Our Tips For Making Your Phone Case A Fashion Statement

We're all familiar with Coco Chanel's polarizing rule for accessorizing, aren't we? Always take a "look in the mirror and take one thing off" before heading out the door. We also all know that Chanel was designing clothes when cell phones weren't around and one couldn't have their pick of phone cases (nonetheless one for every day of the week, as is the norm for some). By today's standards, adding accessories is always alright — we live in a maximalist society, after all. So, by all means, add yet another striking accessory to the mix before leaving the house in the form of your phone case.


Naturally, phone cases are back in the spotlight because mirror selfies are rising in prominence online again. From Dua Lipa to Alexa Chung, celebrities and social media personalities alike seem to be opting for the miles-more-relatable mirror selfie instead of expensive photo shoots and staged paparazzi shots. And what pops out the most in these photos? The phone cases and their unique designs. And not just that: We're obsessed with how people match them to their outfits, personalities, and sometimes even their moods. (You heard it here first: Phone cases are the new mood ring.)

To see just how influencers use their phone cases to make a statement, we searched all over social media, and we hear the influencers loud and clear: The possibilities are nearly endless. 


Follow an aesthetic

If you're not sure where to start your statement phone case journey, pick one that matches your overall aesthetic. You have the coquette, dark/light academia, Y2K, '90s, and so many more aesthetics to choose from.


Once you've nailed down the aesthetic that fits best with your individual style, search for phone cases that match this look. It's super simple, and you're nearly guaranteed to find a case you love. A perfect one here is Bunnies in Bonnets, which has a full five-star rating and is stunning to boot. It's the epitome of cottagecore and complements soft makeup.

Select the right color

Another way to pick a phone case that makes a resounding statement is to select the right color. Whether you pick based on your mood, outfit, or aesthetic, this trick will definitely get people taking notice of your style.


You can easily buy a variety of colored phone cases to match every outfit, but you can also let your daily vibes sway your choices. A great option here is Nudient's Bold Case in a bright, lime-green shade with ridges. It perfectly encapsulates the feeling of picking up flowers for a loved one, and it's made from recycled materials, so you can feel better about buying more than one.

Choose a fun design

Another approach is to choose a fun, loud pattern that you know you'll use regardless of your daily style choices. This will likely be based on your personality and the things you love, so it's guaranteed to make a statement no matter what.


Pick a case decked in your favorite animals, prints, fruits, and textures, or choose one that represents your star sign, birth year, or celeb crushes. An excellent one here is Wildflower's Star Girl case. It has a Y2K-inspired black-and-white star print to let your inner rockstar shine (plus a five-star rating, which never hurts).

Accessorize the accessory

If you're into the simplicity of solid-color phone cases but still want to feel like you're on top of the trends, dangling wristlets work wonders. Phone accessories and beaded wristlets have made a comeback and can be found pretty much anywhere. 


Keep up appearances with your sleek black, cream, or white phone case, and then let your wristlet do all the talking. Some people opt for a high-end version of these accessories, but you certainly don't need to break the bank for this one. Casetify's Pearl Phone Charm is more affordable than luxury brands, coming in at $42, and it has five stars. A good accessory investment indeed! 

Make it yours

There are two types of people: those who use their phone cases as built-in wallets and those who don't. If you do, you understand the appeal of seeing a memento of a good time — a plane ticket, museum pass, or photograph — peeking at you from beneath a clear case (or just the $20 bill you keep for an emergency).


If you like this look, we recommend the adorable Personalised Create Your Own Boarding Pass Ticket iPhone case from Blanc Space. It's just $34 and will instantly level up your photograph game with a sentimental touch. Plus, it has a five-star rating with nearly 5,000 reviews. 

Match it to your outfit

The most obvious way to make a fashion statement with your phone case is to match it to your outfit. For this to make sense, though, the case has to match in a glaringly obvious way. Imagine the perfection of a golden dress with a glittery golden case or a pink case matching a monochromatic pink outfit.


Just match your phone case to one or several pieces of your outfit, or create an outfit inspired by your phone case. Silver chrome pants and a silver case, for example, stun together. Our pick here? The PARIS iPhone Case from Spellcases, which has five stars and heart-shaped accents to boot.

Let your personality guide you

Sometimes, all you need is a clear phone case and a crafty spirit to get the fashion-forward accessory of your dreams. You can customize any phone case to your preferred level of maximalism with the right tools. Some fast and easy ways to customize your case include stickers, bedazzling, furry fabrics, and even permanent markers. Not only is it bound to turn out adorable (what with your sparkling personality showing through, clear as day) but it'll also match your style like no basic case could.