Vampy Matte Lips Are The Anti-Clean Girl Trend We Needed For Fall 2023

While spring and summer 2023 were all about the "clean girl" aesthetic and natural makeup, fall is ready to get rid of all that. Now that the colder season is all about rich and luscious colors, it's time to take your matte lipsticks out of the drawer. Although lip gloss is fun, matte lipstick is still the go-to for the colder season. A velvet matte finish is perfect because it gives a richer approach to all lip colors. Since the fall season introduces darker hues, it's time to bring them to our lips. Fall 2023 is all about these dark and luscious shades that give an earthier vibe to your makeup look.

Even though matte lipsticks haven't been in the spotlight since the 2010s, they're part of the renaissance of the era's makeup. However, instead of pairing it with matte blush and eyeshadows, it's infused with a clean girl twist. Give your face a glass skin finish and sport glossy eyeshadows for a more updated touch. Don't be afraid to rock your favorite vampy matte lipsticks this season and make the perfect beauty statement.

Terracotta lip

Although everyone knows purples and reds as typical dark hues, the terracotta shade is perfect for those who still want a chic finish. A mix of brown and red, terracotta is an alternative option for those darker vampy shades, and it still gives you an edgy vibe. Since it's easier to style with the rest of your makeup, the terracotta matte lip works for an everyday fall beauty look.

Purple matte

Is there anything more 2010s than a matte purple lipstick? While it may stain clothes if not washed out properly, purple matte lipstick is a go-to for a gothic, vampy vibe during the fall season. To keep your purple lip look soft, you can always pair it with neutral eyeshadow and blush, or go full-on goth with dark eyeliner and contour.

Burgundy lippies

A mix between red and purple, burgundy is the perfect dark-colored hue if you're just starting to warm up to the trend. While it's a deep color, the red of the burgundy provides a softer touch than going straight purple. This matte shade is a dark, rich color that stands out in a high-fashion way and is a must-have for an updated formal look.

Classic red matte lip

While not a new lip color or trend, a red matte lip will always be the standard in the beauty world. With celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe rocking red lipsticks in iconic beauty looks, there's no reason you shouldn't rock the color this fall. A red matte lipstick will last all season long and works for any parties or formal events you have lined up. Add a darker red lipliner to give you a slight ombré effect.

Neutral brown lipstick

Not everyone is a fan of the bold lip, and thankfully, there's a neutral shade that can give the same vampy look with less impact. Brown lipstick in all of its shades helps create a fall-inspired beauty look that's still dark but chic. Reach for the darker brown matte looks to get an even more gothic vibe, or outline your lips with a dark brown liner for a statement ombré effect.