Here's Which Twilight Character You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Whether your love of "Twilight" has been reignited because you've followed the iconic style transformation of Kristen Stewart or because you've been looking for a cozy book or movie to soak in for nostalgia, there are lots of reasons to revisit the "Twilight" series. While tales of cold-to-the-touch vampires and packs of local werewolves may feel especially appropriate in the fall, "Twilight" has just the right amount of drama, romance, and love triangles to suck you back in any time of year.


Some might re-watch "Twilight" and find themselves wishing they had a vampire for a partner all over again, while others may feel that some scenes are over-the-top cheesy. Either way, re-experiencing "Twilight" and its cast of characters can be thoroughly entertaining. One interesting way to analyze the characters is through the lens of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Have you ever felt yourself really identifying with Edward Cullen, even though you have nothing in common with him because he's a 104-year-old vampire and you're not? It could be because you're both Capricorns! If you're ever taking a trip down memory lane with "Twilight," looking into which character you would be based on your zodiac sign and why can take the nostalgic fun to another level.


Aries: Aro

Fire sign Aries love to be in charge and often find themselves in leadership roles. It's no surprise, then, that we'd assign Aries to the one and only Aro — one of the leaders of the Volturi, the largest vampire coven worldwide. Of course, he may be a better example of an Aries who has given in to their darker traits rather than an evolved or well-rounded one.


An Aries is always competitive, but this tendency may go into overdrive when this zodiac sign's shadow side comes out, and they may even get overly aggressive in their quest to be number one. Another reason why Aro is clearly an Aries is that he doesn't forget, and he doesn't forgive. The Volturi enforce the laws they have set in place for vampires, and when he knows that Edward and Bella have broken these rules by having a human-vampire hybrid child, he's not one to show mercy or understanding about the situation.

Dr. Prabhukar Mishra, who has over 25 years of experience in the field of astrology, wrote in a blog post via eAstroHelp that "When this trait dominates, Aries can be obstinate, even ruthless, and will not accept no for an answer." Of course, even an Aries that has gone to the dark side can have good traits, too. They can be one of the most ambitious, honest, and direct signs of the zodiac.


Taurus: Jacob Black

Time and time again in the "Twilight" series, Jacob Black has proved himself to be a loyal friend, especially to Bella. Not only was he there for her emotionally when she was in a deep depression after Edward left, but he also went out of his way to protect her physically when danger came her way. And, even though Bella ultimately chose another, Jacob still had her back, just like any Taurus would.


Earth sign Taurus is known for its loyalty and may even be one of the most dependable signs that will be there for you no matter what. While they may be stubborn at times, they can be incredibly persistent and will go to the ends of the earth for those they love.

"Taurus is the sign of the persistent provider who loves life's earthly pleasures," The AstroTwins — sisters Ophira and Tali Edut — wrote on their astrology-focused website, AstroStyle. "Taurus people can be grounding, bringing a sense of ease and contentment." Even though their slowness to act can be frustrating at times, they can be incredibly patient, and ultimately, a Taurus is someone you definitely want in your corner — much like Jacob Black.


Gemini: Jasper Hale

Before becoming a vampire, Jasper was able to leverage his natural charisma to rise up the ranks in the army. Later in the series, vampire Jasper is known for his special ability to pick up on and manipulate the emotions of anyone around him. If that doesn't sound like a Gemini trait, what does? Communication-savvy Gemini can be super charming and have endless curiosity about others, making them social butterflies who are experts at talking to close friends and strangers alike.


Of course, air sign Geminis can get bored easily, which can make them seem flighty. Also, they have the propensity to be impulsive, which can be illustrated by the fact that Jasper struggles more often to feed strictly on animals instead of humans than the rest of his family does, but that is just one facet of this complex sign's personality.

Even though a Gemini may not seem easy to read 100% of the time, they are ultimately great communicators who just want to help everyone feel understood. As a human, Jasper was "able to influence those around him to see things his way," as described by Edward. He's also a scholar and intellectual— a total Gemini. 

Cancer: Carlisle Cullen

Caring and family-focused, Cancers can likely identify with Carlisle Cullen. Patriarch of the Cullen clan, Carlilse's life focus is taking care of his family and protecting them. His deep caring for the emotions of others is also highlighted by the fact that at a young age, he decided against drinking the blood of humans despite being a vampire and instead opted for a "vegetarian" diet of animals.


