Transition Your Barbiecore Manicure To Fall With Unexpected Pink Nail Shades

The color pink made waves this summer with the release of Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" and the subsequent Barbiecore fashion trend it inspired. For months, magenta, fuchsia, and bright bubblegum pink have been go-to colors for manicures as people embraced the playful nostalgia and empowered femininity that the colors evoke. But with fall firmly established and winter rapidly approaching, you may be wondering how to transition your Barbie-inspired nails into something appropriate for the season. After all, fall isn't typically associated with the color pink in the same way that spring and summer are.

"Fall is a season for cozying up, and represents comfort and nostalgia," nail artist and author Hang Nguyen told Vogue. "It's the perfect season to be inspired by colors and art that bring a sense of warmth as the weather cools down." Thankfully, this means that pink, with its many warm and cozy shades, doesn't have to go anywhere anytime soon.

As for what pink you should transition to this fall? The following collection of nail polish shades, ranging from sheer neutrals to warm and rosy mauves, suits a variety of skin tones. They offer the perfect balance between bright Barbie pinks and moody fall hues to keep you on trend and in season, but give you the flexibility to rock a look that works best for your personal style. "It's mostly about personal preference," celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna explained to Real Simple. "When choosing a pink for yourself, find the one that makes you the most happy — that's the right one."

OPI: Tickle My France-y

If you've been wearing hot pink nails for a few months in honor of Barbie's debut on the silver screen, it might be time to try something with a moodier vibe. OPI's iconic shade Tickle My France-y is a deep, muted pink with dusty mauve and nude undertones that achieves just that. The hint of purple keeps this shade a fall-friendly choice, while the neutral tones make it an excellent and sophisticated alternative to nude nails.

Essie: Ballet Slippers

Highlighter pink jumpsuits may be one of Barbie's go-to looks for rollerblading down the boardwalk, but it isn't exactly a color that screams "winter is coming." Instead, dial down the neon this fall with a classic and subtle shade beloved by nail polish wearers worldwide. Ballet Slippers is a creamy, neutral pink with a barely-there hint of beige that gives the polish its signature hue. It is soft and sweet while still managing to create "warmth and depth," nail artist Lia Smith told Cosmopolitan, making it the perfect transition color for fall.

Whats Up Nails: Rhodonite

Whats Up Nails' Rhodonite is a gorgeous dusty rose cream shade. Its toasty brown undertones make an elegant upgrade to the hot pink shades popular this summer, with a matte finish that keeps the look rooted in the traditional autumn aesthetic. Although this stunning manicure choice can be worn any time of year, the texture feels especially tailor-made for Barbie fans who love fall. "Over all kinds of art, French-tip designs, or solid colors, a matte topcoat really elevates any nail look and brings that sweater-weather vibe to the fingertips," nail artist Laura Malarkey shared with Who What Wear.

Olive & June: EC

The core tenet of the Barbiecore aesthetic is to be larger-than-life, with an emphasis on all things bold and vibrant. While this may have inspired you to rock a magenta shade all summer that Barbie herself would approve of, a pretty petal pink shade like Olive & June's EC is a beautiful way to usher in your chic and understated side for fall. Named after fashion expert and American journalist Eva Chen, EC is a subtly sheer shade that you can wear confidently this fall, whether you're picking pumpkins or tailgating.

Chanel: Le Vernis in Ballerina

As you choose a new pink nail polish for fall, you should consider how it will pair with the outfits you plan to wear or the seasonal pieces that you own. When it comes to a fall wardrobe full of moody and earthy colors, painting your nails with a trendy nude pink like Chanel's Le Vernis in Ballerina is a great way to soften your overall look without abandoning the femininity Barbie-approved pink shades provided all summer long. In an interview with Who What Wear, Nailing Hollywood Agency's CEO Mazz Hanna noted that the understated shade is the definition of a "quiet-luxury vibe."

OPI: Made It To the Seventh Hill

Metallics and shimmer are all the rage in the makeup world this fall, which makes OPI's radiant rose gold polish both a trendy fall color and a good transition from the metallic hot pink manicures Barbie herself would favor. Its rosy warmth and coppery pink tones are romantic and feminine, but with plenty of edge that will help you refresh your look for fall. It is also a color that suits most warm skin tones. For an added touch of whimsy, ask your nail technician to get creative with some fluid linework in a contrasting neutral color.

786: Casablanca

If you want to hop on the shimmer train this fall but aren't ready to give up your Barbie bubblegum pink obsession entirely, 786's shade Casablanca is a Moroccan-inspired pale pink polish with a beautiful pearlescent shimmer. Its full coverage and iridescent glow are subtle enough to be worn as a fall neutral while still reading as "pink," with enough shine and sparkle to fit the Barbiecore aesthetic. It is also a subtle nod to the frosted look made popular by the renewed interest in all things Y2K, a fashion trend arguably as impactful as Barbiecore.

Zoya: Hattie

A shade from Zoya's Toasty collection, Hattie is a warm, medium-colored rose polish ideal for the Barbie fan who wants to make a slow transition from hot pink to darker fall colors. With its hints of powder pink and coral, it is a subtler shade of the vivid hot pink that was popular this summer but twice as romantic, allowing you to embrace the changing seasons while still maintaining a feminine and elegant look.

Dior: Ruban

Updating your fall look doesn't mean you have to ditch the shades of Barbie pink for jewel tones and earthy colors. The soft and glittery powder pink of Dior's Ruban may be a slightly unexpected transitional shade but it fits in with the beloved Barbie aesthetic and fall 2023 color trends. The light color and subtle shimmer play well with the naked nails trend too — a stunning look for short nails. "Not only will your manicure require less maintenance," founder of GLOSSLAB Rachel Apfel Glass shared with The Zoe Report, "but it will also add to the clean barely there look the naked nail trend thrives on."

Ella + Milla: Berry Much in Love

Although solid shades of neon and candy pink were all the rage this summer, candy apple and cherry reds are what's big this fall. You can easily transition your hot pink Barbie manicure in that direction with a pink polish with warm red tones like Ella + Mila's shade Berry Much in Love. This vegan berry-colored polish is feminine and sassy like your summer Barbie shades, but with red and coral undertones that give it a classic look.

Dior: Osee

To elevate the naked nails trend with a more girly and Barbie-inspired look, try a pink upgrade to the viral Glazed Donut manicure. The high chrome look made popular by Hailey Bieber's manicurist Zola Ganzorigt is traditionally a milky white glaze but works phenomenally well with sheer pink shades as well. "The look is really minimalistic, chic, and eye-catching; it adds a little twist to [a] regular minimalist nail look," Ganzorigt advised Bustle. Apply a pearly chrome powder over Dior's fall 2023 shade Osee, a sheer nude with a hint of pink, to get the look for yourself.