Multitasking Makeup Makes 2024 The Easiest Beauty Year (Plus Our Fave User-Backed Products)

If all-in-one products bring you joy — and a big sigh of relief — 2024 just might be your year when it comes to quick and simple makeup looks. Using a cream lip stain on both your lips and cheeks or a powder blush on your cheeks and eyes aren't rule-breakers this year. Multi-use makeup is leading the way for a convenient, condensed routine that still stuns and creates an illuminating, monochromatic look. On this, celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg told Marie Claire, "Look for products that work on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Brands have tons of incredible multitasking products, and you also don't have to be afraid to use your products for more than what they say they're for."


It might not have ever crossed your mind to try out your lip liner on your eyes or your cream blush on your lips, but that's just what this trend encourages, and you might be pleasantly pleased with both the results and the streamlined ease. We scoured user reviews and ratings online for the best multi-use makeup products, but more on that later. Get ready to let your creativity flow with multitasking makeup, and let 2024 be your easiest beauty year yet.

Multitasking makeup is a time-and-money-saving hack

Apart from being a fun step off the trodden path, multitasking makeup saves you both precious time and funds. We may have been taught that we need one product for our cheeks and another for our lips, but chances are you'll find that a crossover is possible and can greatly speed up your morning routine. However, exercise caution when using any new product near your eyes, particularly if you have sensitive skin or wear contact lenses. Try introducing one new product at a time near the eyes and monitor your skin for a potential reaction.


There may be some downsides to using multi-use makeup, like running out of your favorite products quicker — or possible contamination from using makeup in more than one place more often. To avoid this, cleaning your products and makeup tools more regularly is recommended. Whether you opt to try a product you already own that's intended for one use in place of another — like your fave lipstick as a matching blush — or decide to purchase an all-in-one product and experiment with the monochromatic makeup look in almost any color, you'll likely find that the simplicity and effortlessness of this 2024 makeup trend is a total saving grace.

Some of our top contenders

If you're ready to hop aboard the multitasking makeup trend, you can ease in with a ready-to-go product, like a multi-use blush, lip, and eye stick. E.l.f. offers the Monochromatic Multi Stick for $5 at the time of writing, described as "a cream-to-powder, wear-everywhere blush stick that delivers a highly blendable kiss of color to eyes, lips, and cheeks." There are seven different hues available. E.l.f.'s Monochromatic Multi Stick garnered four stars on the official website, as well as over 900 reviews. We saw that users adore it for its blendability and named it a can't-live-without product, as well as a makeup bag staple. The pleasing price tag is also a big hit. Essentially, this one couldn't be ignored as a top contender.


Well People offers a similar product at $22 that's garnered five stars on the website. The Supernatural Stick Multi-Use Blush is a creamy, hydrating blush stick that can be applied to cheeks and lips. It contains nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, and green tea. In the user reviewers, customers revealed that they like how a little bit of product goes a long way. Even those with oily skin found the product to be a hit.

We tried a multi-use makeup product ourselves

Fat and the Moon offers a similar multi-use product: the Lip & Cheek Stain. The earthy pigment is subtle and smooth. "Lip & Cheek Stain embodies our minimal/maximal philosophy: a versatile plant-based stain for the lips and cheeks, not too pink, a little red wine-y a, little black berry-y. Always non-toxic," Fat and the Moon explains, and it looks like customers are pleased. "Been using for awhile now everyday and absolutely love the natural healthy color it adds to my face! I have acne prone and sensitive skin, and I have had no issues!! BUY IT!" one customer commented in a review of the product.


We tried Fat and the Moon's Lip & Cheek Stain for ourselves and we can personally say the product soars high above expectations. The formula glides on smoothly and is the perfect hue of dark cranberry. It's versatile and gives an ideal flush to the cheeks and lips. The formula isn't greasy, but moisturizing. In addition to our personal endorsement, the product has nearly five stars and over 350 reviews on the official site, backing up our overall impression of the beautiful, berry stain.

How we selected products

To discover which multi-use makeup products were truly top-notch and offered the most range for multitasking makeup, we combed through many online reviews and ratings. In doing so, we narrowed down the popular multi-use makeup products based on price points and customer feedback. We also took into account which products contain nourishing ingredients that hydrate the skin and offer a healthy glow. Furthermore, we looked for products that weren't overly greasy and provided a lightweight feel on the cheeks and lips.


We also considered the number of shades available for each product in our search for quality multi-use makeup products. Alternatively, the versatility of a single shade of multi-use makeup was also considered. We even tried a popular five-star product for ourselves, examining its texture, hue, usability, and overall wear throughout the day. In centralizing these criteria, we landed on the products highlighted for their price, ingredients, and adaptability.