'Bambi Blond' Is The Perfect Way To Add Warmth To Your Hair This Fall

Anyone looking for a beautiful light hair color to complement all their fall 2023 cottagecore outfits should explore "Bambi blond." This soft, dainty-looking hair color is an excellent alternative to dated platinum blond hair or yellowy, ultra-vibrant shades. "Obviously Bambi has those flecks of beige, muted gold and darker pieces, and a sprinkle of the light vanilla on top, so it's a very good example of how to explain a colour," celebrity hair colorist Nicola Clarke tells Glamour UK. It's "quite beige but it's still got flashes of vanilla through it ... it's a flattened beige-gold," Clarke adds.

Thus, if you want a subtle, beige-ish blond rather than a bright tone to your locks, you'll appreciate the Bambi-inspired hair color. Bambi blond is the type of hue that makes anyone look like they should be dancing around and giggling in a lovely nature landscape or garden by a beautiful cottage near a river. If that's your vibe, you need to try the Bambi blond look before 2023 ends.

There's nothing more romantic than long Bambi blond waves or curls

Everyone with long curls or waves who enjoys that free-spirited, delicate cottagecore aesthetic must consider dying their tresses Bambi blond. The light yet warm hair color looks ethereal when it's long and bouncy with a lot of movement, making anyone with that hair color, length, and style look like they jumped off of a romance novel cover.

Straighten it for casual or sleek looks

Since the Bambi blond hair color appears so romantic, you may sometimes find yourself looking for sleeker variations of how to style the soft hair color, especially if you want a more professional or ultra-casual streetwear vibe. The easiest way to add more edge to the Bambi blond look is to opt for straight hair. So, on those days when you aren't feeling so bubbly, just reach for your flat iron!

Even hats look cute with this hair color

Many shades of blond just can't vibe well with some hats, making the fall and winter seasons difficult. For instance, bright, ultra-sunny-looking blond hair colors tend to clash with functional beanies for chilly days, while icy platinum blond locks sometimes don't work with fall caps and other warm fashion hats. However, Bambi blond is so subtle and versatile that it should look great with any hat — without the harsh contrast you get from other blond variations.

Bambi blond bangs are lovely

Imagine rocking Bambi blond hair with wispy and delicate bangs as you walk in the wind surrounded by flowers or fall leaves. You'd look like the star of an adorable romantic comedy with your light, warm fringe moving with the crisp fall wind. If straight-across bangs aren't your thing, opt for side-swept fringe instead. 

Embellish your hair with ribbons and bows

If any hair color pairs perfectly with these hyper-feminine hair accessories, it's Bambi blond. Hair bows are the accessory of the moment, and they look like they were made just for that carefree, ethereal blond hair color. Therefore, everyone with Bambi blond hair should have at least one hair ribbon and bow.

Try a Bambi blond bun

While buns can look somewhat harsh when paired with other hair colors, buns appear nothing but playful and elegant in soft Bambi blond hair. Whether you opt for a tight bun for classy vibes or a flirty, messy bun to fit the free-spirited cottagecore energy, buns and Bambi blond are a match made in hair heaven.

Bambi blond bobs are too much fun

There's nothing chicer than a shoulder-length lob, a classic chin-length bob, or a layered bob with texture. All these stunning short haircuts will look even trendier in the Bambi blond color. If you want to warm up your bob for the fall season, opting for Bambi blond is the perfect way to add an instant fall vibe to your locks.

Pixie cuts look cuter than ever in the Bambi blond hue

Pixie haircuts are famously free-spirited and whimsical, making them a perfect fit for the playful Bambi blond hair color. The warm, beige-ish blond with that touch of chillier vanilla will bring your pixie cut to life in the fall while drawing attention to your softest facial features.