8 Fragrances To Try For Sweater Weather

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Summertime has such a light, airy vibe. From floaty dresses to fresh perfumes, it's all about freedom and weightlessness. But when autumn comes knocking, it's time to not only switch out your wardrobe for a cozier vibe but also your scent.


Whether your go-to in the warm months was an essential summer fragrance like lavender perfume or something trendier like the earthy scents of the tomato girl fad, your signature fragrance is probably ready to change with the seasons. During the transition into sweater weather, we say goodbye to drifty florals and green undertones to welcome heavier, warmer scents that prepare us to snuggle into blankets and relax beside a crackling fire.

Of course, this is a pretty big turnaround from the perfumes you've been prizing all summer. So, what should you be looking for in an ideal fall fragrance? Depending on your preference, autumnal scents can incorporate rich depths of sweetness, smokiness, musk, and much more.


Bee Eau de Parfum by Ellis Brooklyn

When the first days of autumn arrive at your doorstep, bringing chilly mornings but warm afternoons, you may not be sure what kind of fragrance will get you through the day. That's why we're kicking off our list with the Bee Eau de Parfum by Ellis Brooklyn — a perfect transitional scent. This perfume's core fragrance is crafted around a sweet yet floral honey base that evokes the sun-drenched afternoons of late summer, but this sweetness is balanced with fall-appropriate tones like cinnamon, dark rum, sandalwood, and cocoa, moving the overall scent into early autumn.


At Nordstrom, one happy reviewer called Bee "cozy and uplifting," describing it further as "a sweet, creamy honey perfume that's perfect if you want to feel a little warmer in cold weather. ... This is the most perfect autumn-winter scent." And despite its gloriously honey-like smell, even vegans can feel at ease enjoying Bee perfume. This fragrance is touted as 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens or phthalates.

Replica By the Fireplace Eau de Toilette by Maison Margiela

Did we say something earlier about relaxing by a fire? It turns out that the Replica perfume collection from Maison Margiela has a fragrance that fits the bill. The brand's By the Fireplace Eau de Toilette is an alluring unisex scent built on a foundation of homey, autumnal aromas like burning wood, chestnut, and clove. But this heady fragrance never verges into overpowering; rather, it's given a delicate finish via notes of orange flower and vanilla.


And if you've never tried a unisex fragrance before, don't be nervous. There's something universally compelling about the smoky, earthy edge of a bonfire, and Maison Margiela walks that line well. The interplay of woodsy, nutty notes and subtle sweetness in By the Fireplace keeps this perfume from veering too traditionally masculine or feminine, making it addictively wearable for everyone. That sounds like a perfect cozy fall scent to us!

Gilded Fox Eau de Parfum by Pinrose

If you're a fan of sweet, mouthwatering fragrances, try the Gilded Fox Eau de Parfum by Pinrose. This tempting scent proves that trendy gourmand perfumes also have a place in your fall and winter lineup. Leaning heavily on fragrance notes like rich cocoa and coffee with an underpinning of spicy cardamom, sugary caramel, and even buttered rum, this perfume smells good enough to eat.


With such a delicious scent, it's no wonder that Gilded Fox has racked up a 4.8-star rating from Pinrose customers. As one reviewer wrote, "This smells like hot spicy cocoa. The spice is mild and keeps this from being cloying. This is my second bottle, that's how much I love it. A must for winter and the holidays!" As the icing on this delectable cake, Pinrose products purport to be vegan and cruelty-free. So, this sweater season, you can spritz yourself with Gilded Fox guilt-free from dawn to dusk.

Mumbai Noise Eau de Parfum by Byredo

If you're hoping to expand your repertoire of autumn-friendly fragrances with some unique perfumes, Mumbai Noise — an eau de parfum by Byredo — makes for a unique but imminently wearable addition. With its tropical climate, Mumbai may not be known for its cold temperatures, but the deep, spicy-sweet aroma of the Mumbai Noise perfume plays perfectly in frostier locales.


