The Quick Fix For When Your Roots Are Showing Between Color Appointments

Salon visits involving hair color are a commitment of both time and money. But few ladies really want to walk around with roots on full display while they wait for their bank account or schedule to catch up. Fortunately, the modern cosmetics industry has produced plenty of options to keep roots covered between visits, so these days it's not necessary to stuff it all under a hat when growth is out of control. 


The need for root touchups generally becomes apparent between four and eight weeks post-color, per Empire Beauty Schools. This all depends on how fast a person's hair grows, but color makes a big difference, too. A blond, for example, can get away with less frequent dye jobs if gray hair is the issue because they will blend in better than they will on a person with ultra-dark brown tresses. One of the most recent additions to the root coverup marketplace involves a convenience product that many people already embrace wholeheartedly: dry shampoo.

How dry shampoo is changing the root touch-up game

You probably already have dry shampoo in the rotation so that you can go longer between washes. After all, over-washing hair puts it at risk of becoming dry and brittle, plus it could actually dry out the scalp to the point that dandruff develops, according to Healthline. Fortunately, newer dry shampoo options have a two-in-one power punch, as some also include tint to cover up roots. 


According to L'Oréal Paris, tinted dry shampoo can do even more than clean the hair and cover up unsightly roots, however. In fact, it'll also brighten up the tone of the hair, so if flat, lackluster locks are an issue, this could be a quick fix and will buy some time until the next salon appointment. Of course, the key component to success with this product is picking the perfect shade to blend in with your specific hair color. Because of this, tinted dry shampoo might be one product that's best left to purchase in a store setting where testers are available, like a Sephora or Ulta brick-and-mortar option. 

Other ways to minimize the appearance of root growth

Tinted dry shampoo isn't the only option for people who need a quick root fix at home, but there are some great style options that render products unnecessary until roots get truly out of control. For example, Melissa Timperley Salons suggests changing where/how you part the hair because this simple fix can really affect how many grays are showing. Or, you can add more volume by curling the hair away from the roots. This should cover up some pesky grays or other root growth nicely. When you absolutely require some sort of barrier, accessories like headbands and scarves go a long way toward masking the obvious. 


Another option involves talking to your stylist about working the roots into the color, rather than covering it all up. For brunettes who want to tread toward blond, this may mean adding in some lowlights so that the new growth doesn't stand out as much. If silver strands are the issue, consider herringbone highlights, which use strategically placed foils to incorporate grays into the overall color. This technique can help to extend the time between color treatments, plus it adds a little sparkle to the style. In a world where people are rightfully obsessed with diamonds and everything else that glitters, some extra sparkle is never a bad thing!