Are You A Silver Or Gold Jewelry Girl? Let TikTok Tell You

Silver and gold jewelry may both fluctuate in popularity at any given time, but neither ever goes completely out of style. The reason for this is simple: Many people feel that they look significantly better in one than they do in the other. TikTok, the social media app widely known for turning nearly every simple happening in life into a massive viral phenomenon, has tuned into this fact. A filter is circulating that claims to show whether you should wear gold or silver jewelry.

The filter — officially known as the Pink to Green filter — will either turn your skin a pink or golden green hue. Those who end up pink are said to look better in silver jewelry and those the filter deems green should supposedly stick with gold. However, there appears to be some controversy over which color represents which skin tone in quite a few TikTokkers' comment sections. Let's take a closer look at the trend and how the filter may determine whether a person looks better in silver or gold-toned jewelry. 

Skin tones: Cool vs. warm

The silver versus gold jewelry debate really comes down to your skin's undertone. People with cool-toned skin possess icy blue or pink undertones, while those with warm skin have undertones of gold or yellow. If you have cool-toned skin, your undertones will be complemented by the icy hue of silver jewelry. Gold against cool-toned skin, on the other hand, can create a contrast that makes your complexion appear blue or gray in comparison.

If you have warm-toned skin, you will find that wearing gold jewelry brings out the glowing golden undertone of your complexion. Wearing silver jewelry, however, is likely to highlight the yellow tones in warm skin in a way that can appear sallow. TikTok's Green to Pink filter aims to merely reveal whether your skin appears to be warm-toned or cool-toned. However, it just isn't fully clear whether green or pink indicates warm or cool. According to creators like Gabriella Recine, a pink result represents warm-toned skin and a green or gold result actually signifies cool tones. Either way, those who see patches of both colors can assume that their skin is neutral in tone, allowing them to wear both gold and silver jewelry. 

Other ways to determine your undertone

If TikTok isn't your jam or you're not getting definitive results from the Green to Pink filter, there are several other tried-and-true methods for determining your skin tone. One simple technique is to take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrists under natural lighting. If the veins appear blue or purple, it is generally safe to assume that your skin is cool-toned. If the veins appear any shade of green, it's likely that your skin is warm-toned.

The second method for determining your skin tone is to either wear a white shirt or hold a piece of white paper near your face. Examine yourself in natural lighting. If your skin looks blue, pink, or purple next to the white, it suggests that your skin is cool-toned and would benefit from wearing silver jewelry. If your skin appears gold or yellow, it is likely warm-toned and will be complemented by gold jewelry. If neither method gives a clear result, your skin may be neutral-toned and able to play nicely with gold or silver.