The Butter Nails Trend Is Poised To Be Huge For Summer 2024

If there is one thing we can reliably expect from summer trends each year, it is the revival of bright colors and fun concepts. And this year is no different. As much as "Barbie" summer will be missed, with all of its hot-pink manicures and hyper-feminine nail designs, 2024 brings bigger and better (and more buttery) things.


The butter nails trend is poised to be huge this summer, and the designs are to die for. Butter nails are exactly what they sound like: a pale-yellow manicure with nail polish resembling the color of butter — inspired by similar shades seen in several luxury brand's ready-to-wear collections, including some of Bottega Veneta's runway designs. And while you might never have thought to describe pastel yellow as "butter yellow," it only makes sense after the glazed donut nails craze or the blueberry milk fad of years past. Food just inspires us, and rightly so.

This newest food-inspired trend is not only perfect for the upcoming months of endless sunshine, but also as versatile as they come. Whether you opt for yellow nails or extravagant designs, you can have your pick. These are five ways to experience butter nails for yourself this upcoming summer.


All yellow everything

For those who love a quick and easy one-shade manicure with no added tricks, feel free to jump straight into this bright nail trend by going for a classic, solid-yellow manicure. After all, nothing beats the instant happiness of looking at freshly done, vivid buttery nails.


For your nails to be the right yellow color, select your polish from an array of pastels only. No neon pigment nail polish shades where a true creamy yellow will do. This milky touch is what makes the trend so wearable — mustard yellow does nobody any favors.

Melted butter

Show off your butter-yellow drip by being as literal about this trend as possible. As it turns out, melted butter makes for a beautiful and creative iteration that will take your French tip manicure to the next level.


To get the look, you'll need two different shades of nail polish — one for the base, and one for the tips. Your base can be your usual French mani nude, while your tips should be a light yellow that embodies this buttery trend. After lining the tips with your pastel yellow, start creating some drip designs from the tips to the middle of the nail.

Sunshine shimmer

If you're not one for designs but still want a little something more than simple pastel-yellow nails, just add a little shimmer. Glitter and glimmer never fail to elevate your manicures, so don't think about it too much — just go for it.


You can go about this in one of two ways: the chrome path, or the glitter path. There's no wrong choice, and the decision depends on personal taste entirely. Either way, paint your nails your favorite shade of buttery yellow and cover them in enough coats of your preferred form of glimmer to blind yourself.

Standout yellow

For some people, yellow can be overwhelming in large quantities. So, instead of going for an all-out yellow manicure, consider the appeal of only one or two standout yellow nails. This way, you get all the vibrancy and summer vibes of the trend, but in a much more subtle dose.


Do this your own way by choosing a multicolored design (one shade and/or one design per nail) or a plain, two-colored manicure (with your chosen pale yellow highlighting a select few nails). And for added fun, 3D nail designs can take this manicure to the next level.

Quirky butter designs

If you hadn't already pictured this cute nail idea in your head just by reading the term "butter nails," you're doing it wrong. Don't be afraid to be on the nose with this one — tiny doodles and other quirky nail designs are popular for a reason.


To make sure your butter designs pop, go for a neutral base on which to place your designs. Then, be as creative as you want. Butter sticks labeled "butter," toast or pancakes with little squares of butter, smears of melting butter — honestly, the possibilities are endless. Be playful about it.