The Newest TikTok Eyeliner Hack Is The Easiest Way To Perfect Your Wing

Of the makeup steps, eyeliner may take the longest — especially when you want to create the perfect winged look. You might spend a few minutes swiping the eyeliner effortlessly on one eye, but it can prove challenging to replicate the same shape on the other. Plus, you might have invested additional hours into various eyeliner tricks, like drawing three lines to guide your wing or creating a smoky liner with your fingernail. While practice makes perfect, you won't always get identical wings, forcing you to settle or start again.


One of the most significant trials of the winged eyeliner look comes from the need to keep a steady hand as you make a slight angle right next to your eye. Some folks find it easier to close their eyes as they draw to get a feel for the skin, but this prevents you from seeing where you're dragging the applicator. Others who keep their eyes open struggle to make the lines with shaky hands. If you've encountered a similar problem, an eyeliner hack demonstrated by TikTok user @_ayshabegum_ may be the solution. By simply turning your head instead of your hand, anyone with shaky or non-shaky hands can achieve a winged look.

How to create a flawless wing

A traditional winged eyeliner technique centers on making two lines, one at a diagonal angle from your eye and another above the lash line, to connect to the first line, filling in the space. Instead of spending time carefully drawing each line, you can create a flawless wing with a simple head movement. While trying the eyeliner hack, TikToker @_ayshabegum_ looked straight ahead, put the eyeliner's tip next to her eye, and quickly turned her head in the opposite direction. Her hand stayed in the same place the entire time. After creating the outline, she filled in the rest of the wing.


By positioning the liquid eyeliner where you want the wing to be, the pen will stay in place as you move your head. So, you don't have to shift your hand at all, and you'll create an easy, stunning wing. You want to keep the pen against your face to get an even coat. However, it's vital to note that this technique works with liquid eyeliner instead of a regular pencil. The liquid pen glides easier against the skin. After you complete the wing, you can go back and draw in the rest of the line above the lash line. You can adjust the wing if you prefer it thicker, but try to keep a steady hand to prevent messing up your work.

Perfecting your winged eyeliner

Even the easiest eyeliner tricks can still be challenging to achieve. If you give the head turn hack a try, but the wing isn't coming out as perfect as you hoped it would, then you can try resting your elbow on a counter, desk, or table to give you more stability. While turning your head, your hand will stay in place, allowing you to swipe the liner evenly. Some folks have a natural, steady hand, allowing them to keep their arm in mid-air, but others need a little help from a hard surface.


Prepping the skin can also help the product apply smoother. For instance, adding primer or concealer to your eyelids will create a base where the eyeliner can glide effortlessly and prevent creasing after application. Sometimes, you might do the prep and still end up with a crooked or creased line. Liquid eyeliner can be messy and complicated, but placing it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes will harden the brush, giving you more control over the applicator. Everyone will apply liner differently, even when following the hack, so it'll take time and patience to get the hang of it.