A Mauve Lip Is The Must-Have Beauty Look For Fall 2023 - How To Rock It

Whether it's intentional or not, the fall season tends to see many gravitate toward darker shades in their beauty routine. While it's also the time for earth tones, shades like purple and dark red become more prevalent, especially when it comes to lip colors. However, one specific shade of purple is making waves as the must-have lip hue of the season: mauve. The mauve shade is a creamy, decadent color that sits between pink and violet, making it a perfect pair if you want to wear either shade on your eyes or cheeks.

Since mauve sits between these two colors, you can expect to see many variations of this trend that'll look either more purple or pink. These different options in mauve allow you to have many options when creating your overall makeup design. With mauve lips becoming popular this season, you want to create a cohesive look that can take you through your fall events without a hitch.

Dreamy purple palettes

Sitting between two colors, you can use a mauve lip when using purple-tinted makeup in other areas of the face. In other words, for a cohesive look that doesn't make your lips look out of place, opt for purple shades in your eyes and cheeks. While mauve can appear bold at first, it can look chic and subtle with the right combination of color palettes.

Mauve-y gloss

While the color palette of your overall beauty design matters, it will also depend on the formula of your lip product. Mauve lip glosses, for example, are shiny and glamorous, ideal for a dewier look. A mauve lip gloss can also counteract a matte makeup design to add more shine to your look. Plus, a mauve lip gloss is one way to have more fun with your fall beauty.

Mattifying plum

On the other hand, matte mauve lip can create more of a creamy texture that can bring a more decadent feel to the color. If you want to create a bolder look, a mauve matte lip is perfect for a more daring design. Like with gloss, use matte to counteract with a dewier face to create an exciting contrast. To have your matte lipstick last, use a lip liner and keep your lips hydrated.

Ombré effect

We've already seen ombré nail designs take over trends, but ombré lips are another variation that makes your mauve lip color stand out. To create this ombré effect on your lips, start by outlining your lips with a deep mauve lip liner. On the inside, fill your lips with regular mauve lipstick and blend it with your lip liner for a softer transition. While not your typical look, the ombré effect on your lips will surely make a statement in the fall.

Soft looks

Although most purple shades look heavy and dark, the mauve shade is an excellent lip for a dreamy, softer look. You can get color closer to pink than purple by reaching for a dusty mauve pink shade. This slight tone shift can make a difference in creating another vibe for your makeup. If you want something more feminine and soft, opt for this pink mauve shade for your overall beauty design.