Bring Vegas To Your Manicure With The Casino Nail Trend

Sometimes, there is no more tempting idea than dropping everything and hopping on a plane to Vegas for an exciting escape from reality. However, a spontaneously glamorous gambling-filled getaway isn't as realistic for many people as it looks in the movies. So, if you can't take a trip to the Vegas casinos, you can still bring Vegas to your style by rocking sparkly outfits, wearing your highest heels, and flaunting the fun and accessible casino-inspired manicure trend.

"This is a simple way to spice up your manicure with designs that aren't too complex ... You have flexibility. It can be interpreted and done many different ways ... It will look great on any nail length," Deborah Lippmann, a celebrity manicurist, told Byrdie. Whether you like casinos because of the gambling, the thrill, the drinks, the social aspect of meeting new people, or the excuse to dress up, you should embrace your lucky side and experiment with the versatile casino manicure trend.

Try a classic playing card-inspired look

One of the most timeless and fool-proof ways of going about the casino manicure look is to take inspiration from classic playing cards. To do so, only use black, red, and white nail polish and add the numbers and symbols you see on playing cards on each of your nails.

Go more colorful

While you can't go wrong with a classic look, there's nothing wrong with trying a more colorful spin on the trend. To stay within the casino games theme, consider using mainly red nail polish, but if you want a bolder, more creative twist, use any color you like — as long as you stay within the designs of playing cards, dice, and the like.

Work with negative space

On the other hand, casino nails with negative space are excellent spins on the trend for people who prefer more minimalist looks without too much color. Negative space designs are a fall 2023 nail trend, so why not rock two trendy manicure ideas in the same look with casino-inspired negative space nail art?

Incorporate 3D details

Do you want to take your casino nails to the extreme with a Vegas-like "go big or go home" attitude? Then turn heads with 3D touches! Either opt for bold stickers or get help from an expert to incorporate loud, 3D mini-playing cards or dice into some of your nail designs for an unforgettable look.

Make it more romantic

Everyone who's ever been to a casino or seen a deck of cards knows that playing cards have more symbols — such as diamonds and spades — than just hearts. But if you're a hopeless romantic, consider a more romance-inspired spin on the trend by focusing on the heart symbol. Plus, heart-inspired nail art is trending for fall 2023!

Add some sparkle

If you feel inspired by the glamorous cocktail servers' outfits at the casinos, consider channeling some of that glam into your casino manicure. In addition to dice and playing card-inspired designs, add some sparkles to bring the nails to life. Whether you opt for a subtle shimmer or chunky glitter, the shiny details will add extra pizazz to your look.