Frosted Angel Eyes Are Going To Be Your Go-To Dreamy Makeup Look

Whether you're looking for a lighter look that suits warmer weather or simply want to try out something that is more along the lines of the out-of-this-world celestialcore beauty trend, then you definitely have to check out "angel eyes." Popular with stars like "Free Mind" singer Tems, Dua Lipa, Lori Harvey, and Millie Bobby Brown, the angel eyes look is also being embraced by style-savvy social media users and makeup lovers alike. 

It is defined by eye makeup – either eyeshadow, eyeliner, or both — that's frosted and white, which celebrity makeup artist Joy Adenuga told PopSugar is "a color most people are not comfortable wearing." But don't fear if you can't wrap your mind around wearing bright white makeup. Adenuga says that you can put your own twist on this heavenly trend. "Another way you can nail the trend from home is by swapping the white for colored-yet-frosted shades such as bright lilacs, sky blue, mint green, and more," she said.

On top of that, you'll want to make sure that the look remains relatively soft while boasting an eye-catching shine. You'll also surely want to play around with different versions of this charming look, from simple and subtle to unique and bold. Here are some of our favorite ways to achieve this ethereal effect.

Angel eyes with winged liner

Angels have beautiful white feathery wings so it only makes sense that your angel eyes look should evoke the same feel. In this case, black wings created with a sharp-tipped liquid liner can anchor glimmering white eyeshadow. A simple way to give this look a try would be to keep things subtle with just a hint of white on your eyelids, or you can be bold and bring it right up to your brows. Finish off the effect with a coat of midnight black mascara.

Dramatically dreamy angel eyes

Take this dreamy style up a notch by enhancing it with ethereal crystal eyeliner. Simply create the shape that you desire with eyeshadow — we suggest something on the dramatic side — and then line it with glittering gems. You can either fully outline the eyeshadow shape or just pop the added accessories on spots that will have the most impact, such as the inner curve or the outer flick of the wing. Pair the radiant result with rosy blush, generous hints of highlighter, and devilishly red lips.

Lavender angel eyes

Angel eyes makeup is the updated version of the frosty white eyeshadow that was popular at the beginning of the 2000s. Lean into that time period by opting to use lavender-purple eyeshadow, another popular trend at that time. It's a perfect choice if you'd rather keep the color contained to your eyelid instead of bringing it higher up. You can even add a little color by your tear duct to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Keep the throwback retro aesthetic going with shimmery pink lipstick.

Baby blue angel eyes

We often see angels depicted among the fluffy white clouds in a gorgeous blue sky. That's one of the reasons why the latter color perfectly suits the angel eyes look. All you need is a soft shade of baby blue that is a bit frosted, which is necessary for this style. Along with being able to use this hue in the same way as a white eyeshadow, you can also combine the two colors. Put white on the inner half of your eyelid and flow into the blue for a gradient effect.

Misty mint green angel eyes

When you think of mint green, words like 'fresh' and 'cool' may come to mind. Those vibes are exactly why the color works so well with this look. First, add a base of white eyeshadow that reaches your brow. You can also dab a touch on the inner corner of your eye. If that ends up being too stark, you can use a bright highlighter instead. Next, start layering on a shimmering mint shade and add a darker green just above the lash line to create another gorgeous gradient look.