How To Recreate Kate Middleton's Simple Wedding-Day Makeup

When it comes to beauty, Kate Middleton is always the epitome of timeless, classic elegance — and she was no different on her wedding day with Prince William. Although the royal pair got married in 2011, her makeup look can still be recreated today and be relevant. It's no wonder Time listed her as one of the most influential people in the world that same year. Since she's been linked to the heir apparent to the British throne, people everywhere love to mimic her style.


Middleton's wedding day makeup is no different. Since she was seen with flawlessly filled-in brows, a natural-looking smokey eye, and the perfect pink lip color, many were curious as to how she achieved her look. As the Daily Mail reported, she applied her own makeup on her big day with the help of lessons from a makeup artist. Whether you want to replicate Middleton's rosy glow for your own wedding day or need to step up your daily look for a date night, you don't need to hire a pro like the princess. Simply follow our step-by-step guide and you'll soon be looking like our favorite British blushing bride.

Details on Kate Middleton's wedding-day makeup

Judging by the many close-up photos of Kate Middleton, she opted for a medium-coverage foundation with a matte finish, followed by powder all over to prevent shine. Her brows look filled in with brow powder and brushed to perfection. Middleton rocked a subtle smokey eye using gray shadow and black eyeliner. No falsies for this princess — she amped up her lashes with plenty of black mascara. Her cheeks had a rosy glow with a medium pink blush and she kept her lips soft with a pinky-beige lipstick topped off with just a hint of gloss.


The final look was a stepped-up version of Middleton's everyday makeup but not so overly dramatic that she looked unrecognizable. Her makeup tutor Hannah Martin told Hello!, "The secret to perfect wedding day makeup is to look like you but at your absolute best. Kate really is the perfect example of the best way to approach and wear bridal makeup. My role was to take what was already a classic, timeless, and pretty makeup look and simply make her camera-ready for billions of TV viewers."

Kate Middleton's everyday makeup vs. her wedding-day makeup

Kate Middleton's wedding-day makeup was not much different from her everyday look, but it's clear she loves to accentuate her eyes for any occasion. While her peepers were definitely smokier than usual on her wedding day, it was reported by Town & Country that her go-to eyeshadow palette was the popular Urban Decay Naked set that is sadly discontinued. Middleton reportedly only used Bobbi Brown products on the day of her nuptials but her go-to lip color for non-bridal events is Clarins Natural Lip Perfector, which is a rosy pink lip balm.


The one mainstay on Middleton's face is her pink blush, which she likes to apply to the apples of her cheeks and up toward her temples. "Kate's often seen sporting a soft pink on her cheeks that compl[e]ments her cool-toned skin," makeup artist Saffron Hughes stated, per the Scottish Daily Express. It's clear Middleton didn't deviate far from her normal makeup routine, but she definitely went for more heavily lined eyes on her wedding day, so be sure to have a good dark gel and pencil eyeliner to recreate her look.

Before you recreate Kate Middleton's wedding day makeup, prep your skin

Kate Middleton's skin looked absolutely flawless on her wedding day and it wasn't achieved with just the help of makeup. According to Hello!, the Princess of Wales supposedly got a bee venom facial prior to saying "I do." Beautician Deborah Mitchell explained that the bee venom tightens the skin, giving it a temporary lift. She advised getting the treatment at least a month before a big event to allow the skin to fully heal. Although Middleton's glow was subtle, she reportedly used a self-tanner to get a hint of color.


As reported by AOL (via Town & Country), Middleton's wedding skincare prep included products from Karin Herzog's oxygen-infused line. The prices are pretty steep but hey, if you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on looking beautiful like the princess, why not splurge? Your wedding is the time to pamper yourself.

What products and tools you'll need to recreate Kate Middleton's wedding day makeup

Since Kate Middleton's wedding-day makeup wasn't an elaborate application, you probably have all the products and tools you need in your arsenal. However, take note of the following items you'll need to recreate her look and see if you need to make a run to your nearest beauty store.

