7 Great Dupes For Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty Liquid Blush

Many fans of Selena Gomez's makeup looks enjoy products from Rare Beauty, the pop star's beauty brand. One beloved product from Rare Beauty is the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush. The light yet reliable blush is available in various hues, and shoppers can choose between matte and dewy options.


The product has a nearly five-star perfect rating with over 3,000 reviews, with pleased customers writing praises, including, "A little goes a long way. The product isn't sticky nor is it runny. It has a velvet-like texture. The pigmentation is amazing. It blends well." Others call it "a MUST," highlighting that "the formula is so pigmented but very easy to blend."

However, the price of $23 (at the time of writing) isn't so realistic for everyone, despite the product's glowing reviews. Luckily, there are some affordable alternatives if you're ready to say hello to liquid blush without spending too much on one item.

E.l.f. Halo Glow Beauty Wand

Anyone looking for a liquid blush like the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush — but with a price under $10 — should check out the E.l.f. Halo Glow Blush Beauty Wand, available for only $9 at Target at the time of writing. This liquid blush feels light and is ideal for blending — like the beloved Rare Beauty option. Plus, animal lovers will be happy to know that the E.l.f. Halo Glow Blush Beauty Wand is vegan and cruelty-free — and it's even Leaping Bunny Certified. This product has 4.5 out of five stars with over 1,800 ratings.


Do you remember how reviewers loved that they only have to use a bit of the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush at a time because it's so pigmented? Regarding the E.l.f. liquid blush, a happy reviewer wrote, "Love how this product gives such a beautiful dewy glow with the perfect amount of flush! You only need to use a touch of product because a little goes a long way." Such a dupe!

Lottie London Sweet Blush

TikTok is a helpful place to search for makeup dupes, and @cocourbon — a TikToker with over 54,000 followers — posted a video applying the Lottie London Sweet Blush, noting that it may be a dupe for the popular Rare Beauty item. While the TikToker likes the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush's packaging better than the dupe's, the Lottie London product appeared smooth and easy to apply, with beautiful results in the video.


The Lottie London Sweet Blush is available for only $5.98 at Walmart at the time of writing. Perfect for blending, this light liquid blush has 4.4 stars. Pleased reviewers wrote, "In love with the color and how it blends well with sponge or blush brush," and, "It looks so beautiful and natural on my brown complexion! Very pigmented, a little goes a LONG way. I never do reviews but this product is a must!" From the low price to the impressive TikTok demonstration to the glowing reviews, this affordable liquid blush is an exciting dupe.

Ulta Beauty Collection Stay Cheeky Liquid Blush

Anyone who enjoys shopping at Ulta Beauty should consider the Ulta Beauty Collection Stay Cheeky Liquid Blush, available for $12 at the time of writing. This cruelty-free liquid blush is lightweight and features coconut oil and shea butter. According to Ulta, the product should feel gentle and cool when you put it on your skin, and the results appear dewy and shiny. This liquid blush has four stars with about 200 reviews and an 82% recommendation rate.


A happy product user wrote, "I always wore powder blush until I found this liquid one. It's fantastic! Goes on nicely and a little goes a long way. You'll love it!" Meanwhile, a different reviewer wrote, "Love this blush! Beautiful color, blends easy and [lasts] all day. It's my new favorite blush. I will be buying more colors to try." Since a little bit of the item provides a lot of effect, the product is long-lasting, and it offers ease of blending, this liquid blush has very similar qualities to Selena Gomez's famous liquid blush.

Amazon's Velvet Liquid Blush

Amazon enthusiasts looking for dupes for the Rare Beauty liquid blush should look into the Velvet Liquid Blush, selling for $4.99 on Amazon at the time of writing — yes, it's under $5! The Amazon's Choice item provides a velvet-like effect similar to the Rare Beauty liquid blush, and you can choose between six color options. The product photos also appear super similar to the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush, and this item has 4.2 stars with over 300 ratings.


While some customers don't like the smell, many reviewers believe the liquid blush works well — especially when considering the super affordable price. Many shoppers compared this product to the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush, with one writing, "Rare Beauty dupe ... Literally works as good as Rare Beauty." Other reviewers commented that you "don't need much" product to see effects and "it does last a long time just like the Rare Beauty one."

Makeup Revolution Blush Balm Cream Blusher

Makeup TikToker @xocisneross — who has over 64,000 followers — shared a video explaining that the Makeup Revolution Blush Balm in Glam Orange is an excellent dupe for the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in the Joy hue. The TikToker showed two swatches — one of the Makeup Revolution liquid blush and one of the Rare Beauty product — next to each other, and they looked nearly identical. Impressed viewers commented, "Omg so stunning," and "So beautiful."


The Makeup Revolution Blush Bomb Cream Blusher in Glam Orange sells for $9 at the time of writing at Ulta, and the cruelty-free product features vitamin E and provides a dewy look. Plus, it has 4.3 stars and an 85% recommendation rate. A satisfied shopper wrote, "I wanted to try this and glad I did! They are very pigmented and last all day." Meanwhile, someone else wrote, "Little goes a long way for beautiful dewy finish. Lots of love, this one surprised me."

Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush

The Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush sells for $9.99 at Target at the time of writing and is suitable for normal, combination, and mature skin types. This light liquid blush is vegan and cruelty-free and features pomegranate, rose extract, and watermelon. You can even use it as a lip gloss in addition to a blush! The product has 4.4 stars with a 69% recommendation rate, earning praise for its reliability, easiness to put on and take off, and high quality.


One impressed reviewer wrote, "Blends well and looks great on darker skin. The blush is easy to use." Another wrote, "Literally amazing, 10 out of 10 recommend for anyone looking for a bomb liquid blush." One reviewer highlighted the adaptability of the product, commenting, "Super pigmented and long wearing! I even use it on my eyelids on the go." So, not only is it an affordable dupe for the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush, but the Milani product is very versatile. Why not wear it as a blush, eyeshadow, and lip gloss for a glam look?

NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Soft Tint

Another TikTok-approved dupe is the NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Soft Tint in the Baby Doll color. Makeup-focused TikToker @amandaa_harrison posted a video showing that the pink NYX liquid blush provides the same effects as the Rare Beauty option. In a comment, the TikToker seemed to suggest that anyone who enjoys the Happy shade of the liquid blush from Selena Gomez's brand will likely love this more affordable product.


The NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek is available for $9.99 at Walgreens at the time of writing. The vegan, PETA-certified, and cruelty-free product has 4.5 stars with over 500 reviews, and a happy reviewer wrote, "I own the shade 'Baby Doll' and it is the most high end looking shade I've ever worn. This blush is so easy to blend and work with, while also lasting all day. Without fail, looks beautiful every time!"