The Beauty Trend To Try In 2024 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ready for a new year of new beauty trends? We scoured all the talk of trends for this year and handpicked those that stood out the most for each of the zodiac signs. But just what's on the table for 2024? Some '90s flashback trends are still emerging this year, but what stands out the most is the wide variety of colors — and combinations of colors — being used this year. Dopamine beauty continues to be all the rage but in some very drastic ways for some trends. So, if you're ready for sleek lines and colors that wow, you're in luck because this is undoubtedly the year for it.


But how did we pick which signs would mesh well with each trend? That was the easy part. We looked at the elements, power colors, ruling planets, and even basic traits of each sign to pair them with makeup artist commentary on the trends. For some signs, it was all about their element or modality. For instance, the signs that prefer comfort and luxury should opt for trends that offer more of that, while watery signs were paired with looks that felt suited to a day on the beach or an ocean cruise. So, are you ready to find out which beauty trend you should be diving into this year?

Aries leads with bold eyeliner

Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it's a bold sign that likes bold trends, which is why it's perfectly ready to take on the sharp eyeliner trend. As astrologer Cleo Neptune told USA Today, "They want to lead ... It's kind of like this raw childlike energy of 'let's do it.'" It's precisely this that made us look to the bold eyeliner trends of 2024 for this sign. 


On this, makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown told Allure, "Striking shapes, trendy reverse liner, and bold lines draw attention to the eyes." That means that everything from wings to cat eyes — and all eyeliner looks in between — will be trendy this year. Those precision eyeliners will come in handy, so start stocking up, Aries. Also, while black liner is classic, consider playing around with some unique eyeliner colors to add to the boldness of your look.

Now, we also want to mention that these bold eyes aren't the easiest to pull off. After all, Neptune added to USA Today, "I haven't met a patient Aries in my life." So, with that in mind, dear Aries, be sure to get ready to learn a little patience to get these looks just right. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to get the perfect cat eye and other bold eyeliner looks, so take your time to really ace it.


Leo longs for luxuriously shorter locks

For some, finding out someone is a Leo leads to anxiety. Why? Because they have a reputation for being a bit self-centered. The thing is, many Leos are kind folks who surpass many of the negative traits attributed to the sign. Moreover, Leo is ruled by the sun, and as astrologer Lisa Stardust told USA Today, "The archetype is a lion with their golden hair soaking up the sun with flowers all around them." The mane is what seems to stand out in this description of Leo, which is why we wanted to focus on this sign's lovely locks for the perfect 2024 beauty trend.


"A shorter cut with volumized layers will definitely make a scene in 2024," hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons told Fashionista. Now, we're not talking super-short pixie cuts. Think more on the lines of chin and shoulder-length looks, like Jennifer Aniston's look as Rachel Green on "Friends." The key element to know to attain this style is getting layers that will make your hair look voluminous and perfectly coifed. We love layers that frame the face as well, and they can give Leo a mane that can't be ignored.

Sagittarius adventures into ombré lips

Sagittarius is always up for a journey. In fact, celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly told USA Today of the sign, "Sagittarians see the world as really a place where there are no limits, no boundaries. Anything is possible." We think that the boundary-free lifestyle they lead opens them up to myriad beauty trends, but since we had to pick just one, we believe ombré lips are perfect for this sign.


As celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendaño told Refinery29 of the trend, "Use shades that flatter your skin tone — they don't have to be super bold, they can be more subtle, like in nude or soft brown shades. It just makes your lips look fuller and kissable." Of course, the subtle look is great when you're not looking to stand out, like at work, but when you're out on the town, having fun, or hanging with your friends, ombré lips allow you to play around with different colors and hues, meaning they can create all kinds of unique looks. So, when you're in the mood for bold looks, pick outrageous colors like blues, greens, oranges, and purples to try out the ombré trend. Or, for a romantic date night, reach for pinks and reds.


Cancer shines with the glossy skin trend

Ruled by the moon, Cancer is an enchanting and emphatic zodiac sign. Cancer is also a cardinal sign, so it can be seen as the leader of the water signs, which means they're not afraid to start something new. As astrologer Wade Caves told USA Today of the sign, "They tend to shine in scenarios where they can kick something off and then continue to inspire, but not necessarily have to be the one to sit with every last little detail of executing." Taking this into account, Cancer should focus on the glistening of water and the moon in 2024 via the glossy skin trend.


