'Healthy Skin' Is The Beauty Trend Of Fall 2023 - Our Tips To Get It Right

If you're a dry-skinned babe who has suffered through years of matte-on-matte makeup trends, watching your skin dehydrate with each oil-absorbing product, it's time to rejoice. Fall 2023 is embracing an entirely different vibe. This season, it's all about radiant, glowing, and, as folks are calling it, healthy skin. Healthy skin, of course, starts with skincare. Even a bare minimum skincare routine — with time and consistency — can transform your skin into a glowing, hydrated blank canvas for decorating. 

Makeup, however, can enhance the appearance of healthy skin in a major way. When you swap out mattifying products for those that focus on hydration, dewiness, and luminosity, your face will take on a whole new appearance that looks healthier and even more youthful. If you're ready to leave the matte years behind and embrace healthy skin as your new go-to makeup look, take a look at this curated list of fresh-faced examples for your inspiration. 

Nourished glam

When people think of the healthy skin makeup look, they often jump to visions of a "clean girl" no-makeup makeup aesthetic. This doesn't necessary have to be the case. Pairing your full-glam dark smoky eye with a dewy foundation and a glossy lip helps liven up a look that can read a bit harsh. 

Extra shimmer

Wondering how you would dress up a healthy skin look without relying on heavy eye makeup? If you're looking for healthy glam but a smoky eye isn't your thing, try taking the aesthetic to the extreme with all-over shimmer. Add highlighter to the high points on your face on top of that for a head-turning ethereal glow.

Light and bright

Those who don't enjoy shimmer or highlighter can still rock the healthy skin makeup trend. Just focus on keeping your skin as hydrated as possible and switch to a dewy, plumping foundation. From there, keep it bright — choose an eyeshadow shade that's nude or barely darker than your lids and tightline your lower lash line with white liner for a light and bright vibe. 

Fresh and clean

Finding a happy medium between dew and shimmer is the key to nailing the everyday healthy skin makeup trend. Keeping your foundation hydrating and dewy creates natural highlights where you skin glistens, so heavy highlighter isn't necessary for a casual look. Instead, keep your highlighter strategic and minimal, placing small amounts only in areas where you really want to shine. 

Satin finish

If you have oily or combination skin and truly can't imagine leaving all your mattifying products behind, there is a way to tweak your routine that reflects a more healthy-skinned look. Swap put your matte foundation for one that has a satin finish. This will result in skin that isn't dewy or matte — absorbing excess oil but still allowing a bit of natural sheen to shine through. 

Soft and diffused

If you're looking for a healthy skin aesthetic that offers a bit more drama than no makeup-makeup but still looks natural and mostly undone, consider a base of dewy foundation and cream blush. Then, add a slightly warm nude or brown eyeshadow to your lids and lower lash line. Blend well and skip the eyeliner and mascara for a glowing, diffused, natural-but-better look.