It's Cold Girl Makeup Season Again - Here's How To Get The Look

'Tis the season of frosty noses, purple lips, and blushy cheeks, and we're not mad about it. Cold girl makeup simply goes so well with our winter closets — hello, chunky cable knits and leg warmers — that we don't have it in us to complain.


The comeback of cold girl season (otherwise known as winter) means the return of cold girl makeup, which is one of our all-time favorite beauty trends to experiment with because most of it only involves enhancing what the weather already brings out in your complexion. Simply put, all you're trying to do with cold girl makeup is emphasize what the winter does its best to bring out in your natural beauty. Going heavy on the blush, not holding back on the highlighter, and adding a purple hue to your lips, for instance, will have you looking like a snow angel in the best way possible. Still, there are many ways to wear it, so here are five ways to wear this seasonal trend for that blushy, cold (and cool) girl look.


The Hailey Bieber effect

If we're talking trendsetters, we're talking Hailey Bieber, and we've learned to trust her beauty judgment implicitly because of how often trends take off because of her. So, when we saw the return of the ultra-blushy look on her socials (replacing this fall's latte makeup trend), we got excited.


If you're trying to get Hailey's chilly girl look, all you need is a pinky-red blush, a sheer lipstick or lip stain to match, and a minimal eye look — a delicate cat eye is optional but encouraged. Oh, and don't forget your oversized sweatshirt.

Chilly cheeks

The most necessary element for a cold girl makeup look is heavy blush application. Think of those sneaky sunburns you get in the winter or how pink the apples of your cheeks appear on a winter evening walk. That's exactly what you want to recreate.


Keep the rest of your makeup simple if you want your chilly girl cheeks to shine. Opt for a "no-makeup" look and take one shade of blush to cover all your bases — cheeks, lips, and lids. This should leave you looking like you could use a cup of cocoa to warm yourself — stat.

Winter lips

To take your cold girl makeup look to the next level, get your lips looking the part. Your lips can become drained of color in the winter, "Corpse Bride" style. This can be cute if you make it seem purposeful.


Take a shade of purple or brown lipstick (bonus points if the shade is similar to what your lips look like on a cold night), and blur the edges of the lips for a messy effect. And don't forget to add a healthy dose of blush to bring life back into your look.

Glacier gloss

No one said you can't have a good gloss moment during the winter. In fact, we encourage it, especially if you want to accentuate and enhance the pretty pink shades of cold girl makeup.

As usual, take your chilliest shade of blush and create a cohesive makeup look by using it everywhere from the lips to the cheeks and nose — and even the eyelids for a minimal shadow moment. Then, gloss it up. A glossy pout will elevate the look just right, but feel free to also gloss your lids for a night out.


Glitter snow

When you think of winter, you likely think of snow — bright, white, sparkly snow, as it's often represented in movies. It's often sparkly enough in the sunshine that you could confuse it for glitter, which is perfect for the cold girl makeup look.


Follow all the necessary steps for a properly chilly girl makeup look — purple-pink (or pinky brown) lips, blush all over, and even some gloss — and enhance it all by adding glitter to your heart's desire. This versatile element can serve as eyeshadow, blush topper, and highlighter to make your look even easier.