Cozy Nail Polish Colors To Have On Your Radar For Winter

Whether you're over fall, pumpkin spice lattes, and the orange and brown tones that are so popular during autumn (or not), winter will eventually move in — and wintry nail polish trends, too. While pumpkin spice nails are a great fall standby, there are lots of winter mani colors that are just as cute. If you want a manicure that can make you feel warm and cozy on a freezing cold day, or you'd like one that reflects the cool and frosty landscape, there are so many color choices to try during the colder months. The same is true if you want festive nails to celebrate your favorite holiday. Or maybe you want a versatile, neutral manicure that you can rely on to look put together all throughout the season. 

From deep, rich maroons to icy bright blues, there's a wide range of interesting shades to dip your fingers into. Beyond color, you can also play around with the texture and finish of your manicure. Glossy nails are always a classic choice, while matte nails can be both adorable and on-trend. Chunky glitter and deep holo shimmers can be lots of fun and super gorgeous, too. So, whether you want a funky manicure to match your favorite holiday sweater or a classic neutral with a seasonal spin, here are some truly beautiful colors to have on your radar during the winter season. 

Spiced chai

If you're looking for something to warm you up on a shivering cold day, a spiced chai mani is the way to go. This rich and creamy color might not only remind you of one of your favorite drinks, but this warm neutral is also incredibly versatile. It will coordinate with a wide range of holiday outfits all season long. Along with that, it's a nice transitional shade to wear as fall shifts into winter.

Glowing gold

A touch of gold is always appropriate around the holidays, especially if it's glittery. Not only can gold be shimmery and scintillating, but since metallics work well as elevated neutrals, it will have a lot of mileage when it comes to coordinating with your clothes or makeup. Pairing your gold mani with some stackable gold rings can be a cute way to get in on multiple trends at once and play with a monochromatic look, too.

Snowy pearlescent white

If you're inspired by the snowy white landscape, a shimmery, pearlescent manicure is an exciting one to try. Or, if you don't see much snow where you live, a white mani can be a way to get a dose of that snowy look, without the cold temperatures. Either way, a white manicure is not only elegant on its own — it can also be a festive choice without being over the top. If you want to take it up a notch, though, trying some pearl art nail ideas is an option, too.

Shimmery sugar plum lavender

Even if you don't care about the Nutcracker or have no idea what a sugar plum fairy is, a sugar plum lavender manicure can be absolutely stunning in the winter. Not only is lavender lovely and ethereal in general, but when you add some glimmer and shimmer into the mix, the color is out-of-this-world gorgeous. A beautiful mani like this can totally transport you somewhere else on a dull and dark winter day.

Deep plum

If shimmery pastels aren't your thing, a rich shade of deep plum might make a great alternative for you. This is an obvious option for purple lovers. It's also a great pick for the burgundy girlies who want to try something just a little different from their go-to color. Also, just like spiced chai, this is another shade that works well as a transitional manicure from fall to winter.

Rich burgundy

Of course, a rich burgundy is always a must for the winter season. Not only is this classic manicure color bold, dramatic, and eternally cute, but there's something about a super dark shade of burgundy that will make you feel warm and cozy on a cold winter day. If you want to take it beyond a basic mani, though, accenting it with gold or opting for a holographic shade of burgundy can bring a scintillating twist to this popular standby. 

Stunning cobalt

If you're not into warm colors and instead looking for something that matches the exhilarating feeling of colder winter temps, a bright cobalt blue mani might just bring the jolt that you're looking for. Not only is it a stunning shade in particular for those with cooler skin tones, but it can also really stand out and make a statement on anyone, especially for those who tend to wear a lot of neutrals. To make it even more interesting, this color can look gorgeous when accented with silver or as part of a skittle mani with pastel blue. 

Pastel blue

If bold colors aren't your speed, then a frosty shade of pastel blue might be a more subtle way to mimic that wintry feeling in your next manicure. Whether you opt for a solid matte mani, a shimmery one, or one full of chunky glitter, this shade is elegant, delicate, and completely beautiful — not to mention trendy. This is a great color to try if the blueberry milk nails trend appeals to you.


A little paler and cooler in tone than a spiced chai mani, a cappuccino mani is another great, cozy, neutral option for winter. It's perfect for those who want something versatile but that still has a seasonal feel to it. Another plus about this low-key color is that it's office-friendly and can easily be coordinated with almost any outfit or makeup look.

Deep green

Besides a bold red, what's more festive than a deep, rich green? Whether you go for a brighter emerald or a darker pine tree color, this hue has a lot of charm and can be tons of fun to play around with. You can wear it on its own or combine it with other trending greens like olive and matcha in a skittle mani. Beyond that, you can even pair it with a couple of brown, gold, or silver nails if you want to mix it with some wintry neutrals.

Dark shimmery red

A matte red will always be timeless, but if you want to have a little fun with your next red mani a deep, shimmery red is absolutely the way to go. Not only is it a bold color, but introducing some glimmer can make it truly mesmerizing. If you're really into trying out interesting finishes, though, some bold, shiny fire chrome nails should be next on your list. 

Glittery hot cocoa

Whoever said that neutrals couldn't be playful and fun? A glittery hot cocoa manicure is a great way to experiment with color and levels of shimmer. You can mix and match different shades of brown for interest, as well as matte and glittery finishes. This is a nice way to get creative with your color options while still keeping it low-key overall.

Muted raspberry

Pink is gorgeous any time of year, and it can be especially eye-catching in a winter mani. A muted raspberry in particular is a great hue for colder months, especially for those who are struggling to switch gears from their summery, Barbiecore hot pink nails. Not only is a rich shade like this pretty in general, but it can also be a nice option for those who love bold, warm colors but are tired of going straight to red and burgundy.

Charcoal gray

Gray is an ultra-trendy color, and it can make a truly stunning winter manicure, whether you choose a deep charcoal shade or a soft, pale dove gray. While gray might remind some too much of dark winter skies, the reality is that it's a great and versatile neutral, especially for those with cooler skin tones.

Rich maroon

Maroon is another wintertime must. While it might seem similar to burgundy, it's actually distinctly different. Maroon has more brown undertones, while burgundy tends to have more black undertones. This means that it's a great option for those with warmer skin tones, especially if they love burgundy but don't feel that it looks quite right on them.

Toasty tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell is a super popular pattern. Not only does it look cute on glasses and hairclips, but it can also make a classy and charming manicure. This is a nice winter look for those who are tired of solid colors and want to try a more complex, marbled mani in the winter. This is also a creative manicure for those who love yellow-toned looks, like glitzy amber velvet nails

Soft red

Of course, a bold bright red is a classic and a go-to for many during the holiday season. However, if you're looking for something ever-so-slightly different and a little more laid-back, a soft red mani is an awesome option. Not only does it still have the warm, cozy appeal of red, but it's got a noticeably more low-key and easygoing feel to it, too.

Ultra pale pink

An ultra-pale shade of pink is a classic manicure color to wear for winter. Not only is its frosty paleness fitting for the season, but it also has a delicate femininity to it that makes it incredibly charming, too. Whether it's glossy, matte, shimmery, or glittery, it can be an adorable color to wear during colder months, and its versatility will mean that it looks great all throughout the holidays — and beyond.