Astrologer Susan Miller's Stellar Forecast For Love, Style, And More In 2024 - Exclusive Interview

For astrology fans, few voices are as trusted as Susan Miller's. Accredited by the International Society for Astrological Research, the star-charting expert has managed her popular website, Astrology Zone, for nearly three decades, providing invaluable planetary insight for millions of visitors. According to Miller, there's more to the art of astrology than a simple horoscope rundown may reveal. "A child will never be reproduced in time, space, or geography. There will never be another you, ever," Miller exclusively tells Glam. "That's why you have to express your own thoughts and not listen to other people, like a professor, your mate, or your parents. You have to sing your own song."


While we may not be able to change the course of forthcoming astrological events, it's always helpful to hear about them before they unfold. Previously, Glam heard from Susan Miller on key astrological events in 2023 — a year that many can attest was a bit of a rollercoaster ride, thanks to its eclipses, retrogrades, and more. In a recent exclusive interview with Astrology Zone's Susan Miller, Glam asked her what we may be able to expect in 2024. From trending colors to prospective lovers, the celebrated starwatcher was eager to fill us in on what the signs can look forward to in the year ahead.

Jupiter entering Gemini will shift our sense of style

We've seen a lot of fashion trends come and go in recent years. What styles of makeup or clothing do you think could be big in 2024?

Well, because Jupiter's going into Gemini, this is an interesting year. We have half the year in Taurus and half the year in Gemini. Gemini is known for accessories — they're very talented at making a classic outfit look fabulous by switching things up. This is a sign that gets bored easily, and they buy quality jewelry, scarves, bags, and shoes. I bet separates will start becoming big. We're seeing an awful lot of black right now. Have you noticed that?


Yes, I have.

We're going to get out of that, because Gemini is about beautiful yellows and green, like a light [green] — the color of the trees when they just come out. They're very light green ... Happy, sunny colors and pastels — we're going to move away from black, and I'll be very happy to [see] that.

Expect 'put-together, polished' pieces by way of Taurus

[Miller, continued]: Taurus is more about classic, well-cut neutrals. We're moving from that into a more playful, creative ... But not wild. Right now, the clothes are a little wild. Am I wrong about this?


You're right. There's a return.

I'm seeing how it's all over the place. It's very much influenced by streetwear. But it'll get a little more toned down. Right now, it's super creative and do-your-own-thing and "Be as idiosyncratic as you'd like to be," but we're moving toward a more polished, put-together look. With Taurus, it started this year: fine jewelry instead of costume, whereas Gemini likes costume jewelry, but beautiful costume jewelry. [For instance], Badgley Mischka — beautiful, pricey. But Taurus likes investment clothes and investment jewelry, so you have something for everybody: the whole spectrum, from conservative all the way down to more playful — young, but happy.

The minute we get to May 25 and Jupiter goes into Gemini for the first time in 12 years, it gets brighter and sunnier, and we're moving away from so many neutrals that we're seeing right now. That's what I'm thinking. Of course, Taurus does like necklaces and scarves. They like anything around the neck because [Taurus] rules the neck.


That makes sense.

Taurus tends to be in industries like banking, insurance, and real estate, so they have to look a little bit less creative. They have to look a little bit more solid, respectable, and trustworthy. They can wear wild clothes on weekends; they have those oversized jackets. But Taurus is more of a tailored look, and Gemini — it's funny. Gemini buys two of everything. It is true: [They'll say], "Oh, this one's so nice — what if I get a little spot on it? I better get another one."

I can understand that.

And they buy it. They say they're buying it for their lost twin. Cancer buys quality — they want a winter coat to last. "We shouldn't buy a new winter coat every year; pay a little more and have a beautiful one for five years." That's how Cancer thinks.

What the planets have in store for the signs' love lives

What signs stick out as having the most romantic opportunities in 2024?

Sagittarius had a good last year. Before May 10 and reaching back months — all the way through May 10, it was fantastic for their love life. They may say, "No, it wasn't. I didn't meet anybody." [I'd say,] "Well, did you leave the house?" You have to partner with the universe. You can't expect the person to knock on your door, and you have to vary your routine a little bit.


That's right.

The [sign] who has it the best [in 2024] — well, there are several besides Taurus and Gemini. You see, when you have Jupiter conjunct with the sun, it is the number one best aspect for making new friends. But among those new faces that are pouring into your life, there could be someone very special that you're going to want to know better. You may not even recognize that person first. [You might] say, "Oh, he's okay," or, "She's okay."

