Use This Clever TikTok Hack To Erase Visible Peach Fuzz On Your Face

Shaving your facial peach fuzz has become a common skincare habit. According to Google Trends, online interest in the term "dermaplaning" (a procedure that removes superficial layers of skin, conveniently taking unwanted hair along with them) has shot up since 2015, peaking in 2021 and remaining a hot topic ever since.


While removing that peach fuzz on your face is more mainstream than ever, not all of us are ready to commit to face shaving. Still, those baby hairs on your cheeks can get in the way when applying foundation and other cosmetics, causing makeup to look textured and cakey.

Thankfully, TikTok has a solution, courtesy of makeup artist and content creator Taylor Kratzer. In a viral clip, she shares how to make peach fuzz disappear without having to go the dermaplaning route. All you'll need is a setting spray and a makeup sponge to get those hairs under control.

How the TikTok hack works

Taylor Kratzer's TikTok video has racked up over 18,000 likes to date, and given how simple and effective the tip is, it's easy to see why. The content creator first says to apply your makeup as you usually do, followed by a few spritzes of a setting spray (if you're not already using setting spray to lock in your look, now's a good time to start). Then, if you scan your cheeks, your upper lip, and around your hairline, you'll likely notice the spray clinging to your baby hairs, accentuating the peach fuzz rather than concealing it.


Now for the genius hair-erasing hack: Kratzer says to take your powder puff or makeup sponge and dab — not rub — at the fuzzy bits on your face. This pats the setting spray into the skin, creating a smoother finish while pressing the pesky hairs down so they stay flat. As the TikToker explains, this minimizes the appearance of your facial fuzz and makes your setting spray work even harder to keep your products in place throughout the day.

Other ways to hide peach fuzz on your face

The sponge hack spotted on TikTok only works on days when you're using a setting spray. For lighter makeup days when you don't feel like spritzing on additional product, borrow the throwback tips legendary makeup pro Bobbi Brown offered to Prevention back in 2011 (spoiler: they still hold up today). First, the MUA suggested using moisturizing creams and liquids rather than powder or matte formulas when choosing foundation and blush. Then, when applying your products, work in the direction your hair grows. If your peach fuzz grows downward on your cheeks, for instance, use the same downward motion with your foundation to prevent the little hairs from sticking out.


It's also important to get your makeup tools right when concealing unwanted fuzz. Maybelline New York global makeup artist Erin Parsons told, "A silicone sponge is handy in pushing hair down whereas a brush tends to fluff it up." Even without setting spray, try taking your sponge and pressing the prickly hairs down, similar to TikToker Taylor Kratzer's viral method.

At the end of the day, remember that a little bit of facial hair is totally harmless and natural. Shave it, conceal it, keep it — your face is beautiful all the same.