The Three Lines Eyeliner Hack Gives The Perfect Outline For A Flattering Wing

The perfect winged eyeliner is hard to achieve. It takes people lots of practice to finally get the hang of it without the assistance of tape. They still might find themselves overcorrecting a crooked outline until their entire eye is covered in a thick layer of product. Fortunately, there's a hack where you draw three lines and connect them to easily achieve a perfect outline.

Before trying out this hack, you need to decide which type of eyeliner is the best option for the look you want to create. There's liquid eyeliner, one of the most common formulas, that you can use for all kinds of styles. It works well for bold cat eyes, precise lines, and all sorts of wings. If you don't like the brush tip, liquid liner also comes with a felt tip that you can use as a marker. Then there are pencil eyeliners that create a soft, blendable look, but they don't last very long. If you want a product for your waterline, this is the one for you. They're also best for beginners and mature skin because of the creamy formula. 

Gel liners are a happy medium with their semi-solid consistency that stays on your face all day. This product can be used for smudged wings or graphic liners. Using the right eyeliner for your desired look will help you execute your outline and wing.

Connect three lines to draw your perfect liner

To start this hack, you must hold your eyeliner vertically instead of horizontally, which is how people typically use it. When you stare straight into a mirror, your pupil will help you identify the middle of your eyelid. Place your first and smallest line just beside the side of your pupil that's closer to the outer corner of your eye. Then draw your longest line on the outer corner. Once you have those two marks, put a medium-sized line between them. It should look like three lines gradually getting taller.

Now you can use those three lines as a guideline to outline your eye. Looking down at your mirror will help you get the eyeliner as close to your lashes as possible. If you can't move your mirror, another option is to tug your eyelid upwards. Connect them all by filling them in with the thickest portion at the outer corner. You can either extend the beginning of the outline to the middle of your eye or to your inner eye. If you choose the center, use your pupil to judge where it should taper off. With either option, ensure the outline gets thinner as you reach your inner eye until it disappears into your lash line.

How to add the wing

After you've drawn the perfect outline on your eyelid, it's time to add the wing. This is often a tricky part when doing liner, so take your time and work with the shape of your eye. If you make a mistake, you can always saturate a cotton swab with micellar water and use it to wipe away the imperfections. You should start by drawing a line that extends from your lower lash line. Drag it toward your eyebrow to the length that you prefer. Just don't go past your brow.

Then you need to form the triangular shape by connecting the top of the line you just drew with your outline. Hold your liner horizontally to ensure the lines will be parallel. As you move into your eye, taper the wing until it merges with the outline. Then you can go back to smooth the liner and fill in the wing. Another option is to draw dots from the outer corner of your eye to your desired length, similar to how you lined your eyelid. Then connect them, forming a triangular shape, and fill it in.