Sofia Richie Grainge Looks Absolutely Flawless Without Makeup

Many fashion enthusiasts admire Sofia Richie Grainge's quiet luxury wardrobe and signature slicked-back bun. Not only does the celebrity have a classy approach to fashion and hairstyles, but she also has a similar philosophy regarding makeup, typically avoiding drastically over-the-top looks. As you can see by watching her TikTok videos, Richie Graigne likes to rock mascara, glossy lips, and a dewy complexion, often promoting and trying specific products that give her that polished yet minimalist look. But she's also unafraid to go makeup-free in front of the camera. 

On June 23, 2023, Richie Grainge posted a TikTok video recreating her wedding makeup. At the start of the video, the fashionista appeared to wear no makeup, proving that she looks stunning without the extra enhancement. Richie Grainge isn't only confident enough to show her face without makeup on TikTok — she's gone makeup-free about eight times on Instagram, too — often when enjoying beachy adventures in the water or sharing cute face and mirror selfies with her partner.

Chilling on a boat

Sofia Richie Grainge looked like a goddess as she posed boatside in the water on July 8, 2023. In the adorable pic, the celebrity wore a light pink bikini top, colorful pants with a bold pattern, sunglasses, and no makeup as her hair blew in the wind. Captioning the post with only a flamingo emoji, Richie Grainge didn't let makeup interfere with her boat adventure.

Beachy PDA

One day before posting the boat pics, Sofia Richie Grainge shared another post in the water as she enjoyed some playful PDA with her partner. Richie Grainge grinned as her husband kissed her on the cheek. She went makeup-free, as any makeup would likely just wash off in the water.

More beach vibes

Sofia Richie Grainge seems to love being in the water significantly more than she likes wearing makeup. On July 4, 2023, the celebrity posted another no-makeup image — this time, of her looking off to the side but still wearing sunglasses. She wore a black and white bikini with a long yet minimalist necklace, choosing yet again not to let makeup get in the way of her fun in the water.

Always in the water

While Sofia Richie Grange documented many of her beachy adventures in 2023, her spending time in the water is nothing new. On July 15, 2022, the trendsetter rocked a black and white one-piece on a boat in Saint-Tropez. She was all smiles with sunglasses, her hair in a ponytail, and again, no makeup.

A sulky selfie

Believe it or not, Sofia Richie Grainge doesn't only go makeup-free when she's on the beach or in the water. Back on September 18, 2021, she posted a relatable selfie of her leaning her chin on her hand, gazing into the camera with a tired-looking expression on her beautiful, makeup-free face, captioning the picture with a single cloud emoji.

All masked up

On March 26, 2021, Sofia Richie Grainge and her partner wore their masks as they posed for a mirror selfie in an elevator. Richie Grainge didn't appear to wear any makeup with her mask, and she kept with the casual, cozy theme in floral and nature-themed monochromatic pajamas, captioning the post with a sunflower emoji.

Super smiley Sofia

Sofia Richie Grainge grinned playfully by a pool on January 26, 2021. Holding a book and rocking a monochromatic black bikini with slim bracelets, the celebrity wore her warm blond hair straight and flaunted dark nail polish. The trendsetter wore no makeup in this shot and captioned the post with a smile emoji, which matched her facial expression.

Messy hair, don't care

Not only does Sofia Richie Grainge post without makeup, but she's not afraid to post without ensuring every hair on her head looks perfectly polished, either. On September 13, 2020, the celebrity shared a low-angle, no-makeup selfie, letting viewers get a look at her famously full lips and even see up her nostrils. Meanwhile, her hair was in messy, seemingly unbrushed waves, and she fittingly captioned the post, "Morning."

Brunette Sofia's mirror selfie

While Sofia Richie Grainge had blond tresses in her posts from the 2020s, she had a different hair color way back on April 12, 2018. Flaunting a cropped sweatshirt, Richie Grainge posted a makeup-free mirror selfie with wavy, warm brown hair and captioned it, "Allergy season." Not only does this image prove that the celebrity looks flawless without makeup, but it also shows that she looks beautiful with brown hair in addition to the usual blond.