Nail Polish Shades That Are Perfect For Minimalists, According To Amazon Reviews

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If you've moved on from mastering minimalist dressing to striving to achieve a minimalistic beauty routine, your nails may have you feeling a little perplexed. Minimalism is all about simplicity, but that doesn't mean you can't explore new colors. While nudes are typical go-to shades for a minimalist nail look — just as short nails are — that doesn't mean you can't try something different. The idea is to look for shades that are calm and cozy with a natural feel to them. Think light florals, white snow, or even black for minimalists who like the darker side of things. As nail technician Metta Francis told Bazaar, "A clean, natural nail compliments everything; it's a classic look that won't look out of place at work or for a special occasion." In other words, minimalism doesn't have to be dull.


To save you time, we went on a mission to find the best nail polishes that can help assure you that you're not going too over-the-top while still looking stylish. For this task, we searched high and low on Amazon for the minimalist polishes people really enjoy and took their reviews into high consideration, culminating in our master list of the perfect minimalist polishes from the retail giant.

Eternal Candy Pastel Collection

Here is one of those cases when minimalism doesn't mean only wearing nude nail polishes. The Eternal Candy Pastels Collection offers a variety of pretty pastels that are wonderful for any time of year, not just spring. The colors in this collection include light pink, orange, green, blue, and more. Moreover, they look like the muted shades of the neon colors that were uber-popular in the '80s, which is exactly what we love about them. With five different colors, this collection gives you a little bit of everything, so you have a color for nearly any mood. They're all perfect for when you want just a touch of color. 


Amazon shoppers give this collection an overall 4.3 stars. "I recently purchased a Pastel Nail Polish Set for Women, and I have been extremely happy with my purchase," one pleased reviewer wrote. "The set includes a variety of beautiful pastel shades that are perfect for any occasion. The colors are vibrant, and the polish goes on smoothly and evenly." 

Eternal Dark Nudes

Whether you have a dark complexion and want a nail color that more closely matches your skin color or you simply enjoy darker nudes, Eternal has a collection with four beautiful nude shades that lean toward the deeper side of things. What's more, this is another popular choice from Eternal, meaning you can grab this set of luxurious nude shades and a pastel set from the same nail brand at the same time. It's important to know that not all nudes are created equally, and these dark shades are rich and divine. You get four colors, ranging from a dark tan to a chocolaty brown, with the brown shades having a warm, inviting look to them — think hot cocoa and freshly baked brownies.


This collection also has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, with one reviewer writing, "These colors are so natural, even as dark neutrals! I was skeptical about using a brown color, but it compliments my skin tone and style so well. The paint doesn't chip easily, but I'd still invest in a top coat, just so it can last as long as possible."   


Pink doesn't have to be a flashy nail color — in fact, pink can count as a nude shade, too, with plenty of pink shades offering a more minimalist and natural look. MEMEDA's Neutral Nude (or the shade "Nude 3" when making your choice on Amazon) is a transparent pink hue that leaves your nails looking clean and dainty. MEMEDA may not be one of the first brands many think of when looking for nail polish — hey, Orly and Essie! — but countless Amazon reviewers give this brand a thumbs up.


This particular shade has 4.3 stars, with one reviewer writing, "I have tried many brands of gel polish, and this is my favorite! It goes on smoothly, self-levels beautifully, and cures hard and fast. Very strong and long-lasting." They went on to add that this polish always stands the test of time for them despite being "VERY tough on [their] nails." Meanwhile, another said, "I'm really impressed with the buildable color & durability of this gel," noting that they did two coats of the polish and saw great results.

Mishco A Beautiful Life

White is another unique color to dive into for minimalistic nails. It looks fresh and clean, and it works wonderfully when you want to look polished and put together while still rocking a fun vibe. Plus, Mischo's bottles are cool to look at, so it's a win-win. The name Milky White is accurate for this rich white polish. A couple of things that stand out about this brand, and make it worth the higher cost, are that it is vegan and is free from many harmful additives.


This polish has 4.3 stars on Amazon, with one reviewer writing, "I've been a nail color lover for years of the 40 that I've actually been painting my nails....and I can say this product is my favorite EVER! Most important to me now that didn't matter for years; is my concern for the chemicals that make up the many brands I have used in the past." Reviewers also note the product's resilience, saying that this polish doesn't require daily maintenance like some others on the market.