  • Toner and moisturizer

  • A medium to full-coverage foundation

  • Concealer

  • Setting powder

  • Brow powder and angled brush

  • Clear brow gel

  • Eyeshadow primer

  • Eyeshadows in nude, gray, and taupe

  • Waterproof volumizing mascara in black

  • Black gel liner and black pencil liner

  • Rosy blush

  • Highlighter

  • A soft pink lipstick and lipgloss

  • Setting spray

Create a flawless base with foundation and powder

The first thing everyone could see during the royal wedding was Kate Middleton's radiant skin. After applying your toner and moisturizer, cover up any dark circles or discoloration on your face with concealer, making sure to blend well. Follow up with foundation all over your face, bringing it down past your jawline. When shopping for a perfect match,  swatch the foundation on your neck or chest to get the closest shade to your body.


After you've applied your foundation, give your face a soft dusting of translucent powder, focusing on your forehead, nose, and chin. While Middleton's skin looked luminous, she didn't have an overload of shimmer or highlighter and instead focused on giving herself a matte finish. Just like the new bride, you'll be photographed extensively for your wedding so prevent any flashback by avoiding powders with silica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide.

Fill in brows

Kate Middleton is known for her lush brows and while she doesn't need much help in that department, she clearly filled them in for a strong, defined look. We don't see any harsh lines or hair strokes so she may have used an eyebrow powder to fill in any sparse areas. She chose one to match her hair color perfectly but you can select a shade or two darker or lighter depending on your preference.


Using an angled brush, apply the brow powder to the inner corners of your eyebrows to create a full, slightly rounded shape. Middleton doesn't have too high of an arch so focus on making the ends slightly thinner and tapered off right past your eyes. Keep your brows perfectly coiffed with a swipe of clear brow gel.

Create a smokey eye

Kate Middleton loves a good cool-toned smokey eye look and she stepped it up just a tad for her wedding day. Before you apply any product, curl your lashes to give them a lift. Apply an eyeshadow primer and then swipe on a nude-colored shadow from your lids to your brow bone. Next, swipe on a medium gray color along your crease, making sure to blend well with a fluffy brush. Add a touch more on the outer corners of the eyes to smoke them out a bit more.


Middleton has slightly smudged eyeliner on her top lids, which you can create with a black gel liner and a thin angled brush. Instead of creating a sharp line, soften the eyeliner a bit by using short strokes with your brush. Stop right at the outer corners of the eyes for a classic non-winged look. Using a black pencil, draw along your lower lash line, avoiding getting any color in your waterline. Finish off with a couple of swipes of black waterproof mascara. You don't want to risk any smudging on your big day, especially after shedding some happy tears.

Apply blush

Of course, wedding day makeup isn't complete without rosy cheeks and Kate Middleton's flushed face was the perfect complement to her smokey eyes. Get Middleton's chiseled cheeks by applying a muted rose-pink blush on the apples of the cheeks, bringing the color up toward your temples. Make sure not to bring the color lower than the hollows of your cheeks or it'll weigh your features down.


Although it's not ultra-apparent in photos, there's a hint of shimmer on the princess' cheeks, as indicated in her makeup face chart shared by The Knot. Using a fluffy brush, place a very light dusting of a highlighter onto the tops of your cheekbones. You just want a whisper of shimmer as if you're lit from within.

Apply lipstick and gloss

Lip colors are one of the biggest decisions you'll make when it comes to your wedding-day makeup and Kate Middleton stuck to her tried and true classic pink. To balance out the eyes, she didn't overdo it with the color and stuck to a neutral, pinky-beige shade. As reported by Evoke, Middleton used Bobbi Brown's lipstick in Sandwash Pink, which alas, has since been discontinued by the company. However, if you're desperate to recreate Middleton's makeup to a tee, you can purchase a tube on Amazon for $88.


Not wanting to shell out that much for lipstick is understandable so thankfully, there are plenty of dupes out there. Look for a medium-toned rosy pink lipstick that leans toward a warm brown. Top off your lips with a hint of gloss for some shine but not so much that it'll leave a sticky residue on your beau. Set your makeup with setting spray and you'll be royally beautified for your big event.