Yeah, we've all been there.

You've got to give a person a chance. We have to be more giving, generous, and kind. Some people are shy, and they don't show all their qualities right at once. If there's something there — if there's mutual interest — give that person a chance.


Capricorn hit the jackpot because they have Jupiter in the house of true love until May 25. But then Aquarius cuts in. Right now, Aquarius is busy feathering their nest, either buying a new house or moving into a beautiful new rental — [one that's] very spacious and sunny. They're obsessed [with their homes]. That ends in the spring, when all of your readers who are Aquarius will be able to invite love in. It's the best love in over a decade. Taurus has it now, too, right this minute. They have a very romantic chart. They may have a very romantic Christmas. I think they're going to Paris or something — something glamorous like that.

I like that.

But Capricorn is such a hard worker, so I'm happy they have this wonderful outlook for love, and then Aquarius gets it next. I've read — and this is a statistic, not astrology — that most couples get engaged on either Christmas or New Year's Eve because the family's around. But Mercury is in retrograde right now, so wait until New Year's Day and beyond. Valentine's Day is another very popular time, or the girl's birthday. Those are the best times to get engaged.

How to harness Capricorn's New Moon energy for the New Year

We're entering Capricorn season soon. What are some of the ways that the signs can work with that to start their new year off right?

When all the planets come into your sign, they're like loving little relatives who put their arms around you, and they want the best for you. When you have all those planets in your sign, people listen to you. People support you, even at work. You come up with an idea and you're used to them saying, "All right, well, we'll think about it," but when it's near your birthday, when you have Mercury near you, and a lot of the other planets, [it's different]. You have to wait for Mercury to go direct on January 1, but we still have three weeks, and they have Jupiter trine the sun — that's 120 degrees, the most heavenly aspect you can get. Think of the pyramids, the sides of a triangle, and that's considered divine harmony. [Capricorn] has it from Jupiter right now.


Is that just for Capricorn, or is that every sign that can use that birthday energy?

No, just Capricorn — well, Virgo has it, too. All the Earth signs are in good shape right now with Jupiter. Mars is in Sagittarius. When Mars leaves Sagittarius on January 4, they become the leader of the parade. When you have Mars in your sign and it goes on for six weeks, unless he's going back and forth retrograde ... Well, the end of this year is a mess, but I'll get to that in a minute.

We've heard that.

It really is. I'm talking about the end of 2024, not now. When Mars goes retrograde, we're all walking through glue, getting nowhere fast. Right now, Mars is healthy. He's moving nicely. Usually, it takes him two days to go one degree — that's considered a nice clip. He will be moving into Capricorn for six weeks, and then they have these sweet little planets around them. Even Pluto is still in Capricorn until the 20th [of December]. They have that; they have the sun; they have planets around them to support them. They should go for the gold. They should be spending the Christmas holidays thinking about what they'd like to achieve by this time next year.


Now, with the new moon — you always have to watch for new moons. There's a new moon in Capricorn, and it's their birthday new moon. That's the little cosmic gift that the universe gives you near your birthday. If you get a new moon in your birthday — or in your sign; it doesn't even have to be near your birthday — you have to pay attention.

So it's like a scratch-off ticket you won.

Usually, I'll tell you, "Oh, this new moon's good for finding a new job," or, "This one's for asking money, and this one's for moving." This one's for anything you want. That's incredible. When do I ever say that?

That's only when it's near your birthday?

You only get it once a year, and you get it for the weeks that follow that new moon, and it happens to be a friendly one.

2023 gave us a 'workout,' but 2024 offers some reprieve

Susan Miller [continued]: We've had a lot of unfriendly new moons lately. This past year was a workout, especially on certain days. Remember May 5? Remember the time in November? Last year, it was [November] 8. This year, I think it was [November] 10 or 11. These were difficult periods, where the moon was getting harmed by Uranus — really under siege.


But this is a nice one. See, I have a calendar that I print once a year. When you see you have a good new moon, you've got to work with it. These are as rare as diamonds, and you have to wait until they appear. You don't feel them before they appear. It's like walking through a threshold, a doorway. They're the strongest right after they appear, but they go for six months. Imagine a bell curve where they're going down, down, down. When do they reach the bottom? When it's a full moon in Capricorn, six months later.

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This interview has been edited for length and clarity.