Engagement Rings Are Getting Chunkier - Here Are Our Favorite Versions Of The Trend

There are so many things to think about when choosing the right engagement ring. Along with the center stone, you have to choose between the cut, color, and carats. And while traditionally engagement rings come with a dainty look, modern couples are starting to opt for a much thicker alternative. While adding another factor to your ring shopping seems daunting, it is worth considering bulky engagement rings. As Ring Concierge founder Nicole Wegman tells The Knot, "A chunkier design adds an unexpected twist to a bridal stack, along with additional finger coverage. It helps create a big moment in a prominent way."

For future brides wanting a more high-end and bold statement, the chunky engagement ring offers plenty of opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind bridal moment. Besides its large size, the heftier engagement ring allows you to play around with different settings and cuts that might be too heavy for thinner bands. Use the thicker band to create a unique stone setting that'll dazzle for years. You can also opt for a broader and longer stone that'll help create this chunkier effect and make your wedding stack look even more extensive.

Toi et moi rings

In itself, the toi et moi engagement ring is already unique and romantic. This ring with two diamonds set beside each other translates to "you and me" in French. And while a traditional toi et moi ring is gorgeous with a thin band, this design also allows you to create a thicker ring. Going for two regular-cut diamonds in a toi et moi design gives you more bling and looks heavier. To offset this, opt for a thicker band to hold your diamonds and help them look more balanced.

Ultra-thick bands

While we are probably used to seeing an engagement ring with a solitaire diamond and thin band, there are no rules for picking out the perfect ring. Sometimes, the best metal for your engagement ring is a thick metal that is much larger than your diamond, surrounding and protecting the stone. For those who love a good metal accent, going for an ultra-thick metal band will give you plenty to adore. 

Clustered gems

Although the saying "less is more" is often true, it doesn't necessarily apply to picking out your engagement ring. On the contrary, adding more gems and stones will bring a bulkiness to your engagement ring and make it look larger. Even if each stone is smaller than a regular diamond, the cluster of stones will make it feel fuller. With a few select favorites, you can have a constellation of gems that symbolize your love.

Large round cuts

For those looking for a chunky engagement ring that has a more traditional feel, you always have the option of a round-cut diamond. With a round cut, you have a diamond that looks larger since it takes up more of your finger. To maximize the space, go for a design that involves a band that frames the top and bottom of the ring, such as a halo; this will extend the width of your ring, making it seem much thicker than it is.

Elongated stones

Along with round-cut diamonds, you also have the option of an elongated stone. These diamonds are cut to be longer than they are wide, making it take up more space. No matter the wedding band, this cut of diamond will create a much larger effect and make it appear chunkier. Flank the center diamond with other baguette or elongated diamonds to have the engagement ring look wider.

Flushed settings

Indeed, flushed into the metal, a flushed engagement ring is perfect for those looking for a non-traditional ring that is chunky and unique. This style is newer and offers a much more modern approach to the engagement ring that emphasizes the metal that surrounds the stone. Almost mimicking diamonds in a cave, the flushed setting is perfect for showcasing a chunky wedding band.

Bezel settings

Described by Jeweler's Touch, the bezel setting is "... an arc of metal that secures a ring's main stone. The metal encases the stone while overlapping its edges." The bezel setting with this extra layer of protection is another engagement ring design that allows you to showcase your metal choice, whether it's gold or silver. Marginally more lifted than the flushed setting, the bezel setting still allows your diamond to shine but requires a much thicker band if you're looking for a substantial-looking ring.

Art deco styles

Always a favorite, the Art Deco style is perfect for those looking for a heavier and chunkier engagement ring. Since Art Deco rings typically involve having many baguette-cut diamonds flanked around the main stone, it's easy to have a ring that looks bulkier. Opt for a ring that has multiple diamonds that surround the band in a typical Art Deco cut, and you'll have a luxurious ring with a retro flair.