Sculptural Heels Are Bringing Whimsy Into Fall 2023, And We're Here For It

While they may not be your most practical or comfortable pair of shoes, sculptural heels are here to make an ethereal, eccentric splash this fall. The unusual shapes and creative motifs of the sculptural heel trend bring an element of refreshing whimsy to the sidewalk. Neither subtle nor understated, this look is all about making a statement. What's more, you can opt to follow suit and pair your heels with an adventurous outfit or keep it simple and minimalist to really let the unique design of your heels take center stage.

Sure to wow, sculpted high heels are truly art you can walk in. Their architecture is impressive, and chances are you'll feel as though you're in a Dali-esque daydream when you don the striking heel designs we're seeing this fall. Moreover, we can easily see these heels flying high for a girls' night out or for that art opening you're looking forward to, so investing in a pair won't be a waste. Now, take a walk on the wild side and consider some of this bold inspiration to jump aboard the trend.

Spherical heels

Sculptural heels bring the perfect amount of flair to an otherwise simple look. The right pair (read: walkable) can also be a great addition to your office wardrobe. A less dramatic heel, like a simple wooden sphere, brings a fun dynamic to your professional style and can be a channel for your creative fashion sense without going overboard.

Sharp and gilded

A pair of visually striking heels is the perfect way to bring whimsy to your fall wardrobe. Surprising heel shapes and styles can replace accessories or be a complement to some of your favorites — they're true choose-your-own-adventure shoes. You may want to balance out the drama and keep your outfit a bit milder so your sculptural heels don't get visually overwhelmed, though we wouldn't blame you for going all out.

Wraparound heels

The architectural design of sculptural heels is enough to keep you on the forefront of footwear trends, and while the heel certainly speaks for itself, it doesn't always have to be the boldest part of the shoe. Reminiscent of a fine sculpture, a pair of wraparound heels do the styling for you. However, you may need to take your foot shape into account when choosing heels with an unusual shape like this. For fall, try pairing them with dark tights for that added touch of intrigue.

Circular heeled booties

Sculptural, booties are ideal for the cooler months, and you're sure to command attention with fun shapes and refreshing styles. In fact, the cute circular block-style heel completely transforms the feel of an otherwise classic and simple boot. Try pairing a style like this with a knit bodycon dress for a look that undoubtedly impresses.

Slingback florals

Creative, whimsical, and otherworldly styles like a floral slingback are what the sculptural trend is all about. If you aren't sure how to style something as eclectic as a floral heel, start simple with solid, understated pieces. You'll feel like you're walking in a dream with a style like this, and you might just feel inspired to don a flower in your hair. 

Stacked in gold

Feminine and flirty, the subtle details of a gold-stacked heel make all the difference. Ideal for both cocktail dresses and more casual outfits in need of some flair, sculptured heels elevate your look, no matter the occasion. With a higher height, you may want to keep a spare pair of suitable shoes in your bag to lessen the pain from wearing heels and give your feet a break should you need one, though.