Utah Curls Are The Hair Trend Of The Moment - Here's How To Get The Look

If you like to keep up on TikTok fashion and beauty trends, you might have noticed a hairstyle known as "Utah curls" popping up on your For You Page recently. The curls — named after the state in which they first became popular, thanks to Utah-based social media influencers — are actually a style of loose, beachy waves defined by straight ends.

To achieve Utah curls, many people, like TikToker @zoey.tobler, twist each curl after it's wrapped around the barrel. Others simply curl their hair as they normally would, ensuring that they leave the ends out of the curling iron, as seen by TikToker @sophiagraceharris

As long as the ends of the waves are straight, you will achieve the "Utah curls." To ensure this, many people run the iron over the end of the hair to straighten it. The result is a loose, beachy wave that looks like it belongs anywhere but landlocked Utah. If you've struggled to achieve the perfect carefree-looking waves in the past, Utah curls might be the method you've been searching for. We've assembled a curated list of Utah curl looks for your inspiration and tips on how to get the look.

Golden waves

Golden lowlights help amplify the beachy feel of Utah curls and make the movement inspired by the waves more visible and dynamic. They add that extra oomph — and when combined with the curls, make the whole look pop. If you already have lowlights (or highlights), these might be the waves for you. If you're looking for more depth and dimension to your curls, add some highlights or lowlights to your strands. 

Glossy liquid brunette

What solid brunette hair lacks in color variation, it makes up for in reflectiveness. Utah curls in glossy liquid brunette hair create a warm, glossy, inviting feeling that ice-cold platinum just can't replicate. Applying a heat protectant before Utah curling your hair will help to create a shiny barrier between your strands and the elements. 

Varying curl sizes

Bored by uniform curls? Simply alternate grabbing bigger and smaller sections of hair while curling. This will create a more random Utah curl pattern, which can more closely mimic the look of natural waves. After your hair has been curled, further the appearance of natural waves by breaking up the curls with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

Uniform waves

If uneven waves sound like a nightmare to you, it's completely possible to go in the opposite direction and create a perfectly uniform curl pattern. Just pay close attention to the size of your sections to ensure that they're all the same, and wrap each one in the same direction (away from your face). 

Short Utah curls

Utah curls aren't just for long hair. If you have enough hair to wrap around a curling iron, you can achieve the look. Simply wrap the front sections away from your face, then alternate directions to create a messy, undone wavy hair look on your shag, bob, or other short-medium length haircut.