The Best Quiet Luxury Gifts For Christmas 2023

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Quiet luxury has been a hot topic this year. From the growing ranks of Sofia Richie Grainge's dedicated followers to a broader discussion of stealth wealth fashion, there's been a new emphasis placed on subtlety, minimalism, and timelessness. But if you're trying to shop for a quietly luxurious loved one — or introduce the quiet luxury lifestyle to your friends — it can be tricky to find the perfect piece. Clothing and beauty items are especially subjective, demanding that you nail everything from a giftee's size and skin tone to their personal taste. Not to mention, there are some big style mistakes to avoid if you're aiming for a quiet luxury wardrobe.


In short, trying to shop quiet luxury items for a giftee's closet can quickly turn into a minefield of potential missteps. That's why we're here to help you think outside the box and find the best quiet luxury gifts for Christmas 2023. With an eye toward enduring classics, quality materials, and positive customer feedback, we've identified a list of presents to delight any recipient. With the right perspective — and the right recommendations — you can stuff your loved ones' stockings with versatile, high-quality presents that everyone is sure to adore.

Best quiet luxury perfume: English Pear & Freesia Cologne by Jo Malone London

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent fragrances on the market. So when it came time to narrow down the field, we turned to the queen of quiet luxury — Sofia Richie Grainge. Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, Richie Grainge recently revealed her two go-to perfumes, both from Jo Malone: English Pear & Sweet Pea and English Pear & Freesia. But with its fresh, juicy scent, the latter has proven vastly more popular with the Saks Fifth Avenue crowd. Flaunting over 2,300 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, English Pear & Freesia displays its widespread appeal, making it a promising gift for fragrance enthusiasts.


Purchase the English Pear & Freesia Cologne at Jo Malone London for $80.

Best quiet luxury candle: The Holiday Candle Collection by Nest New York

Does anything add gentle luxury to a space better than a good scented candle? It's a present that's always in vogue. And this year, Nest's Holiday Collection is a don't-miss gifting opportunity, enchanting recipients with a fragrance of cinnamon, pine, pomegranate, cloves, and mandarin orange. With rave reviews from more than 600 Bloomingdale's customers, this candle selection promises to deliver a seasonal favorite. Choose your style by burn time or price point, as Nest offers its holiday candle in five sizes: votive, classic, 3-wick, luxury, or grand.


Purchase the Nest New York Holiday Candle Collection at Bloomingdale's starting at $20.

Best quiet luxury hand soap: Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash by Aēsop

There's something rapturous about finding a tiny moment of luxury every time you wash your hands, turning a mundane bit of hygiene into a self-care experience. And with a 4.7-star rating from nearly 950 reviews at Nordstrom, we can safely say that Aēsop has captured this vibe with its Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash. Featuring a captivating scent of cedar, mandarin, and rosemary, this soap is not only gentle and effective — it's also refillable. "Now I understand why people rave about this," writes one reviewer. "I really couldn't understand how people could get so excited about a soap, but here I am. I love this. It's creamy, smells wonderful, and you don't need very much. ... If you're on the fence, I'd go for it."


Purchase the Aēsop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash at Nordstrom for $41.

Best quiet luxury nail polish: You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI

For an affordable take on quiet luxury, nail polish is an inexpensive but impactful beauty staple. And when it comes to fabulous OPI polishes, you're spoiled for choice. You can go the chic neutrals route with the ever-popular, pale pink shade "Bubble Bath" or channel the spirit of an LBD with the flawless onyx hue of "Lincoln Park After Dark." But for something that marries quiet luxury with an elegant personality, we love the mysterious, moody aesthetic of "You Don't Know Jacques!" This dark taupe presents a hypnotic color somewhere between plum and cocoa, which plays well with many ensembles and even earns it a spot as one of the most popular OPI nail polishes.


Purchase OPI "You Don't Know Jacques!" Infinite Shine Long-Wear Nail Polish at Ulta for $13.99.

