'Fire Chrome' Nails Are The Fall 2023 Twist On Red Nail Theory We Needed

If you haven't heard, red nails are one way to gain a man's attention. Returning to the red nail theory trend that gained traction on TikTok, the theory involves wearing red nails to receive more compliments from men. Whether or not that's your reasoning for rocking red nails, this trend has made wearing this classic shade even more appealing.

With this renewed interest in red nails, it was only time for the color to receive the chrome treatment. In 2023, numerous colors and designs will receive a chrome finish. Ever since the days of the glazed donut trend, the chrome finish has become the ultimate way to make your manicures pop. The beauty behind red chrome nails is that it gives this powerful color an even more impactful shine. While it may seem too bold, it's an easy combination that'll make your fall nails stand out even more. Take it from Selena Gomez, pictured here, who recently rocked this trend at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, giving all of us major red envy. If you're ready to add some fire to your fall nails, you'll want to embrace the chrome finish and all of its shine.

Fire engine red

In its classic form, red chrome nails are a perfect manicure option for the fall season. Not only do you get a traditional earth tone, but you can still make it stand out. Red nails will always be on-trend, making the chrome finish a modern option that updates this traditional color. With red chrome nails, you're getting a high-glam, high-statement fall manicure.

Stiletto chrome

Picking the right color and finish is only part of the deal when getting a manicure. You also want to choose a nail shape that works for you and which helps emphasize your new nail design. For a total glam moment, you'll want a nail shape like stiletto, which features a strong point and elongated shape, making your nails impossible to avoid. With stiletto nails, you'll look runway and red carpet-ready.

Bejeweled accents

Red chrome nails deliver a shimmery design on their own. However, these nails can also create a complete manicure design with the help of a few accents. Whether it's 3D accents or painted designs, red chrome makes for a beautiful base to make these additions pop. Add accents like pearls or starry designs to create a red chrome manicure that can easily last past fall.

Chrome accents

Minimalists looking for a subtle manicure design might get overwhelmed by a completely red chrome nail. However, this combination also works if you want to be creative with minimalist design. Fine lines and smaller nail designs in a red chrome finish are enough to give you the same vibe without all of the flash. If you're sticking with a subtle design, add a red chrome touch to give your nails a hint of glam.

Red French manicures

No nail trend is complete without including French tips. French manicures are some of the most effortless and timeless nail designs that work in any combination or season. Although red chrome is a modern update, it still works perfectly with French manicures, giving you an elegant set that won't go out of style. Just a tiny touch, red chrome French manicures work as your go-to nail design for the fall and even winter season.

Combine with other colors

When it comes to many bold nail trends, mixing them with different colors or designs can be challenging. Thankfully, red chrome nails work with almost any other color you wish to add. Make a color-block moment by opting for a mix of red chrome nails and different hues such as black or gold. Red and gold are an obvious choice if you're looking to create a regal manicure, but you can easily infuse other fall tones, like orange or brown, for a more fall-inspired set.