What It Means When Angel Number 666 Enters Your Life

If the license plate of the car in front of you at the coffee drive-thru contained the numbers 666 and the total for your large vanilla latte came to $6.66 — don't panic just yet. While known as the "number of the beast" (per Well + Good), the spiritual meaning behind the angel number 666 is nothing to fear. As with some symbols in spirituality that may appear foreboding on the surface, such as the death card in Tarot, the message is not literal. And, when it comes to 666, you can release what you may have previously heard about the repeating sequence.


Angel number 666 suggests that a time of deep personal reflection is necessary, and if there are areas in your life which require you to take accountability, now is the time. "This could be the angels pointing you to family or close relationships, that your ancestors are in the wings waiting to help, or that you need extra protection and guidance in the near future," Novalee Wilder, certified numerologist, told Well + Good. So, while this misunderstood angel number might suggest that the time for inner work is now and may not be as much of a thrill as seeing lucky number 777, for instance, try to consider the recurring angel number as a message of love and guidance all the same.

666 is a signal for balance and stability

If life has shown you tumultuous or chaotic waves lately, then the appearance of angel number 666 signifies the need to steady the ship. Creating balance and structure within your daily routine can ease the upheaval you might have experienced. This could pertain to finances, home organization, relationships, or career. Laying low for a while and tending to your garden, so to speak, is the energy 666 calls for.


If you've been overexerting yourselves for others for your career or simply in the name of keeping all afloat, 666 is a reminder to also keep your acts of service in balance. "This is beautiful because we receive so much when we give authentically and in a balanced way," Tanya Carroll Richardson, professional intuitive and author of "Awakening Intuition: Oracle Deck and Guidebook," told mindbodygreen. "While the 6 can be a number of sacrifice and service, it's also a number that reminds us to go about this in a balanced manner to be sustainable."

666 signifies family and love

It may sound counterintuitive at first, but angel number 666 is symbolic of love and family. If you're single and seeking partnership, seeing 666 might indicate that love is on the way to you. In the meantime, it would be wise to nurture the love already manifested around you. "It can even mean starting your own family of friends, children, or pets—or it could mean that creating more balance in your life, like working less, will open up space for a new romance to come in," expert intuitive and author Tanya Carroll Richardson told mindbodygreen.


The number 6 represents working little by little to make true progress. So, when it comes to love, 666 suggests you keep consistent with your relationships, nurturing those you love daily while also caring for yourself. Six also represents the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel, Virgo, which embodies devotion to others and a sense of service. Angel number 666 calls us to examine our flow of energy and evaluate if we're leading from the heart and to make shifts in the areas where we're not.