After all, the glistening wet look is still in vogue this year. On this, Sephora beauty director Melinda Solares told Fashionista, "Glossy skin [is] still trending hard ... metallics for the eyes have been popular in the second half of 2023 and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon." No zodiac sign shines brighter in metallics than one ruled by the moon. Even if metallics aren't your thing, anything glittery will do. If you don't want the wet look on your whole face, go for shiny eyes and sparkling wet lips. What's important is that you look freshly misted like the little watery crab you are.

Scorpio is comfortable in vampy looks

Scorpio easily goes from witchy to vampy in no time flat — but there's nothing flat about the vampy trend that's hot this year. Still, you can look at this trend in two ways: You can think about vampy as its dark and brooding vampire aspects, but vampy can also lean risqué. Think of the actors whom all the boys talked about because of their perfectly red lips and "don't care" attitudes. Here's looking at you, Marilyn Monroe. For Scorpio, it's that dark side that makes this look ideal in 2024. As astrologer Narayana Montúfar told USA Today of the sign, "Sometimes if they're in their shadow side, they can be ruthless. ... Whenever a Scorpio wants something, they'll get it." This undoubtedly fits the vamp outlook!


While the look can feature bright cheeks, blue eyeshadow, or something darker to fit the more sinister vampire motif, celebrity makeup artist Erika La' Pearl told Refinery29, "I'm obsessed with the vampy lip. ... Using a liner to define the lip before the dark hue is simple and elegant." Of course, with witchy and vampy looks, darker is often better. 

Pisces finds relaxation in blue hues

Pisces is another of the three water signs, and it's the mutable sign of the three. It's able to swim freely and adapt to new situations easily like the fish that represents it. Pisces is represented by two fish, though, and some people look at them as a dark fish and a light fish. Think of it as yin and yang — the positive and negative. As astrologer Kesaine Walker told USA Today of the sign, "Pisces are known for being the most sensitive sign of the zodiac." Knowing the balance they need to keep with two fish in control, this makes even more sense.


To assist Pisces in staying balanced and positive, they should try their hands at blue makeup looks. As Patrick O'Donnell of interior design store Farrow & Ball told Homes & Gardens, "Blue also comes with positive attributes in color psychology, such as anxiety-relief, sympathy, warmth, encouragement, spirituality, loyalty, and thoughtfulness." 

To pull off this look, makeup artist Donni Davy told Refinery29, "There are so many options within the blue world, from warmer electric blues to grungy navy blues to baby icy blues." So, pick whichever shades of blue make your watery heart smile, and create an eye look that pops. As long as you use blue, the type of look doesn't matter, so you can still stay within your personal style. Just don't be afraid to add some blue lipstick, too!


Taurus finds ease in natural brows

Taurus sometimes gets a bad rap for being hardheaded, but there's so much more to this sign than just being set in its ways, which comes from its fixed modality. As the AstroTwins told Parade of this sign, "Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, luxury, and beauty." This sign loves looking good, and it also enjoys solace and support, which can come from saving money. As such, we're letting you know, Taurus, that this is the year to save on your pampering and let those brows grow! Now, we're not saying you shouldn't keep them looking nice, but you can skip the consistent salon waxing because we have the ideal beauty trend that will have you loving your look for less this year. 


Natural brows with some nice grooming are in. While we're seeing a resurgence of the thin brows of the '90s, natural brows is a look we know you can get behind. On this, makeup artist Benjamin Puckey told Byrdie, "I see a shift towards subtler, beautifully groomed brows," adding that "eyebrows will look soft and brushed into shape." So, put away the tweezers — you don't need to invest in that pair with the attached light — and grab a nice brow brush. You'll be all good to go.

Virgo stays grounded with the brown sugar makeup trend

On Virgos, astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss told Well + Good, "A happy Virgo is one who feels balanced between both the mind and the body." It's that need for balance that made us look to this sign when we saw the brown sugar makeup trend emerging. This trend builds on the latte-inspired makeup trends of 2023 and uses brown hues all over the face, from eyeshadow to blush and beyond. Brown offers balance to Virgo because it's the color of dirt, and, as an earth sign, this seems a suitable way to stay grounded. Plus, according to color psychology, brown is the color of dependability — something that also helps inner balance. 