Orly Kiss Me I'm Kind

Orly is one of the brands you likely notice first when you're checking out nail polishes at the store. They're up there with Essie and Sally Hansen when it comes to well-known names. One of the things that makes this particular bottle of polish different is that it is breathable. Instead of keeping air from your nails, it allows your nails to breathe and heal, which is important for people who have damaged nails. Kiss Me I'm Kind is a nice nude color with a hint of pink.


This polish has 4.3 stars on Amazon. While one reviewer said, "Nothing wrong with the actual polish, however from the name and picture I was expecting a nude/beige tone. It looks very pale pink in the bottle, but on the nail after two coats is almost transparent with a slight opaque hue," another shared, "I bought this product on the recommendation of my daughter. I love that it is breathable and it is only a one step manicure. Previously, I had damaged my nails from the glue and artificial acrylic nails, so I am using this to heal my nails. The color is Kiss Me, I'm Kind is a very soft pink and extremely classy."

Rosalind Black Nude Set

If you're looking for a collection of nudes that offers something different, the Black Nude Set from Rosalind is an excellent choice. It includes three nude shades, two white hues, and black, which you can use for minimalistic nail designs or wear them as they are. In this case, your options are literally endless. Our personal suggestion? Use a different color on each nail for a unique look that is still subdued.


"I purchased the Rosalind Gel Nail Polish Set, and it has become a staple for our at-home nail sessions," one reviewer wrote of the set, which has 4.3 stars on the marketplace's site. "Although the bottles are smaller compared to salon sizes, the colors are vibrant and eye-catching. Achieving a salon-quality look typically requires 2-3 coats, but the end result is worth it." Another reviewer wrote, "These colors are always in style. Two coats and tada love these colors." Reviewers specifically note that they'll be rebuying this set, and we see why.

Lakur Pearl

Minimalism doesn't mean you can't have shiny nails. If you want a sparkly polish that's subtle and minimalistic while still providing plenty to love, Lakur's Pearl is a great choice. It's a nice light nude shade with some glittery shine, helping your mani stand out in all the right ways. According to its product description, this polish is breathable and vegan to boot.


Even though Pearl only has 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, 67% of reviewers gave it 5 stars. One such reviewer wrote in their review, "Forget Hailey Bieber salon nails! save yourself some money and throw a coat of this on while you watch TV at home. simple, neutral, shiny and cute!," while another wrote, "Shiny, subtle, dries quickly, and stays on for ages! The only downside is that it smudges easily when it's drying, so you have to leave it alone for a while even after it looks and feels dry or else you'll end up applying layer after layer on top to fix it." There's something here for everyone, even if you only use it as a topper over other colors for a little extra razzle-dazzle.

Karma Hues Champagne Toast

Another glitzy polish that still fits the minimalistic look, Karma Hues Champagne Toast is an organic nail polish free of harmful chemicals. What's more, this brand's polishes are vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Champagne Toast is a nice, light tan shade much like the color of the bubbly spirit it's named after. Even the glittery aspect of it makes us think of a nice glass of champagne. We probably don't need to say it, but this nail color would be perfect to wear to a mimosa brunch.


With 4.5 stars on Amazon, we recommend this polish if you're likely for a little more glamour while staying minimalistic. Speaking to the polish's merits, one first-time user wrote in their reviewer, "I was looking for a less toxic nail polish (I could not find it on [Environmental Working Group], though) and tried this one on a whim. The color is really nice — not too flashy but also fun and it stays on longer than other nail polishes." Another reviewer added, "I was looking for nail polish to replace one from 'Pure' which i can no longer order. I was quite pleased with the colour and staying power of this polish and would buy again."  

OPI Pale To The Chief

OPI is known for being a nail polish brand whose products glide on easily, and this is precisely why many people are willing to pay a little bit more for it than some of the cheaper nail polish brands available online. For our pick for the best OPI polish for minimalists, we selected Pale To The Chief not only because it has good reviews on Amazon — coming in at 4.6 stars — but also because we love its fun name and the simple beauty of this pale shade. 


We're not the only ones who like the look of this polish, either, with users raving about it in their Amazon reviews. "This has become my go to color. I don't have to redo my nails as often with a quiet color," one reviewer wrote, while another specified, "Really nice neutral color. This is a nice quality nail polish–takes a little longer to dry than some cheaper brands, but I suspect whatever makes a nail polish quick drying is also not so good for nail health. Worth the extra $, no doubt."

