The Key To Looking Princess-Chic Like Kate Middleton Is A Bouncy Blowout - Here's How To Get It

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Kate Middleton's style has evolved significantly since she's been part of the royal family. We've seen her transform from a newlywed duchess all but attached to her girly headbands, to the new Princess of Wales with a regal, iconic fashion sense. Her style has become more confident and statement-making over the years, particularly after her husband William, Prince of Wales, became heir to the British throne. However, there's one element of Middleton's look that has remained constant since the beginning: her bouncy hair.


If you want to emulate Middleton's style, adopting her signature voluminous blowout is the best place to start. And while the princess undoubtedly has help from a team of hairstylists and makeup artists to look so flawless at every engagement she attends, you can still recreate this look at home with minimal experience. Using both a hairdryer and a curling iron, anyone can copy Middleton's bouncy blowout with ease.

What products you'll need for a bouncy blowout

There are a few tools and products you'll need to get a princess-worthy blowout. Begin with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, so you can create the foundation for full hair before it's even dry. You'll also need heat protectant spray to keep your locks safe from the heat-styling tools, and get yourself some smoothing cream or hair oil, which will help to fight off frizz. If you have finer, oilier hair, however, reach for some volumizing mousse and a shine spray to create a glossy shine that won't weigh your hair down. Regardless of what kind of hair you have, you'll also need a lifting root spray to further build that bounce, and of course, hairspray to hold those curls.


The two heat-styling tools you'll be using for this method are a hairdryer with a nozzle and a large-barrel curling iron. You'll also need a parting comb to section off your hair and a round brush for blow drying smoothly. Opt for a brush with real bristles that lie flat to reduce the chance of frizz (via Today).

Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo

As this look is partially achieved with a blowout, you have to begin with clean hair. And particularly if you have finer or thinner hair, using the correct shampoo will set you up for success later on in the process. "To get your blowout as bouncy as Kate's, start in the shower by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner," advises Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Bridget Brager (via Byrdie). Look for lightweight products that say "volumizing" on the packaging or indicate that they're for fine hair, like Living Proof Full Shampoo. Only apply the conditioner from the middle of your strands downwards, as this product can weigh down the hair at the roots and sabotage your volume.


If you can handle it, avoid washing your hair with steaming-hot water and go for cold instead. According to Insider, this simple shower switch will boost the shine factor of your hair and keep it from getting frizzy, which are two key elements of Kate Middleton's blowout.

Apply smoothing cream and heat protectant spray

Once your hair is clean, squeeze out the excess water and detangle it gently. If you want to towel-dry it for a few minutes, opt for a microfiber towel rather than a standard bath towel, which will also help you keep frizz to a minimum. Then it's time to apply your smoothing cream. Writing for the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton's hairdresser Richard Ward reveals that he uses a small amount of argan oil or blow drying cream while the hair is still wet, applying only to the bottom section of the hair.


But if your hair is fine and gets weighed down even by minute amounts of products like argan oil, go for a volumizing mousse instead. "A good root spray or mousse will help lift the root and hold the volume," Hari's salon senior stylist Miffy Goknil tells Harper's Bazaar. At this point, you can also spray a heat protectant into your hair to defend against damage from the hairdryer and curling iron.

Blow dry your hair and add root lift

In his Daily Mail article, Richard Ward recommends aiming for a "smooth and sleek" blow dry, which you would achieve with a round brush. Don't worry about building too much volume at this point — that comes later with the root lift spray and bouncy curls. Particularly if you didn't use a microfiber towel, it's a good idea to dry the hair all over using the blasting technique before you section it off to dry properly. Still keeping the nozzle on the hairdryer, heat the roots at low-speed until the hair is around a quarter of the way dry, per Today. Then, working with sections of hair at a time, gently dry the hair straight against the brush. The final result should be straight and even.


While some stylists recommend adding root lift spray to your hair prior to blow drying, Richard Ward suggests adding it after the blowout, once the hair is completely dry. He uses the Richard Ward Bodifying Spritz, which contains ingredients like whey protein and keratin to create that lift. To apply the product properly, spray it over your tresses while your head is flipped upside down to amplify the volumizing effect.

Curl your hair with a large-barrel iron

You can achieve curls in several ways, including with rollers, but for this method, you'll use a large-barrel curling iron. Start by clipping your hair into large sections. Naturally, the more hair you have, the more sections you'll need, but Richard Ward stresses the importance of having bigger sections so you can create the larger, bouncier curls we're looking for (via Daily Mail). Use a parting comb to create your sections.


Curl each section around the iron, starting from the bottom of the hair and wrapping your hair up towards the roots. Bridget Brager tells Byrdie that this technique is how Kate Middleton's hair ends up with the "curled under" effect. As you curl each section, hold it in your hands for a few seconds before you let it drop to help the curl set, and then secure with hairspray.

Perfect your curls and smooth flyaway hair

If you have finer hair, your curls may seem too rigid and tight, even if you were working with larger sections. If that's the case, you can brush them out gently to help them relax once they've cooled, but keep in mind that they'll drop throughout the day. You can also give your hair a light shake from the roots to help them fall into a place that looks more natural.


When everything looks perfect, grab a small amount of hair oil and run it through your hair from the mid-lengths down. Again, those with fine or oily hair will want to take caution with this step, only using a very minimal amount if any at all. A shine spray, like the Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross Shine Spray, is a good lightweight alternative. And that's all there is to it! Even without a tiara, you'll have a look fit for a princess by following these simple steps.