Cancers are the biggest nurturers of the zodiac and want themselves and everyone around them to feel comfortable, loved, and safe. When it comes to the water sign Cancer, The AstroTwins have this to say: "Chief among the traits of a Cancer is their inherent need to serve as a caregiver" (via AstroStyle). 

Plus, when it comes to Cancer, family is everything. "A Cancer's familial ties are strong, with emphasis on planting deep roots and feathering their nests," The Astrotwins note. Sounds like Carlisle! Ultra-loyal, a Cancer will go to great lengths for those they love — even if they can be a little moody at times.

Leo: Rosalie Hale

Rosalie is known for her beauty and is unafraid to be herself, so it makes perfect sense that spotlight-commanding Leos would resonate the most with her. Throughout the "Twilight" series, Rosalie is never afraid to speak her mind. Also, like a fiery Leo, Rosalie admits to being a little self-centered and absorbed with her own beauty during her life as a human. Even after becoming a vampire, these things are still important to her, which is noticeable when she becomes jealous of Bella and doesn't understand why Edward would fall in love with Bella instead of herself (even though she didn't necessarily want Edward — she just never experienced rejection before). 


While Leos can be a little self-focused (and as the superstars of the zodiac, why wouldn't they be?), this isn't necessarily a bad thing. "Ruled by their ego, Leos tend to instinctively put themselves first — a trait others can learn from," astrologer Lisa Stardust writes in a blog post for Zodiaque Moon. "There is no other sign as generous as the lion, whose huge heart and sensitive nature is openly shared with loved ones and those that they fully trust." So, despite sometimes needing a little extra attention, loving Leo has a lot to give, too. 

Virgo: Bella Swan

Being at the center of everything, Bella has a lot to deal with throughout the series. However, that doesn't stop her determination and headstrong ability to fight for what she wants. Not only that, but Bella lets her curiosity and her determination take her places that some might be scared to go, especially when it comes to things like dating a vampire or even eventually becoming one. Even though Bella may be hard to impress at first, once she's made up her mind, she's all in. In short, Bella is the epitome of an earthy Virgo.


Those born under this sign take things seriously, have a natural propensity to help others, and try their best to improve the world around them. While this can be super beneficial for everyone around a Virgo, for Virgos themselves, it can be a little stressful, which is why they may be one of the stereotypically stressed signs in the zodiac. However, that doesn't mean they need to change their desire to improve, but maybe rather tweak their approach a little.

Astrologer Renée Watt tells USA Today, "Virgos want to be superheroes, like superhuman, but they really need to understand that it's about the small steps that they can do to make the earth a little bit better." So, even if a Virgo may seem frazzled sometimes — like Bella throughout the series — that's okay. The reality is that they're probably just a little stressed because they care so much, which can be a great trait to have.


Libra: Charlie Swan

With his daughter dating a vampire and hanging out with werewolves, Charlie Swan has a lot of things to think about. But what matters to him the most is how Bella is getting treated and whether or not she is happy. As a police officer, maintaining the law and supporting justice is literally his job, but these attitudes come into play in his personal life, as well as he tries to guide Bella in a direction that will help her be stable and happy.


It's not surprising, then, that Charlie would be linked to fairness-focused Libra. Those with this air sign place a lot of importance on balance and harmony, which means they often want the best for others and are totally willing to go with the flow if it helps create peace.

While they can struggle with indecisiveness at times and may fall into people-pleasing, those with this zodiac sign truly just want the best for everyone, especially those they love. Per Syd Robinson, author of "Who Do the Stars Say You Are?" Libras have a "natural ability to see both sides of every argument" (via Today). "At the end of the day, Libras are charming peacemakers who love love, and love giving love to everyone in their lives," Robinson says.


Scorpio: Victoria

Throughout the "Twilight" series, Victoria displays a penchant for vengeance that only a water sign Scorpio could have. When Edward kills her mate, James, her whole focus becomes hunting the one he loves, Bella. Not only does she decide to take vengeance on him personally, but she brings together a whole army of newborn vampires to help her get her revenge on Edward and the rest of his family, the Cullens. This level of determination to get even is absolutely a calling card of a Scorpio.