Essie Sugar Daddy

If you're still having a moment with the Barbiecore trend, may we suggest you try Essie's Sugar Daddy? This pale pink is perfectly posh, and you'll feel pretty in pink when you put it on — but without looking like you've fallen into the Barbie bin at the toy store. Amazon buyers love it, too, as evidenced by its 4.6 stars.


Sugar Daddy is one of those iconic polishes you're likely to encounter when you get your nails done professionally, especially if you ask for a light pink shade, just like what happened to one Amazon buyer: "I fell in love with this polish at my local salon. My manicurist knows I like sheer, delicate colours on my hand nails & this one is perfect! Gives just a little something to accentuate, but is also quite forgiving if it gets chipped." 

This polish is easy to work with, too. "I've always used OPI Bubble Bath and always wished it was more pink. Sugar Daddy is just what I was looking for. This polish goes on like a dream, dries quickly and is the perfect color. I find it to be long-lasting without chipping," another reviewer wrote.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Only Have Ice For You

Sally Hansen has been around for more than 50 years, so we'd like to think this staple beauty brand knows a little something about nail polish. This is exactly why we have a couple of its polishes on this list. First up is none other than Only Have Ice for You (a hilarious pun if you ask us). For the best manicure, there are a few specific steps outlined on the bottle that you'll want to take to ensure a smooth, long-lasting finish. As detailed on Amazon's product page, two coats must first be swiped on your nails, and then apply a top coat. Voila!


As one buyer said in their review, "I love how easy this was to use. Just make sure you get both Step 1 and Step 2 – you need the second to 'set' this color/gel." With 4.6 stars on Amazon, we're sure that Only Have Ice For You is a great choice for any minimalist nail look. What's more, some users love Sally Hansen so much that they collect all the colors, with one reviewer writing, "I love Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. Having over ninety bottles, this one will lovely in my collection. The color is smooth and durable. Use a Sally Hansen topcoat and you will be good to go." 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Stay Toasty

Another shade from Sally Hansen we particularly like is Stay Toasty. This polish's name and color make one think of cool nights around the campfire toasting marshmallows, while the idea behind the Cozy Chic Collection is more inspired by knitted sweaters, hot cups of coffee with creamer, and other cozy and warm things like fleece blankets and sherpa lined socks. This collection offers eight cream shades, but we particularly love the simplicity of this one, which is less tan and a little rosier than Only Have Ice for You. 


You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by this shade, much like one reviewer who said, "I didn't really have high hopes for this shade when I bought it. I was just looking for a quick, easy neutral. The color is actually BEAUTIFUL. And it looks amazing." She also noted that this is a "REALLY Pretty Color." Like Only Have Ice for You, Stay Toasty is part of a new collection, so it doesn't have hundreds of reviews yet, but it does boast a 5-star rating so far. 

OPI Bubble Bath

If you're ready to know what the best-selling OPI neutral nail polish is, your minimalist heart is going to love this one. The polish's name, Bubble Bath, evokes self-care and relaxation. In fact, this shade is so charming and beloved that it's listed as Amazon's Choice. The heavy pigments OPI uses in its polishes make colors look striking and thick, so you can ensure that even the most minimalist look will still get noticed. (And what fun is doing your nails if no one else is going to pay attention to them?)


Bubble Bath has 4.6 stars on Amazon, with one reviewer saying, "Love this color, once it's on it really is beautiful. The range of colors available is great. It's a great quality product, applies really well and lasts a fairly long time. I thought the price was great, love the pink feminine shades." Another reviewer, an OPI devotee who'd never tried this shade, wrote after trying Bubble Bath, "The color by itself is the perfect taupe-y nude and I'm a big fan!"

How we selected the nail polishes

When picking a nail polish shade for minimalistic perfection, look for understated colors that aren't too showy or flashy but still look nice — there's always room to stand out without the color being obnoxious. Skip the bright colors, like neons and reds, that overpower your hands, and look for lighter shades. This is exactly how we started our search. Nudes are an easy go-to — and we found plenty of them — but there are more options out there than that basic group of shades, and that's what we wanted to find. We scoured Amazon for the best-reviewed polishes, from nudes to pastels, to come up with this collection of nail polishes worth adding to your manicure routine.


Not only did we search for the "best minimalist nail polishes" but we also looked at what people had to say about them before we made our final choices. We wanted to pick polishes with more than 4 stars to ensure we had ones people loved using, both classic and new options alike. We were also sure to include some vegan options, as well as cruelty-free and chemical-free choices for those who prefer purchasing from clean beauty brands.