Brilliant Hacks To Turn Your Favorite Sweater Into A Crop Top

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Statement sweaters are a must-have in any wardrobe, so it's time to say goodbye to dull sweater ensembles and embrace more exciting options once and for all. This doesn't mean you have to give up cropped looks, though. "The cropped cardigan trend is super hot at the moment because it offers the warmth of a cardigan, but with a playful (and sometimes skin-baring) edge," Katie Englund, the stylist expert at Stitch Fix, told Marie Claire in January 2023, but the cropped trend is — thank goodness — evergreen. What's more, the cropped look isn't limited to cardigans — all cropped sweaters can be ultra-stylish and trendy.


Do you want to rock the cropped sweater look but have reservations because you don't want to spend money on new sweaters when you already have a wardrobe full of more traditional sweaters? You can still flaunt the cropped sweater look with what you have, and you don't even need to visit a tailor. Thanks to TikTok hacks and expert intel, anyone can turn their favorite sweaters into crop tops. 

Tuck the bottom into your bra

One of the most convenient no-sewing and no-scissors ways to turn your sweater into a crop top is to tuck the bottom of the garment into the bottom of your bra. For example, Teena — a fashion TikToker with over 75,000 followers — posted a video in which they transformed a cozy-looking sweater into a crop top by tucking the bottom of the piece into a basic black sports bra. This hack is so fast and easy that the video was only eight seconds long!


Any bra should be usable for this hack, but a sports bra will likely feel best, as sports bras are notoriously more comfortable than their counterparts. "The enhanced compression and fit of the [sports bra's] materials add support compared to just an everyday bra, and the wider, adjustable, or connected styles of the straps allow for less movement with the support that can help reduce or eliminate pain," running coach Amie Dworecki, B.S., M.A., MBA, told Verywell Fit. Thus, not only will using a sports bra when you try the hack likely feel more comfortable than traditional bras but it may also keep the "cropped" sweater in place better because of its extra support.

Use ponytail holders to tie and crop

Another helpful sweater-cropping hack involves hair ties, as this strategy is more about tying than tucking. Fashion TikToker Bo Brown shared a video of tying a knot at one bottom side of the sweater with a ponytail holder and repeating that quick process with a different elastic on the other side, then folding both knots under the rest of the garment for a symmetrical cropped effect. Looks easy enough, right?


YouTuber Hannah Warling also posted a video of various ways to crop oversized garments. Warling's last suggestion was a more asymmetrical spin on the knot technique. The YouTuber made just one bigger knot at the side of the garment, tying the significant knot with a ponytail holder and folding it under the rest of the sweater, creating a somewhat high-low effect. However, Warling noted that making the large knot could potentially affect or damage the clothing, so only try this technique if you're willing to take that risk.

Consider using scissors

Not everyone is comfortable cutting their clothing, but if you're okay with trying it, this technique will permanently crop your sweater. More specifically, TikToker Lyndscorr uploaded a video showing how to cut a longer sweater into an ultra-cropped look. While wearing the garment, the TikToker marked where they wanted it to be cut. Then, they laid the garment flat on a table and used that mark as a guideline to trace a straight line across. This, of course, signals where to cut. Next, the TikToker cut across the line with a trusty pair of scissors. The result was a sexy, cropped sweater that stopped just under the bust area.


Anyone who wants to start cutting their clothes to crop them may want to invest in scissors specifically for clothing, such as the EVERMARKET Stainless Steel Sharp Tailor Scissors for Clothing, available for $6.91 on Amazon. The scissors have 4.6 out of five stars with more than 100 ratings. Another option is the Handi Stitch Fabric Tailor Scissors and Thread Snipper, which retails for $7.99 on Amazon and has 4.7 stars with over 5,000 ratings.

Let a belt help you

For a less permanent result, a simple belt will allow you to create the temporary illusion of a crop top without any scissors. TikToker Stylexfox posted a video of them adding a standard-looking belt to the center area of the oversized sweater, noting that when securing the belt, you should "put it on the tightest notch." Then, the TikToker pulled the bottom half of the sweater up, letting it drape over the belt for a cropped effect instead of the initially long look. Impressed viewers commented, "Brilliant," and "This is so helpful..."


The belt technique is also ideal for when you want to create chic, layered looks. For example, fashion TikToker Sammie Lena shared a video wearing a black sweater vest over a light button-down blouse. This TikToker mainly followed the same steps as Stylexfox but didn't tighten the belt as much — and the results were preppy, high-contrast, and very stylish.

Or use a shoelace

If you like the belt strategy but want to use something lighter than a belt, try a shoelace instead. TikToker Leila shared a video tying a shoelace around the sweater and pulling the garment up and over the shoelace in the same fashion as the belt hack. The result was a sleek, cropped sweater for a fun statement look, and the TikToker even captioned the video, "I use this hack everyday tbh."


Not only can shoelaces turn your sweaters into crop tops but they can also add trendy embellishments to your already-cropped tops if you like the flossing fashion trend. TikToker Kristina Kacheeva posted a video of tucking the shoelace around the back of the bra, letting the bra serve as the anchor and wrapping the shoelace around the stomach area for the "X"-like flossing effect — then tying it in the back. This technique took the crop top from minimalistic to unique and statement-making, with some viewers commenting with compliments like "Awesome" and "Cute."