The Most Popular OPI Nail Polish Colors Are More Than Just Neutrals

Few nail polish brands have more die-hard fans and name recognition than OPI. When it was founded in the mid-1980s by Suzi Weiss-Fischmann and her brother-in-law, the LA-based company was a breath of fresh air in a traditionally generic and stuffy nail industry. "In the 80's, people had no idea how empowering nail color could be because the industry never told them," Weiss-Fischmann explains on the OPI website. "OPI set out to permanently change the message of nails and give everyone a vast array of colors worthy of their strength and potential."

With its clever names, rich, long-lasting formulas, and beautifully pigmented hues, OPI has amassed collection after collection of must-try polishes. Although many of its bestsellers are nudes and neutrals, the fact remains that OPI's colorful options are just as revered. Fans of the brand adore its vibrant reds, moody blues, and electric pastels just as much. So, what are OPI's bestselling and most coveted shades? 

Bubble Bath

Okay, yes, Bubble Bath is technically a neutral color. However, OPI's signature semi-transparent pale pink polish is a beloved trademark of the brand and a persistent fan favorite. With its beautiful blush shade and light, airy finish, Bubble Bath is timeless and chic, suitable for everything from elegant weddings to beach vacations. It is also extremely versatile. "It's the prettiest nude I think I have come across," OPI Global Brand Ambassador Iram Shelton shared with Marie Claire. "I love wearing it on its own for a natural, clean look, but I also love using it as a base for my French manicures and minimal nail designs."

Lincoln Park After Dark

So purple it's practically black, OPI's shadowy aubergine polish is equal parts vampy and sophisticated. In low light, the rich, glossy color appears black, while lighter environments bring out its deep purple hues. It's the kind of color that works equally well for raucous girls' trips or a flirty first date frolicking through a pumpkin patch but is also versatile enough to tie together a serious office look. 

Taupe-less Beach

OPI's Taupe-less Beach is a lovely warm gray color that hits the spot when you're not sure if you want to paint your nails with something neutral or vibrant to usher in the fall and winter seasons. It is dainty and elegant without losing its fashion-forward bite, meaning you can choose to make a statement with it or let it ease your overall aesthetic into something more chill and relaxed. "Gray nails are making a mark because they're a contemporary color but also cozy, soothing, and serene," celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders told POPSUGAR.

I'm Not Really a Waitress

Odds are when you think about iconic OPI colors, this beloved, award-winning red comes to mind. A rich, dark red polish with a gorgeous shimmer, it has been a staple of the OPI bestsellers since its introduction in the nineties. "In Los Angeles, 'I'm not really a waitress – I'm an actress (or singer/model/artist)!' is a well-known mantra," founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann explained in a 2021 interview with beauty editor Dave Lackie. "The name exemplifies that we're more than just our job. It speaks to anyone laboring for a dream, offering a reminder that our goals are worth pursuing."

You Don't Know Jacques

If you're in the mood for a gorgeous blend of warm, reddish browns and lilac purple on your nails, look no further than OPI's beloved dark taupe shade You Don't Know Jacques. This warm, moody crème color is a whole vibe you simply must try, even if you aren't a big fan of taupe. It's a color just begging to be paired with a cozy flannel on a rainy fall day while Taylor Swift's "Evermore" plays softly in the background.

Strawberry Margarita

Everything about this vivid, jolly rancher-pink polish makes you want to hop on the next flight to anywhere that has a beach, bottomless margaritas, and zero cell reception. It is bright and bold, flirty and fun, with a beautiful depth and lasting shine you'll catch yourself admiring for days. As one of OPI's most iconic pink shades, Strawberry Margarita is a fan favorite for summertime, but it's also a great color to try if you're interested in getting in on the Barbiecore fashion trend.

Got The Blues for Red

Everyone needs a good wine-red color in their nail polish collection for those days you're feeling bold or daring, and OPI's signature blue-red shade is the perfect choice. Got The Blues for Red is a mix of a classic dark burgundy and hints of blue for a high-gloss polish with outstanding depth that's perfect for keeping the black cherry nails trend alive.

Suzi - The First Lady of Nails

This rich, olive-green nail color is an award-winning shade for OPI. Created in collaboration with actress Kerry Washington as part of the fall 2016 Washington D.C. collection, this polish demonstrates a woman's right to be as confident and powerful as she is beautiful. It is a color that demands respect no matter where it is worn. Despite its age, it also fits right in with fall 2023's moss green color trend, proving yet again that the minds behind OPI's iconic colors always know what they're doing. 

Crawfishin' For a Compliment

Bring a spot of perpetual summer sunshine into your life with this gorgeously soft orange OPI polish. In addition to being sweet and a little bit sassy, this shade brings to mind freshly picked peaches at a farmer's market stall being warmed by a late-July sun. Although it was released in spring 2016 as part of the New Orleans collection, its creamy orange and vanilla coloring is a perfect choice for anyone looking to try out the dreamy orange creamsicle nail trend. 

Withstands The Tests of Thyme

If you're looking for a bright, springtime color somewhere between forest green and aquamarine, this vibrant, minty sea foam crème shade is your perfect match. Although it is a lighter color, the rich formula is heavily pigmented and provides a shiny, even coat every time.

You're Such a Budapest

This periwinkle blue may be 10 years old, but it remains one of OPI's most iconic nail polishes in its over 40 years of existence. An intriguing mixture of lavender hues and soft, periwinkle blue, this shade teeters between a delicate springtime pastel and a must-wear summertime staple. If you're single, be careful how you wear it, however. In a growing trend on TikTok, Gen Z women in particular have been using light blue nails as a code to signal they are in a committed relationship or to announce a brand new partner.


