Beyoncé Looks Absolutely Flawless Without Makeup

Queen Bey. A goddess. One of the most successful singers of all time. Those are just a few phrases that the BeyHive — and anyone in touch with pop culture — likely uses when describing Beyoncé. The musician doesn't only have a voice that captivates countless devoted fans, but her always-perfect hair and makeup catch a lot of attention, too. From the Beyoncé-approved cat-eye look to the setting spray that ensures Beyoncé's makeup doesn't budge, the singer unsurprisingly seems to do everything right regarding makeup.

Of course, the celebrity has an equally talented makeup artist to help her look her best. "Beyoncé is so particular about her hair but when it comes to her makeup she always asks what I have in mind," Sir John, Beyoncé's makeup artist, told Harper's Bazaar. While the makeup artist never fails to make the singer sparkle, she still shines without makeup. So, just when you thought Beyoncé couldn't get any more perfect, these documented examples of her going makeup-free will make you further question how she's even human.

The light-up mirror picture

On May 16, 2023, Beyoncé posted a picture doing her hair in front of a glamorous, Old Hollywood-style mirror. The singer's beautiful and long blond curls flowed, and her bare face provided a contrast to the mirror's dazzling lights. The musician added a throwback pic in the post, too, in addition to kind words expressing her appreciation for women working in hair salons. Thus, this post was appropriately more focused on hair than anything makeup-related, so there was no need for any makeup. Plus, all the visible products made this one of Beyoncé's most relatable posts.

A nature-inspired side profile

Raw, makeup-free profile shots can feel daunting, as sharing such a vulnerable angle of the face without using makeup can make some people feel insecure. But Beyoncé didn't hold back on June 16, 2016, sharing an exquisite side profile pic — conveying a nature-focused vibe. In this makeup-free photo, the singer wore a breathtaking flower crown and appeared to be surrounded by nature, putting the focus more on the outdoors than anything else, helping her appear down to earth and appreciative of the world around her. The flowers in the unique crown were 100% the bold focal point.

Beyoncé's laid-back vacation vibes

Even Queen Bey needs some relaxation time to calm down and take a break from the stage and studios, and she seemed to genuinely enjoy some laid-back time on September 26, 2015. The singer smiled and looked off into the distance as she sat down, wearing a sexy, cleavage-baring dark one-piece bathing suit. She also wore sunglasses and a semi-oversized floppy hat instead of glamorous makeup or a dramatic hairstyle. After all, is anyone really on vacation if they spend their free time worrying about their hair and makeup?

She's a nature goddess

Back in the 2010s, Beyoncé seemed to enjoy posting some pictures more focused on nature than makeup. Not only did she wow her followers with the flower crown side-profile shot, she also shared another no-makeup photo surrounded by nature on August 19, 2014. Wearing a sexy cropped blouse, tiny black shorts, and a lovely headpiece, the singer looked like royalty as she stood in front of a large plant and stared directly into the camera. Between the sultry outfit and beautiful nature-focused background, no makeup would ever be needed in such a naturally gorgeous shot.

Smiling for a selfie

No one can resist the urge to post a playful selfie from time to time — including the one and only Beyoncé. The celebrity posted a classic selfie pose leaning on her chin on July 1, 2014, wearing a light top with long sleeves. In the selfie, the singer rocked big blond curls, a bare face, and a mischievous-looking smile, captioning the post, "Hello Boston." And the fact that the quality of this photo was relatively low compared to the rest of the celebrity's pictures just made it that much more relatable.

Queen Bey's beach day selfie

Makeup-free Beyoncé and the ocean looked like a match made in Instagram heaven on April 8, 2014. Wearing no makeup with her famous bouncy golden curls blowing in the wind, the singer squinted her eyes from the sun and rocked a bikini top with a bold animal print and a cheerful, ultra-bright smile. The celebrity looked so genuinely happy and alive in her fun, beachy selfie. In this post, Beyoncé proved that anyone can still live life to the fullest without a bit of makeup!