Our Favorite Dupes For Le Labo's Santal 33

Perfume doesn't need to be pricey to stand out, but there's no denying the statement-making quality of a luxury fragrance like Le Labo Santal 33. The scent is said to be an ode to the Western United States, brimming with elegant wildflower notes and smoky accords, and it's attracted the attention of perfume lovers everywhere. "SANTAL 33 is... An open fire...The soft drift of smoke...Where sensuality rises after the light has gone," reads Le Labo's official description. If mountain air, campfires on the beach, and summery greenery are your thing, then this iconic woodsy perfume will surely win you over.


The only catch? It's rather pricey at $99 per 0.5 fl oz bottle of the stuff, though you can always save by buying in bulk if you'd prefer the 16.9 fl oz version, retailing for $1,090. We get it — even if it's love at first sniff, you may not have the budget to include it in your perfume cabinet at the moment. The internet is filled with fragrance fans looking for affordable dupes for Le Labo's Santal 33. Fortunately, plenty of scents mimic its sultry essence and are available at a fraction of its cost. To help familiarize you with some of these ravishing replicas, we've collected a handful of our favorite Le Labo Santal 33 dupes for your consideration.

Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt

When it comes to dupes for Le Labo Sanal 33, there's one fragrance that stands out above the rest. Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt Perfume Oil will run you $65 per 0.5 ounce, making it far more economical than Le Labo's same-sized offering at $99. Similar to Santal 33, No.04 contains sandalwood and amber wood notes for an unforgettably sophisticated scent. And though Maison Louis Marie's formula is oil-based, it still performs remarkably well in terms of projection and longevity.


According to No.04 fans, a small amount of this Santal 33 dupe goes a long way, and it's an incredible match for Le Labo. "I used to wear Bois de Balincourt by Maison Louis Marie and people would ask me if I was wearing Santal 33," wrote one Redditor. Moreover, you can even purchase No.04 in a compact 3 ml travel bottle for $16 to sample the fragrance if you're not ready to commit fully.

Dossier Woody Sandalwood

Much has been said about Dossier Perfumes Woody Sandalwood, a Santal 33-inspired scent that features authentic sandalwood sourced from India. It also contains notes of violet and cardamom, which are both part of Santal 33's iconic blend. Although Dossier's version is only available in one size, each 1.7-ounce perfume retails for $49, or $44.10 for those with Dossier+ loyalty memberships. In comparison, a 1.7-ounce bottle of Santal 33 will set you back $230.


Some say Woody Sandalwood is slightly warmer than Le Labo's formula, with cinnamon accords at the forefront. However, most Woody Sandalwood wearers agree: This dupe is a solid stand-in for Santal 33 at a very attractive price. Some even prefer Dossier's take to Le Labo's. "I get compliments every time I wear this perfume. People have even asked if I'm wearing Le Labo's Santal 33, so it's a great dupe if you're looking for an inexpensive version of that scent," said one Dossier fan.

Pacifica Neon Moon

If you've ever had the pleasure of trying Pacifica's line of fragrances, then you already know how wonderful this clean beauty brand's formulas are. Neon Moon by Pacifica is part of the Moon Moods perfume collection. Though Pacifica doesn't market it as a Santal 33 clone, several scenthounds have pointed out the striking similarities between the two. Yet Neon Moon is far easier on the wallet at $22 per ounce while still providing the irresistibly earthy aroma that makes Santal 33 so special.


"It smells EXACTLY like Santal 33 by Le Labo so if you LOVE that woodsy sandalwood smell and you don't have $200, this is a GREAT alternative!" wrote one Redditor. Mimicking Santal 33's signature scent, Neon Moon contains sandalwood, cardamom, and jasmine notes. Pacifica says the colorful perfume is "inspired by a full moon in Ibiza." Some wearers note one minor drawback — it may not last as long as Santal 33. However, you can always layer it with another smoky floral fragrance or reapply to counteract this issue.

Montagne Parfums Eau Santal

Even the best dupes can sometimes miss a few notes, but that's not the case with Montagne Parfums Eau Santal. This Le Labo clone isn't as well known as others on our roundup, but it's an impressive offering nonetheless. Montagne Parfums makes it very clear that its fragrance draws inspiration from Santal 33, and it's also hand-blended in New York City. Best of all, a 1.7-fl-ounce bottle of Eau Santal costs just $40, so it's one of the best value buys around.


Based on its reviews, it's plain to see that Eau Santal is an excellent, high-quality substitute for Santal 33 wearers looking to cut down on their spending. "Unless you have both bottles and try them side by side, you will not be able to tell one from the other, if you wear this to a party...and someone knows Santal 33, the'll talk to you about it," wrote a loyal Eau Santal fan. Much like Le Labo, Montagne's Eau Santal features violet leaf, cardamom notes, papyrus, leather, and cedar to give it a bold, woodsy edge. This Santal 33 dupe is more than just a good match for the cult-favorite fragrance — wearers also note that it lasts for hours.

Alexandria Fragrances Santal's Kiss

One of the best ways to determine whether a dupe is worth trying without a smell test is to ask another fervent fragrance fan. And according to reviewers who have sampled Alexandria Fragrances Santal's Kiss, you won't be let down by this gorgeous homage to Le Labo's Santal 33. "This is a great alternative to Le Labo's Santal 33. I compared both and find them to be 90% similar. For the difference in price my preference is Santal's Kiss," said one wearer. Alexandria Fragrance's interpretation boasts overwhelmingly positive reviews, with many users agreeing that it's difficult to spot the difference between the two scents.


Santal's Kiss blends sandalwood, papyrus, and leather to evoke a luxurious olfactory journey like Le Labo at less than half its price. Furthermore, several sizes of Santal's Kiss are available to fragrance fans, from a modest 30-ml bottle ($43) up to 100 ml ($110). The only downside? This popular clone is frequently sold out, so those looking to make it their next signature fragrance may want to act fast.