It doesn't get more classic or iconic than the traditional OPI Red, a crimson shade with a delightfully subtle sparkle. If you subscribe to the "red nail theory" popular on TikTok, you might want to consider this shade to manifest romantic relationships or attract more attention from the opposite sex. "Red is associated with strong emotions, strength, power, courage, and danger," color psychologist Caroline Shaw told Real Simple. "Red nails are a clear signal a woman is ready to attract a partner." While this bold color may or may not help you meet the love of your life, it will surely inspire confidence while you wear it.

Worth a Pretty Penne

As the weather grows colder and the leaves begin to relinquish their hold on their branches, you may have the urge to look for the perfect transition shade to effortlessly shift your look from summer to fall. Although its name may make you long for a bowl full of homemade pasta, the popularity of OPI's creamy, rose gold, and copper polish with its delicate shimmer has remained popular for almost a decade. 

Aphrodite's Pink Nightie

Feeling romantic? Painting your nails with one of OPI's best-selling pink shades, named after the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and romance, is the way to go. Unlike loud or bright shades like hot pink or magenta, which can be overstimulating to the senses, Aphrodite's Pink Nightie is a warm and rosy pale pink softened by a lovely swirl of shimmer.

Black Onyx

Like its Bubble Bath counterpart, Black Onyx is technically a neutral color. However, OPI's best-selling black polish is significantly edgier than its lines of pinks and beiges. It's the perfect shade whether you're feeling a little rebellious or want to add a touch of chicness to your ensemble. "When you want to evoke power, black fits the bill — especially with a high-gloss finish," manicurist and brand owner Jin Soon Choi shared in an interview with POPSUGAR. "It's very hip and high fashion, so it works in any context in which you feel bold, confident, and in control."

Cajun Shrimp

For nails that crackle like a freshly lit sparkler, look no further than this fiery, coral-colored shade. A signature shade for the brand for over 30 years, Cajun Shrimp was inspired by OPI co-founder Suzi's favorite New Orleans meal. It is a rich and spicy color with a beautiful crème finish that provides plenty of coverage that coats the nails evenly. 

Yoga-Ta Get This Blue

The incredible sparkle present in this deep, dark polish elevates the classic and reserved navy blue and provides a mesmerizing depth. While dark blue nails traditionally indicated a sense of honor, intelligence, or authority, it is also a calming, meditative color perfect for any aspiring yogi. You can also use this glittery shade to tie together classy and sophisticated looks. Thankfully, this brilliant blue has been a bestseller for OPI since 2008, so you have plenty of time to experiment with it.

Mod About You

Light pink with a touch of lilac, this sweet pastel polish was a fan favorite when it was first released in the summer of 2006, so much so that it has been given a home on the OPI Classics list. It is bright and cheerful without being overpowering and has an opaque quality that provides quick and easy coverage. It is also surprisingly easy to work with despite its light color. While this shade looks lovely in the throes of springtime, it is one of those pinks that look good no matter the occasion or how you style it.


OPI's popular shade Passion proves that "pale pink" encompasses a really broad range of colors, each with its own distinct look. Passion is a warm and rosy shade of pink that leans towards the neutral camp without truly committing to the label. Depending on the number of coats you prefer, this shade can be worn light and translucent or made more opaque for a peachy pink tone that suits darker skin tones beautifully. It also pairs well with other neutral OPI shades.

My Private Jet

This shimmering holographic polish was re-released in 2018 to the delight of OPI Infinite Shine fans. It has a unique depth of colors making up its base, including black, charcoal gray, and chocolate brown. But what truly sets it apart from other sparkly nail colors is its gorgeous copper shimmer. It is a beautiful shade for fall and winter. 

My Address is Hollywood

Pink is everywhere this year. "Color theory suggests that pink is a nurturing, playful, and nostalgic color that brings people back to their childhoods," celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna told Real Simple. "Given the popularity of 'Barbie' and the nostalgia that comes with it, it's no surprise that pink is the color of the summer." However, not everyone is on board with the feminine shade. That's where OPI's classic My Address is Hollywood comes in handy. It is a perfect balance between a warm coral red and bubblegum pink, hitting the sweet spot for every person who wants to dip their toes into the pink trend without going full Barbie. 

Dutch Tulips

Classic red fingernails have been a staple of female beauty and fashion for thousands of years. There are records of ancient Chinese and Egyptian royalty adorning their fingers with the fiery shade to symbolize rank and power. Dutch Tulips carries on that powerful and confident tradition with its bright cherry red polish that has been a staple of the OPI Classics Collection. It has a gorgeous consistency that makes it easy to apply. 

Pompeii Purple

Metallics are trending in the 2023 fashion world, but that doesn't mean you have to opt for traditional gold and silver shades to get a bit of shine in your life. OPI's hot pink polish has purple undertones and a glorious pearly finish for the coveted metallic sheen.

Alpine Snow

A lovely white that brings to mind the brilliance of freshly fallen snow, Alpine Snow is one of OPI's original 30 shades. And it remains a popular choice today. It is perfect for a chic, all-white look for summer or a French manicure (which is totally back, by the way). "French is the look we're seeing on all shapes of nails today, whether it's squared, almond, or coffin," nail artist Syreeta Aaron shared with Women's Health.