that focuses solely on the center stone and has no other details or accents. A simple step-cut diamond and a metal band make the perfect combination for a ring that will last you for many years without ever going out of style. With its streamlined design, this ring will easily complement the other pieces in your jewelry collection while standing out in subtle ways.