The Brilliantly Tasty Hack For Making Flavored Lip Gloss

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There's nothing better than lip gloss for taking flat, dry, or lifeless-looking lips from dull to full and glassy. Gloss is often a lifesaver for the lips and can serve as anything from the icing on the cake — meaning a full face of makeup — to just a subtle way to enhance your most natural looks. However, sometimes even the best-looking, glossiest, lip-transforming glosses either have no flavor or don't taste good, which can take away from the beautiful effect. Luckily, there are hacks to fix that.

If you want to make your already-usable lip gloss taste sweeter, some Reddit users recommend adding a touch of stevia. Believe it or not, stevia can be even sweeter than sugar (via Healthline)! Thus, it makes perfect sense to use the sugar alternative to give your unscented lip gloss a sweeter scent and taste. Plus, stevia typically comes in a fine powder version which has a different texture to your standard granulated sugar (although you can get liquid or granulated versions of stevia, too), so you won't get that gritty feeling that you'd get from sugar, per HuffPost. In addition to the stevia hack, you can make sweet-tasting lip gloss from scratch and at home with Vaseline and other helpful ingredients. 

Use Vaseline and other elements to make delicious clear lip gloss

Anyone who enjoys the underappreciated magic of clear lip gloss and wants to make their own delicious version at home should start with Vaseline. YouTuber Ajiara Alexyis posted a video making clear lip gloss by stirring Vaseline, olive oil, and aloe vera gel together in a bowl — after melting the Vaseline in the microwave to create a soft, lighter texture. The YouTuber added pear flavoring oil to the concoction, noting that you can use essential oils instead. Very pleased with the pear flavor, the YouTuber put the homemade lip gloss in the microwave and even added it into an empty lip gloss tube afterward. The results looked just as glassy as professionally made, expensive lip gloss. 

Impressed viewers commented, "So YouTube finally recommended something I didn't ask for but definitely needed for once," and "I have my own business and I use this recipe for my lip gloss and all my customers said they love the lip gloss recipe and it's all because of you." Anyone who wants to buy flavoring oils should check out the Lakerain Flavoring Oil for Lip Gloss — 12 Scents Fragrance Oil Set, available for $12.99 on Amazon with 4.4 out of five stars at the time of writing. The set features flavors such as strawberry, peach, and banana.  

How to make sweet and colorful lip gloss

Clear lip gloss is convenient and beautiful, but what if you want to make a sweet gloss featuring some color? TikTok user @bestiegrwm.slay shared a video showing viewers a hack that creates custom lip gloss. The person in the TikTok mixed Vaseline, honey, and oil, noting that vegetable, coconut, and olive oil are all acceptable for the hack. The TikTok user added sugar, pinkish-red eyeshadow, and a shinier red shadow, too. Then, the individual put the handmade lip gloss in a lip gloss tube and showed off a stunning swatch of the reddish-pink, shimmery lip gloss.

Whether you want the results to be pink, orange, or even blue, combining Vaseline, oil, your favorite eyeshadow color, and something sweet will lead to gorgeous and delicious lip gloss. You may want to skip the sugar or use stevia instead, as some commenters noted that sugar is better for exfoliation than lip gloss, but aside from that, this recipe will provide colorful lip gloss that tastes like honey. And if you aren't comfortable putting actual honey on your lips, consider using flavoring oils instead for some sweetness.