Bermuda Shorts Are Officially Outdated In 2024

In case you haven't noticed, the world of fashion has entered a whole new era — the era of the short shorts. Yes, the ones you may know as micro shorts, booty shorts, or even briefs (if Miu Miu's take on the trend is to your itty-bitty shorts taste). In much the same way that the miniskirt dominated the scene in the early 2000s, micro shorts have taken over our trend radars and don't seem to be going anywhere. 


These types of shorts and their "no pants" look have slowly been permeating fashion spaces, from runway to streetwear and even our Pinterest boards, for months. Now, there's nothing left to do but admit that we adore the look, and we want it for ourselves — so it's with no regret that we tell you that Bermuda shorts are officially outdated. Styling your baggy shorts like Adam Sandler is out, and the Kendall Jenner legs-for-days look is in.

Why you should leave long shorts behind

You might still be doubtful of this trend, and it's totally understandable. It's easy to overcommit to a trend, and exhausting to have to part with it once the fast-paced world of social media deems it "cheugy." Is the short short trend here to stay, or is it a brief fad? And to that we say, just look at the evidence. From Beyoncé wearing micro shorts to hubby Jay-Z's 54th birthday in late 2023, to Emma Chamberlain rocking a teeny pair of shorts at the Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2023 show, and even Kendall Jenner making a statement by making short shorts street-wear appropriate while on a walk in L.A., the proof is in the pudding. This trend is not only situationally versatile, but definitely likely to stick around in 2024.


Baggy bermuda shorts might still be the more conservative option, and the more comfortable for everyday wear — so if that's what you're into, don't let us stop you. But if you still want to stay on top of the trends and don't feel comfortable in too-revealing pants, just look for alternatives for the ultra-short options, like a mid-thigh version of the trend. And don't worry: Wearing the shorter versions also allows for some extra coverage with layers — opaque tights and leggings look just as chic underneath micro shorts as they do under dresses and skirts.

Styling short shorts

So, what should you reach for instead of your comfy and familiar baggy shorts? While you don't necessarily have to partake in the micro mini shorts trend (the cheeky look is not for everyone, we know), you should definitely opt for shorter versions of your favorite styles. Cut-off jorts, short biker shorts, tight-knitted shorts — you get the gist. These are all universally flattering looks, and they can be as short and as revealing as your level of comfort allows. 


And if you're worried that this is one of those trends that will waste your time and money only to not match the vibe of the rest of your clothes, don't be. This trend is easily adaptable to your pre-existing style and pieces, whether you pair it with heavy winter outerwear or a sheer dress. Plus, you can always DIY whatever shorts you have in your closet for a shorter, more flattering fit. Frayed micro shorts for the spring, anyone?