Embrace A Glowy And Fresh Face With Angelic Makeup

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The fresh, ethereal glow of the angelic makeup trend is truly luminous and carries a similar energy to the clean beauty look we so adore — but the essence of this celestial trend is the focus on a rosy cheek, dewy skin, and a sparkling, glittery eye. The process to achieve the lighter sheen and iridescence of this trend is fairly simple. And while you might've written off an angelic makeup look as something reserved for Halloween, the trend is actually pretty versatile and the level of shimmer and shine you spring for is totally up to you.

To complete this angelic trend, you'll need a light, dewy foundation, concealer, a lighter pink blush, mascara, and some delicate glitter. "I feel like this might be like very similar to my everyday makeup look," TikToker @nicakphan said in her angelic makeup tutorial. While relatively simple and refreshing, the soft and dainty results are completely heaven-sent.

Pretty in pink

Fit for a cherub, we're head over heels for this rosy glow. A soft pink eyeshadow on the lids and beneath the lower lashes is key for this look. Follow the pink shadow with a touch of shimmering glitter. Next, a pink blush placed high on the cheek bones, almost meeting the pink shadow beneath the lower lashes, is what creates this rosy glow. Complete the look with a soft pink lip gloss.

A luminous look

This angelic look has a luminous frosted eye with a fuller coverage than the other more sheer glitter looks we've seen. TikToker @angelaxbeauty used Armani Eye Tint in shades 11 and 12 to achieve the shimmering glow in her tutorial. Longer lashes will also draw more attention to this angelic eye. @angelaxbeauty took a creative approach to complete the look and applied the Armani Eye Tint to her lips as well.

Fit for a cherub

Tiktoker @nicakphan captured the angelic makeup trend perfectly in her tutorial and the high placement of rosy pink blush is one aspect that truly tied the look together. She used Benefit's WANDERful World Silky-Soft Powder Blush in Shellie which is the perfect, dreamy hue for this vibe. The delicate white bow is also just the cherry on top for this angelic look.

Lovely lavender

With an emphasis on the glitter, this tutorial by TikToker @nazliayunus has us totally swooning. The glitter is applied over a lavender hue of eye shadow and the glitter more prominent than the shimmer we've seen so far. It's also placed beneath the lower lashes like a teardrop, only adding to the ethereal mystery of the look.

Rosy romance

A stunning, unique take on the angelic makeup trend, this look by @kateryna_li1 on Instagram is all about delicately placed rhinestones on the eyelids, beneath the lower lashes, and across the bridge of the nose. The romantic, rosy pink eyeshadow and deep wine red lip make for a swoon-worthy glow.

A celestial shine

This otherworldly look by creator @hayleybuix falls into the soft douyin makeup category — as do many of the angelic makeup trend looks — and is characterized by a doll-like, ethereal glow on dewy skin with rosy cheeks and almost matching eyeshadow. We see the soft, celestial energy of this angelic trend sticking around for quite some time.