Nuance Nails Are The Trend Bringing Artistic Minimalism To Your Manicure

Although the expert trend forecasters from big magazines still hold some sway over the crazes we embrace, it is much more likely that nowadays you're keeping up with the latest styles through social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. No judgment, seriously — we relate. But if this is the case, then you also, like us, struggle to put theory into practice and aesthetics into action. And that's exactly what we're here for — we know how to turn vague, incomprehensible BeautyTok jargon into wearable trends. The latest? Nuance nails. 


Nuance nails, as their name suggests, are more than a surface-level nail trend. There's depth and layers to a good nuance nail design: a varied color palette, softly blended and suffused, and smoky. Every choice made in a nuance nail design is intentionally chic (and decidedly messy). Nuance nails, in other words, aim to create a blend of distinct yet harmonious colors for a complex crystal and stone-inspired design. Think a marbled French manicure, but somehow even more elegant and creative. These are some ways you might want to incorporate this trend into your nail designs, whether they're DIY or professionally done. 

Ocean-tumbled stones

Often, nuance nails require you to take inspiration from nature's gifts. An easy source of inspiration for this color-loving trend is stones and crystals, precious and otherwise: jade, amethyst, quartz, you name it. You may even feel the urge to return to your childhood habit of collecting ocean-tumbled stones at the beach — these pretty pebbles can easily help you choose your next nail design.


We're partial to stormy blue and ocean-like stones, like larimar and aquamarine, for their mix of blues, grays, and teal hues. This combination looks remarkably similar to a marbled effect, with a distinctly beachy vibe. 

Rusted metal

Another element that may inspire your take on nuance nails is metal. This material, while often man-molded, can be just as striking as any stone or crystal. In fact, it is the perfect muse for this trend, with its deep gray shades that can transform into blues and coppery browns when rusted by nature's whims.


Paint your nails a gradient from dark gray to stormy blue, and finally to coppery bronze to represent the beauty of old metal. It will embody the complexity of this trend perfectly. Plus, you can always embellish with silver and glitter accents wherever possible.

Stained rose quartz

Some of us rarely stray far from our pink nail shades. And yet we still want to embody all of the nail trends without budging too much outside of our comfort zone. Don't worry — it's definitely doable.


One of the most popular crystals — known for its properties that align with love and healing — is rose quartz, the pinkest of crystals. How convenient is that? We can't help but recommend our fellow pink girls to take inspiration from the sheer, soft pink shades of this ethereal crystal with threads of gold or silver weaved throughout.

Milky onyx

Just like pink lovers, black lovers have a hard time quitting their beloved dark color when choosing nail designs. We understand the struggle. Some shades are just too good to part from, but this shouldn't hinder your ability to have fun with the passing trends.


Onyx, obsidian, and black tourmaline are just some of nature's darkest, blackest stones, and they're just as beautiful as the rainbow of crystals and stones nature has to offer. Keep to a black base but add some milky touches and silver streaks for added contrast, and you'll have yourself a nuanced nail design.

Land and sea

The land and the sea both have so much beauty to offer. They are constant models for what we consider worthy of inspiring art, and so it is only natural for us to want to imitate this art. That's why, whenever we combine the hues of dirt and water, the result is often breathtaking.


Nuance nails are ideal for incorporating this clashing of elements in visually stunning, vibrant ways. Gradients of blues, browns, and oranges can create distinctly gorgeous visuals.