Can Scalp Massages Really Emulate Face Lifts? We Asked An Esthetician

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As the beauty industry changes and evolves, an uptick in cosmetic surgeries to capture the essence of youth has swept in. However, some are wanting to sidestep these procedures and take a less invasive route to looking and feeling younger. From collagen supplements and gua sha to face yoga and chemical peels, there are alternative avenues to combat wrinkles that don't involve a needle. But are scalp massages truly one of them? To dig into these claims, we reached out to Gregory Dylan, a licensed esthetician of 25 years and owner at Gregory Dylan Skincare, for an expert take. "Scalp massage is a wonderful technique for relaxation and encouraging healthy hair growth. With the right techniques, it can also give a more lifted and softened appearance to the face and help to ease fine lines from face and scalp tension," Dylan told Glam exclusively.


While scalp massage is one technique known to enhance hair growth and has other benefits in terms of relaxation, the possibility of the massage mimicking a face lift is, essentially, a bit far fetched. "To say it emulates a face lift might lead some people to have some high expectations as nothing we can do at home will truly mimic a surgical procedure. However, many people enjoy the process and benefits of scalp massage and do report results in regards to an improved appearance in the face," Dylan explained.

How to give yourself a scalp massage

Even if a scalp massage can't exactly replicate a face lift, you may still want to test the waters for yourself and see if you can yield any results. And at the very least, you'll indulge in some soothing self-care and come out more relaxed. "​​In my opinion, the best and easiest way to enjoy scalp massage at home is in the shower while doing your shampoo and conditioner routine. We have all had a great scalp massage at the salon and this is the perfect time to try to replicate some of those movements," Gregory Dylan said in an exclusive conversation with Glam.


So, recall your last visit to the hair salon and go beyond simply lathering in the shower — with intention this time. "Think good pressure with the fingertips, work in small circles or back and forth movements, remembering to move up and back along the scalp towards the back of the head," Dylan shared. You could also give yourself a scalp massage when you do a leave-in conditioner or hot oil treatment on your hair, recreating a scalp facial experience right at home.

Face lift alternatives beyond scalp massage

If you're finding the scalp massage to be soothing, but ultimately ineffective in terms of emulating a face lift, then there are other routes you can take to younger-looking skin without injectables or surgeries. You may have tried every serum and moisturizer under the sun to ease those fine lines, but Gregory Dylan has another suggestion. "As an esthetician, my go-to for a lifting effect at home is to use a microcurrent device," he revealed to Glam exclusively. "These tools mimic the electrical current in our bodies and stimulate our cellular energy source. They also help facial muscles 'remember' how they used to act, resulting in a visibly lifted skin. Subtle results can often be seen after each use and the results are cumulative, so ongoing use is suggested."


You may have seen microcurrent devices trending on TikTok, tempting you to add a microcurrent device into your own skincare routine — and there are many options out there to choose from, but Dylan has one recommendation in particular for real results: "The NuFace Trinity is a great tool with a loyal clientele and a reputation for results!"