Snakeskin Boots Are Basically A Neutral This Fall, And You Can't Convince Us Otherwise

When it comes to the sass and drama of animal prints, snakeskin — while still bold and vibrant — is a more subtle option than some of the other classics like leopard spots and tiger stripes. The cream, black, white, and tan hues of snakeskin print are, of course, all neutrals, making the pattern an excellent avenue to elevate an outfit. By nature, snakes can camouflage themselves, and we like to think that quality translates to the snakeskin boot, making it a seamless and versatile option for your fall wardrobe.

Warm weather, desert skies, and cowgirl hats might come to mind when you think of snakeskin, which was in for summer, but the print can bring a fresh spark to your autumn outfits — pairing well with denim, leather, knit, and lace. Just as classic, true red lipstick and nail polish can almost be considered neutrals, and we think the same can be said of the adaptable, slightly mysterious snakeskin print boot. If you're ready to incorporate this fun, en-vogue animal print into your cool weather look, consider some of these tips.

Keep it simple

If wearing snakeskin is an adventurous move for you, try keeping your outfits minimalistic and neutral to start. Simple, wide-leg bottoms in black and a laid-back, neutral-toned t-shirt — olive green is a great option to pair with snakeskin — are casual enough to ease you into the attention the snakeskin boots will likely garner.

Trendy, chunky heels

If you're ready to play around with different styles of snakeskin boots, opt for a chunky, lace-up heel rather than the more traditional snakeskin cowgirl boot. This trendy, slightly more casual style is super cute in a classic snakeskin print and can be easily dressed up or down.

Pair with cozy knits

Mixing textures is one of the many joys of styling snakeskin boots, and pairing cozy, autumn knits with a pair of snazzy, snakeskin boots is one avenue in which to accomplish this contrast. The animal print brings an element of flair to an otherwise simple, understated fall look. Don't be afraid to wear shades of pink with your snakeskin, either. The combo is refreshingly chic.

The denim-and-snakeskin duo

Denim and animal print is a given when it comes to sleek, classic looks. If you aren't sure which direction to take your statement-making snakeskin boots, try a simple, yet elegant denim-and-button-down combo. As animal prints are the new neutrals, this will keep your look feeling casual and minimalistic — even with some fun footwear.

Leather and snakeskin

An excellent example of snakeskin working as a neutral, pairing your boots with deep, autumn tones and mixing textures creates just the appeal we're after with this trend. Warm chocolate brown hues paired with olive green leather and a classic snakeskin print make for a cohesive look that doesn't require much thought or effort, while still making a lasting impact.

Solid snakeskin boots

If snakeskin print feels too busy for you and you're not yet ready to don it as a neutral, you can start slowly with a solid snakeskin, like the black boots pictured above. The versatility of a look like this is obvious, but the added texture of the snakeskin print makes your outfit both dynamic and dramatic. Try pairing your snakeskin boots with delicate lace for an extra romantic vibe.