This Indian-inspired fragrance was designed with a nose for traditional scents but modern sensibilities, infusing the final product with luscious hints of woodsy Asian forests, drifting whorls of incense, and old spice roads. The top note is ruled by davana, an herb that carries a sweet and fruity smell. This is enriched by depths of dark, bitter coffee, sugary tonka beans, and intoxicating sandalwood. The result is an intense fragrance in the amber family, ideal for pairing with cozy scarves and chilly weather — the perfect fall ensemble.

Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford

For another fall-worthy unisex favorite, the Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum from Tom Ford provides an alluring blend of masculine and feminine fragrance notes. As you might gather from its name, both smoky tobacco and syrupy vanilla play a prominent role in this scent's profile, but the scent also adds depth through ginger, dried fruit, and wood sap.


Bear in mind that this warm, intense scent leans a little darker and heavier than some other fall fragrances on our list. According to Tom Ford, this scent is "reminiscent of an English gentleman's club" — hence, the musky, tobacco-forward finish. As one user observed in their Sephora review, "This one can be divisive, but I'm obsessed. Probably better for the autumn/winter months but I reach for it regularly anyway because I cannot stop smelling myself when I wear it. Warm and totally intoxicating."

Is Tobacco Vanille a little darker than your usual perfume? Perhaps. But if you're willing to make a daring scent statement, this gender-bending fragrance is an intriguing, high-impact way to embrace autumn vibes.


Grand Soir Eau de Parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

If Tom Ford's dark, London-inspired scent doesn't satisfy your hopes for a European fragrance for fall, Maison Francis Kurkdjian has you covered. Its Grand Soir Eau de Parfum is a loving ode to Paris, the City of Lights. Designed to be both luminous and mysterious, the amber fragrance of Grand Soir is a delicate balance of deep, enchanting scents and bright, sharp counterpoints. The main body of the perfume is characterized by cozy vanilla and tonka with a spicy, piney undercurrent of Spanish resin.


We especially love that Maison Francis Kurkdjian takes the time to delve deep into the production and aroma of each major ingredient in this scent, from tonka's "shortbread"-like gourmand layer to the resin's rich oud perfume scent. It's easy to see why this complex, romantic fragrance is tagged as a bestseller at world-class department store Harrods and has garnered an enviable rating of 4.8 stars from customers at Nordstrom.

Black Opium Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

An instant classic since its release in 2014, Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium Eau de Parfum has become an iconic fragrance and brand signature. Spicy and warm, this sensual scent is redolent with fall favorites like dark coffee and tempting vanilla. But what sets Black Opium apart is a floral underpinning of white flowers, which adds a surprising feminine touch to the perfume's overall fragrance. The result is a sexy and intimate scent that invites you to spend those cool autumn evenings passionately entwined with a partner.


Almost 5,000 happy customers have reviewed Black Opium on the YSL website, and over 3,800 of those shoppers have awarded the fragrance five stars. "Such a beautiful sultry smell," wrote one reviewer. "This is such a perfect fall/winter fragrance. It's warm and sexy with hints of spice and vanilla. It's hands-down one of my favorites!"

Babylon Eau de Parfum by Penhaligon's

On the one hand, fall gives us serious cravings for snug coffee shops, soft blankets, and tasty baked goods, but there's also something wild and fierce about this shifting season. It's the kind of energy that begs you to run off into the woods and howl at the full moon. So, no fall fragrance list would be complete without a scent that's a little bit mystical.


Scratching this itch perfectly, Penhaligon's puts an ancient and enigmatic twist on autumn fragrance with its Babylon Eau de Parfum. In this perfume, the familiar comfort of cozy vanilla takes on a secretive magnetism with the addition of earthy saffron, luxurious sandalwood, and noble cedar. Taken together, this fragrance seems like the kind of scent worn by ancient queens, paving the way for your powerful presence this fall.

At Bloomingdale's — where Babylon boasts a five-star rating — one reviewer wrote, "This fragrance is very beautiful and original. The first scent is a creamy white vanilla breeze. Dries out and leaves an intoxicating mix of vanilla white musk dancing with gentle saffron cherry spice. This scent is brilliant and silky smooth." Long story short? Babylon is a uniquely irresistible addition to any fall fragrance collection.