Best quiet luxury scarf: Lona Scott Cashmere Scarf

In many climates, a cozy scarf is always welcome during the holiday season. It's a thoughtful, timely, one-size-fits-all gift — so why not make it quiet luxury? This cloud-soft 100% cashmere scarf from Lona Scott marries simple sophistication with high quality, earning it a 4.5-star rating from more than 760 Amazon reviews. Plus, it's available in not one, not two, but 23 different colors and plaids, ensuring that there's a style to suit your giftee. So if you need a quiet luxury gift for a fashionable loved one, this is a piece that will surely get plenty of use.


Purchase the Lona Scott 100% Cashmere Scarf at Amazon for $65.

Best quiet luxury sleepwear: Cashmere Blend Long Robe by Arlotta

If you're aiming for quiet luxury, this cashmere robe from Arlotta ticks all the boxes: premium materials, a minimalist design, and exclusivity. Available only at Bloomingdale's, the Cashmere Blend Long Robe would make a special and indulgent holiday gift. As one happy reviewer writes, "This is a beautiful robe made of the best quality cashmere. It's not heavy, nor is it too light: just the right amount of coziness and warmth. It drapes beautifully." Better yet, this sumptuous robe comes in three colors — blush, black, and pewter — so you can match the hue to the preferences of your giftee. Just note: This cashmere treasure is dry-clean only.


Purchase the Arlotta Cashmere Blend Long Robe at Bloomingdale's for $325.

Best quiet luxury handbag: Cabata Calfskin Leather Tote by Christian Louboutin

It can be tough to pick the right handbag for another person. Bag aficionados have opinions on everything from the size and strap style to the number of pockets. But if you have a bonafide purse lover in your circle, we'd be remiss to skip the potential of a quiet luxury handbag. Enter the Cabata Calfskin Leather Tote by Christian Louboutin. This purse hits some of the most important quiet luxury handbag trends — namely, classy hardware, simple accents, and a sleek silhouette — making it a fantastic gifting choice. And who can resist that iconic pop of Louboutin red in the design? It's no wonder that this tote boasts a 4.8-star rating from over 130 reviews at Nordstrom.


Purchase the Christian Louboutin Cabata Calfskin Leather Tote at Nordstrom for $1,490.

Best quiet luxury throw: Velvet Napper Knit Weighted Blanket by Bearaby

For a gift that stands at the intersection of beauty, sophistication, and utility, you can't go wrong with the quiet luxury vibes of this weighted throw blanket from Bearaby. Its super-chunky knit and velvety finish are not just ideal for snuggling but add a touch of elegance to your decor. Ready to match any room, this comforting throw is available in jade, sapphire, rose, tourmaline, and silver. The blanket also comes in three weights: 15 pounds, 20 pounds, and 25 pounds. With so many options, it comes as no surprise that Bearaby's weighted blanket is a verified crowd-pleaser, with over 330 Saks Fifth Avenue reviewers granting it a 4.8-star average.


Purchase the Bearaby Velvet Napper Knit Weighted Blanket at Saks Fifth Avenue from $249.

How we selected products

Quiet luxury is all about enduring staples that never go out of style, whether in your closet or your home at large. So we began our search for the best quiet luxury gifts with one question in mind: What are some chic yet widely applicable lifestyle staples that almost any giftee would appreciate?


Once these categories took shape, we dove deep into ratings, product descriptions, customer reviews, and the most-loved items touted by other industry experts. Balancing quality and popularity against price point, we worked to find options to fit every gifting need and budget. After all, everyone deserves a little luxury.

As for the results? Our investigation yielded these stand-out winners for each category on our list, providing plenty of inspo to choose from — whether you're hoping to please a fashionista, a beauty lover, or a domestic guru. So, if you don't know where to begin your holiday shopping list, take a cue from these must-have quiet luxury gifts to spoil the loved ones in your life.