Shimmer Makeup Is Officially Back For Fall 2023 - Our Tips On Getting The Y2K Trend Right

While it might seem like all of your favorite (and least favorite) Y2K trends have already come back in the last few seasons, one incoming beauty trend has us reliving some of our earliest makeup memories. Cool-toned shimmer makeup was an iconic way to bring an edgy vibe to your makeup and a solid contrast to the warm, bronzed skin you'd typically see in the '90s. This shimmery trend has recently seen a boost in popularity thanks to shows like "Euphoria" filled with this nostalgic and messy aesthetic. 

While not everyone will love frosted shimmer makeup, there are aspects of the trend that you can easily add to your fall beauty designs. Everything from shimmery blue eyeshadows to icy white highlighters can help give you this nostalgic style. Although diving head first into the trend is best for authentic Y2K glam, you can take parts of this style to create a unique version for yourself.

Icy eyeliner

Although not every look needs the addition of eyeliner, it certainly doesn't hurt. Whether you go for a basic liner or intricate cat eye, an icy blue liner is the perfect way to modernize this shimmer makeup trend. A shimmery blue liner adds depth and texture to your eye, creating a more dynamic look. Pair with a matte eyeshadow to create a beautiful contrast, or lean in and add some more shimmer.

Frosted eyeshadow

This shimmery makeup trend is about gravitating toward the cool-toned shades that'll bring some Y2K nostalgia into the look. There's no better hue to channel this vibe than a shimmery, cool-toned eyeshadow in a green or aqua shade that'll make your eyes pop. While this water-inspired eyeshadow might not be most people's first pick, it's the best option if you're looking to create an edgy look inspired by the era's indie sleaze beauty trend. Don't forget to add a liner to your water line to bring it all together.

Barely-there shimmer

Although it can seem like white eyeshadow doesn't get the attention it deserves, it's the perfect base for this shimmery trend. You can apply white eyeshadow in multiple ways, depending on the style you're looking for. Cover your eyelid with shimmery white eyeshadow for a bolder effect. Those who want a softer look should faintly brush a white shimmer shadow on the lids for a barely-there touch.

Cool-toned shadows

While both blue and white shimmery eyeshadows are perfect ways to capture this trend, you don't want to forget the power of silver eyeshadows. Much of Y2K fashion involves adding metal accents to your ensemble for some extra edge, and you can bring the same metal inspiration to your eyes with a brush of silver shadow to make your look truly pop.

Shimmery metallic eyes

On the same note, silver is always a beautiful option to add as an eyeliner. It doesn't matter if you prefer liquid or powder liner; metallic silver is the perfect hue to highlight your eyes. Pair your shimmery silver liner with a cool-toned shadow for the ultimate grunge look. Add the same liner to your bottom lash line for an edgier, high-end touch.

Dark blue shimmers

Light, cool-toned shimmers are perfect for achieving an ice-inspired makeup look. However, you don't have to stick with just lighter shades. Darker hues are also perfect shimmers that'll embody the trend and make for the ideal night-out eyeshadow. Opt for a dark blue shimmer eyeshadow that'll sparkle in the lowlight if you want to bring hints of '90s grunge to your evening makeup vibe.