Astrologist Lisa Stardust, who writes for Today, says, "They are known to have such intense personalities that they are often confused with vibrant fire signs." Yes, a Scorpio can be a frightening force to be reckoned with when angry with you — and obsessive when it comes to exacting revenge — the reality is that they can also be devoted, intense (in a good way), and supportive people to have around.

They can be incredibly loyal, which goes hand-in-hand with Victoria's desire to show her loyalty to James, even after his death. They truly have a passion for the people and things they care about and are intently focused on those they love.

Sagittarius: Emmett Cullen

Emmett Cullen, the mate of Rosalie Hale, is known for being super athletic and full of energy. While he has an intimidating and fiery side, he is also a particularly playful and carefree character in the series. This juxtaposition of intensity and lightness is a perfect example of what makes a fire sign Sagittarius so unique and interesting. A Sagittarius can either be incredibly funny, or they can be blunt to the point that they actually ruffle some feathers.


Either way, a Sag is known to be brutally honest, no matter what. "They are allergic to dishonesty, and they can perceive inauthenticity like no other sign," astrologer Rachel Lang tells Well + Good

Of course, just because a Sag can be a little blunt doesn't mean that they enjoy the thought of potentially hurting someone's feelings. Like Emmett, they have a soft side! They simply seek out the truth no matter what, and in some cases, may see their honesty as a way of looking out for those they care about, as self-improvement and seeking the best life has to offer are their ultimate goals.

Capricorn: Edward Cullen

Edward is determined and reserved; coupling those traits with his motivation to protect Bella makes him the embodiment of a goal-oriented Capricorn. While he may not always show his emotions, from early on in the series, it's clear that he's driven to keep her safe at all costs, even if it means pushing his overwhelming feelings to the side and tearing himself away from her.


Ultimately, he cares about what's best for others and doesn't think twice when it comes to putting them before himself, like a true Cap. And while Capricorns might not always express their romantic feelings in a super obvious way, that doesn't mean that they aren't thoughtful or don't find plenty of ways to show they care.

Astrologist Lisa Stardust writes, "Rather than grand romantic gestures, they prefer to show affection in thoughtful gestures. They respect their significant other and see them as their equal" (via Today). A Capricorn might not be dishing out the big emotional displays, but when it comes to providing dependability and security — like Edward — Capricorns truly dominate.

Aquarius: Alice Cullen

Alice is a visionary through and through, which is exactly why she's clearly connected to the air sign Aquarius. Alice's special powers allow her to see the future, and of the zodiac, Aquarius is easily one of the most forward-thinking. Alice is full of energy and optimism and likes to look at the light side of things, even though she sometimes struggles with foreboding premonitions about what's ahead for her and her family.


"[Aquarians] have the innate ability to perceive what's going to happen next," transformational astrologer Corina Crysler tells Well + Good, noting that they have an "overactive mind." Likewise, Aquarius is all about collaborating with their community to create a new and exciting future without dwelling too much on the past or anything that could drag them down. Their focus is on potential and possibilities.

Kesaine Walker, an energy healer and astrologer, adds that Aquarius "are known to be progressive thinkers who can see patterns in things others might not notice" (via USA Today). Although Aquarius is one of the signs that know the importance of tough love and may come off as aloof or a little peculiar at times, you can count on them to have plenty of original ideas and to always be ready to share them.


Pisces: Renesmee Cullen

Being part vampire, Renesmee has the ability to pierce through mental shields, as well as transmute thoughts to others just by touching them. This level of intelligence and sensitivity matches up perfectly with Pisces' deep emotional intelligence and empathy.


As a hybrid child who's half human and half vampire, Renesmee's existence is pretty unusual, which means that some of the other characters in the book don't always know how to deal with her. Being a little misunderstood is something Pisces is likely to come across at some point, as these big dreamers may end up being loners at times despite their capacity to be incredibly compassionate.

However, being sensitive to criticism or feeling misunderstood never stops them from being kind or taking others into consideration. Charlotte Kirsten, an astrologer and founder of spiritual wellness brand Typically Topical, tells PureWow that Pisces are "sympathetic powerhouses," which "can be a source of strength and connection with others." Even though a Pisces may be a little on the shy side at first, this imaginative water sign can be an ultra-supportive and deeply understanding person to have by your side — much like the fun-loving and kind Renesmee.