"I can see nudish-brown lip combos remaining buzzy on TikTok and in the industry. The bronzy, just-walked-off-a-beach look with shades of nude, tan, and brown I think will continue to dominate — especially throughout the summer," makeup artist Naseeha Khan told Fashionista on brown beauty looks staying relevant throughout 2024. Whatever brown tones you choose, don't be afraid to mix and match them. A glittery tan lip would pair magnificently with a darker brown cheek. You can even give black eyeliner a rest and opt for brown.

Capricorn finds comfort in frosty accents

Capricorns are winter babies, and they're associated with the winter solstice since their reign runs from December 22 to January 19. This definitely makes the sign an ideal candidate for wintery makeup looks, but we're beyond the typical rosy cold girl cheeks at this point. And while astrologer Olga Verk told Well + Good that "they tend to stay modest and show their authority by their actions," 2024 is a time for this hard-working sign to shine. To stand out and look fabulous in a trendy new beauty fad, this winter-born sign should lean further into the frosty look.


"We're in a total Y2K revival," makeup artist Donni Davy said to Refinery29 of the current beauty and fashion landscape. Frosty lips had a big heyday in the '90s, and we love that they're coming back. Whether on the eyes or lips, Capricorn can make this chilly trend look warm and inviting. To achieve this lip look, simply grab a metallic or glittery color on the lighter side and dab some on in the innermost parts of your lips. For frosty eyes, grab shimmery white eyeshadow and add some accents, such as inner-corner highlights, that make you look frostier than you actually are.

Gemini is youthful in doll blush

Air signs are the talkers of the zodiac, and Gemini may just be one of the most talkative. As astrologer Wade Caves put it to USA Today, "Geminis are in constant communication," adding, "They like to chat a lot." Because Gemini is very communicative, they make us think of a Chatty Kathy doll. And, luckily for you, Gemini, there's a makeup trend this year that will have you feeling like a real-life doll.


Makeup artist Patrick Ta described this wonderfully fun blush trend to Allure as a "youthful look, that adds definition to the face because of how the blush sculpts the cheekbones." Getting this looking is easy, too. Grab your blush brush and a rosy pink or red rouge, and brush it onto the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion. Just look up an image of a doll if you need some inspiration. If you want the look to be a little smoother, you can then blend out the circle of blush so it's not so striking. Have fun with it by trying it both ways and see which one suits your personality the best. You can also experiment with different colors of blush for even more fun.

Aquarius pulls off abstract colors and shapes with ease

When it comes to standing out in a crowd, the first sign many think of is Aquarius. As astrologer Kesaine Walker told USA Today of the sign, "In Aquarius' world, it is more valuable to be different rather than to blend in with the crowd," adding, "They are known to be progressive thinkers who can see patterns in things others might not notice." This desire that Aquarius has for standing out and being different — unafraid of being in the spotlight — makes them perfect for abstract shapes and colors.


On this trend, L'Oréal Paris League of Experts celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendaño told Refinery29, "Splashes of colour were seen on the runway in Fashion Week, and it showed it could be done in a way that isn't intimidating and can be fun." We can definitely see Aquarians grabbing those bright eyeshadows and making their own trends in abstract brush marks and unique shapes. But we know they're brave enough to take this look beyond the eyes and try some bold options for blush and lips, too — both in shapes and colors. 

Libra loves matte lips

Libra loves beauty. As "Who Do the Stars Say You Are?" author Syd Robinson told Today, "Libras are drawn to all things aesthetic. They always have the cutest outfits, home decor, and feel happiest when they're surrounded by what they personally regard as beautiful." You're for sure someone who wants to stay with the trends, and we bet you'll be happy with the one we picked for you.


Libra is ruled by Venus, and we know Venus is all about love and romance. Then, speaking about 2024 trends, makeup artist Dahlia Warner told Byrdie, "We will see a lot of blurred matte lip trends in the upcoming year in romantic shades such as variations of pinks and reds." Yes, Libra, now is the time to bring more of a look of romance to your lips, and it's as easy as investing in some pretty matte lipstick. To get the blurred look, however, you'll want a lip brush. Just put the lipstick on with the brush from your inner lip to the outer, brushing it on lightly to get a look that isn't as full-coverage as you'd typically do. Not big on reds and pinks? Purple would also be a fabulous romantic shade for something a little different.