We Tried Orly's Stop The Clock Nail Polish & Crown It The 'It' Color Of Winter 2023/2024

Reminiscent of the deep woods on crisp November days, the shimmer of Orly's Stop the Clock nail polish instantly made us need to try the autumnal tone for ourselves. As we learned, this polish's metallic, chocolatey hue is both luxurious and versatile. A dark neutral that would go with just about anything during the coziest time of the year, Stop the Clock is a classic color with added dimension thanks to its glowing, glittery finish. Because of this, it's perfect for any and all neutral manicures, especially around the holidays. 


The lush, 18-ml. nail polish bottle is available for $10.50 on Orly's website and has garnered 4.9 out of 5 stars, with reviewers particularly praising its rich pigmentation. At first glance, we, too, gleaned that this lacquer would be the perfect addition to any nail polish collection. The unique hue evokes images of a morning cup of coffee, as well as the joy that image brings. We can't decide if Stop the Clock ushers us into a realm of moody dark academia or a woodland fairy tale, but regardless, we dove right in.

First impressions of Stop the Clock

When we picked up Orly's Stop the Clock polish, we immediately noticed its grippy, rubber top and knew the application process would likely be smooth sailing. Upon our first brushstroke, we were immediately impressed — and then quite excited. The wide, rounded brush tip made for a seamless glide, and each nail could be painted completely and thoroughly with just a couple of brushstrokes.


Since Stop the Clock is metallic, some streaks were visible at first, but once the first coat dried, they dissipated rather quickly. Ultimately, Stop the Clock is a one-coat wonder, and we could've easily stepped out with this manicure as-is. However, we opted for a second coat, which made the already rich and creamy formula even smoother and glossier. Once the second coat dried, we stepped out into the natural sunlight to get a true perspective of the color's dimension and glow, and, as expected, the color glistened beautifully. 

Enchanting and earthy

With copper overtones and a hint of red wine, we can confidently name this deeply pigmented polish the "it" color of autumn and winter 2023. Stop the Clock can easily transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas — it's a perfect match for decorating a tree or making homemade hot cocoa — and it's also a more unexpected and mysterious hue for winter than your classic red.


Despite racking our minds for downsides to this polish, we honestly couldn't come up with any. The gel-like formula is smooth and creamy, and it dries quickly, Plus, the rubber top and perfectly shaped brush made the at-home manicure process a breeze. As such, if you're a fan of moody yet ethereal fall hues, then Stop the Clock will more than likely satisfy you. This polish could easily become a go-to for the colder months, and it's sure to bring an element of intrigue to your nails with its enchanted, earthy energy. Ultimately, this polish also left us eager to try some of the other unique, eye-catching shades and formulas from Orly.