Ethereal Crystal Eyeliner Is The Refined Way To Dazzle With Your Makeup

Whether you're a fan of "Euphoria" or simply love makeup that's ethereal, whimsical, and absolutely heavenly, then the floating crystal eyeliner trend may have piqued your interest. You might also be interested in the fact that L'Officiel points out that you can use a variety of crystals, a range of colors, and almost endless designs to achieve your desired look. Beyond that, you can play around with shapes, shadows, and fabulous effects. All you need is your crystals, lash glue or another kind of adhesive, tweezers, some inspiration, and a few tips.

"To do this trend, simply pick up the jewel with your tool and apply a small amount of lash glue to the backside of the jewel. Allow the jewel to dry a few seconds and then place it where you desire," celebrity makeup artist Billie Gene told InStyle. Noting that it's important to coat as much of the base of the jewel as possible if you want the gems to stay in place, Gene also recommended crystals that come with adhesive on them for beginners. "This allows you to try out the trend and explore different colors and styles of jewels to see what fits your lifestyle," the expert explained.

If you're now more than just a little eager to try this trend out for yourself or to give new versions of it a go, then you definitely need to take a peek at the different ways that you can dazzle with crystal eyeliner.

Larger spaced-out crystal eyeliner

Crystal eyeliner often relies on a continuous line of gems. However, this design instead opts for stones that are perfectly spaced out. With subtle nude eyeshadow acting as a background and extending beyond the eye, the crystals that stay right above the curve to truly stand out. While you could certainly create something similar with smaller stones, the larger circular jewels in this style help to enhance the look in a distinctively dynamic way. If you're feeling bold, then you could use crystals that are even bigger and even more spaced out.

Arched crystal eyeliner

If you like the idea of crystal eyeliner that's somewhat spaced out, then you might want to try other versions of the look. For instance, you can move the gems up slightly to the middle of your eyelid instead of just above your eye. Give the line a nice arch to make your eyes look big and open while extending the shape as far as you like. By adding black liner in the typical spot as opposed to in the same area as the stones, you'll be able to achieve the floating effect that's become so popular.

Rosy crystal eyeliner

Add a sweet, sophisticated touch to your refined look with the help of rose-colored crystals. Using rather tiny stones and keeping them close together creates a sleek line that starts deep in the inner eye, follows the natural shape, and then flicks out past the outer corner, in this case, with larger statement crystals. Finish off your makeup with a light pink lipstick or deep rosy shade that's topped with a golden sheen, along with a blush that's just as rich. The overall effect will leave you with a unique, luscious glow you'll be eager to show off.

Multi-color crystal eyeliner

Display the beauty of a rainbow on your eyes with the help of multi-colored crystals. Either carefully select the placement of each jewel beforehand or simply dive in and add whatever color you end up with next. You can also use different sizes of stones if that suits your design or stick with just one size that features a selection of vibrant shades. The only issue you might have trouble with when it comes to this option is wanting to use every single stone you have all at once, because they're all so beautiful.

Multi-shape crystal eyeliner

This collection of facial crystals boasts gems that are a variety of different sizes and even more shapes. Thanks to the fact that each piece has been used to produce an intricate and thoughtful liner design, the result is wonderfully captivating. A look that would suit a fun night out with friends or an elegant formal event, you could change it up by choosing a different combination of either shapes or shades. Although this blue, white, and gold grouping looks incredible, you could also try burgundy, green, and silver, or pink, yellow, and chrome.

Half crystal eyeliner

You don't have to cover your entire eyelids with crystals in order to achieve an ethereal look. Frankly, you don't even have to use a full line. Instead, you may want to try out this style that uses half a line of crystals. Starting in the middle of the eye and trailing out a little further than the natural outer edge, the small pink crystals are almost subtle. However, thanks to their placement just above the eyelid crease, they still stand out enough to capture the light and give off a sparkle every time you move.

Crystal and pencil eyeliner combo

While other options will see you placing liner beneath your jewels, this look combines them in one sleek swoop. Absolutely stunning mini green crystals have first been used to create a line that starts at the tear duct and arches around the midsection of the eyelid. The curve is then continued with a pencil liner in the same shade, which follows the lower cat-eye flick. Adding a sharp point of black to the inner eye and a touch of green above the lashes takes things even further in the best kind of way.

Cat-eye crystal liner

There's no denying that we love a classic cat-eye look and are just as fond of the ever-evolving ways that creative cosmetics lovers continue to change it up. That includes the crystal liner cat-eye. Although this could be done in a number of ways, the version seen here opts for a black liquid liner both above and below the eye, as well as white eyeshadow that's been topped with a smoky blended effect. A lengthy flick has been added to create the crystal liner cat-eye, which is definitely both dramatic and glamorous.

Disconnected crystal eyeliner duo

This design may merely rely on crystal eyeliner and a bit of mascara, but there's no denying that's all it needs. Gems in slightly different sizes make up the design that first starts in the middle of the eyelid and fills in a relatively thick cat-eye flick. The result? A simple and yet oh-so-gorgeous effect. However, why stop there? A second disconnected line has been added to the inner curve of the eyelid and continues where the line has left off below. The extra touch offers an unexpected and striking element to the final arrangement.