Add Orange Blush To Your Makeup Routine This Fall For A Sun-Kissed Look

Even as leaves change color and cooler weather approaches, the sun-kissed look remains popular for this year's fall beauty trends. Take it from style and beauty trendsetter Sofia Richie Grainge, who recently shared her go-to look on TikTok by combining classic fall beauty colors with warm, glowy makeup. As part of this routine, Richie Grainge showcases the key to the fall sunlit look: orange blush.

While Richie Grainge's sun-kissed palette works for any season, it will slot beautifully into your fall makeup routine. After all, you can use an orange blush to achieve a number of outcomes ranging from a subtle golden hour glow to intense radiant vibes. The color also adds warmth to your face, mimicking the summer radiance that we all want to hold onto. By pairing orange blush with other earth-toned products, you can create a cohesive beauty look that will last throughout the entire autumn season.

Sun-kissed for fall

To achieve an autumn version of the sun-kissed look from summer, pair your orange blush with other products that evoke the fall spirit. Use orange eyeshadow and incorporate darker hues like black or brown for your eyeliner or mascara. These contrasting shades will add an autumnal touch to your sun-baked glow.

Radiant matte makeup

Fall is the perfect time to bring out your matte products, such as vampy matte lips and eyeshadows, to contrast with your orange blush. However, try to opt for a softer matte finish in your products for a flawless complexion that isn't too harsh. You can also add a hint of gloss or glow somewhere in your routine to incorporate more of that summer touch.

Warm orange bronze

Orange blush gives the skin an almost tan-like appearance. Additionally, it can be used as a contour product for a more intense effect. Instead of applying the blush only to the apples of your cheeks, blend it upwards and around the face for a softer overall look. Apply a heavier application on your cheeks to create a clear distinction, and use a lighter touch for a bronzing effect on the rest of your face.

Fall festival looks

While fall may still be a few weeks away from the holiday season, the orange blush trend offers the perfect opportunity to get a head start on our sparkly looks. Enhance your radiant orange blush with shimmery eyeshadow or highlighters to achieve a dazzling effect. With its sun-kissed touch, orange blush creates an all-around sparkly beauty look that is perfect for a fall festival.

Halloween-inspired palettes

The start of the fall season signals that Halloween is approaching. While this usually prompts the use of darker makeup looks, orange blush offers a lighter alternative. Rather than sticking to a typical Halloween-inspired makeup routine, draw inspiration from the holiday's color palette. Incorporate orange and yellow eyeshadows along with black liners for an all-around Halloween-inspired look. Keep it soft and remember to add a touch of sunlit glam to your Halloween look with an orange blush.

Soft golden hour glow

Even though the fall season allows us to explore darker shades and makeup looks, using an orange blush helps us maintain a summer glow all year round. Rather than trying to incorporate fall into your makeup look, keep it simple with a glowy foundation, shimmery highlighters, and minimal colors to continue the summer vibe. Despite the weather signaling fall, using an orange blush allows us to imagine that it's still summer vacation.