The Capris Trend Isn't Going Anywhere In 2024 - Our Tips To Make Them Actually Look Cool

For those still shocked by the resurgence of capri pants, we have more bad news. The polarizing three-quarter lengths trend isn't going anywhere in 2024, but fortunately, it's far easier to pull off than it may seem. The capris have been back in fashion for a while now, and with the wide variety of styles to choose from, including the divisive slim-fit capri, you're bound to find a pair that's just right for you.


Let's start with the fabric. Capris come in many forms, from denim to polyester, making them versatile enough to dress up or down (pro tip: Capris with a front seam look much sportier, while seamless pairs can effortlessly be styled for more formal outings). You can also choose between a wide-leg or a slim-fit style, as well as from solid colors to playful patterns.

As you can tell, the power of the three-quarter bottoms reaches far and wide in the realm of fashion, making it the ideal garment to experiment with. Whether you're a seasoned fashion veteran or a style novice, a good-quality pair of capri pants can take you as far as your wardrobe can reach. For those still on the fence about the concept, there are at least five tried-and-true tips to make capri pants actually look cool.


Give the wide capris a chance

We know we're starting off strong here, but hear us out. Wide capri pants are the ideal alternative for those not quite ready to fully embrace the pedal-pusher trend, as they offer the style without the polarizing silhouette.


For a more casual look, go for neutrally-colored wide capris and match them with a fitted T-shirt or a tube top and sneakers or mules. For an evening out, consider pairing a linen pair of wide capri pants with a button-down or a flowy top and dainty footwear. Go for a smaller bag and statement jewelry in both cases.

Elevate your capri pants with a cool jacket

There are few looks that can't be salvaged with a cool jacket, so let this be your starting point. To make your pedal pushers cooler in the blink of an eye, pair them with an oversized leather or suede-fringed jacket, and finish off the look with high heels or chunky boots. If you're not ready for the attention, a longer overcoat will provide enough coverage without sacrificing the desired capri aesthetic. Complete the ensemble with a fun pair of flats or wedges for an unexpectedly fashionable errand-ready outfit.


Don't be afraid of patterns

If you're reading this, it's likely you already like the capri look, which means you're ready to explore patterns. Capri pants don't have to be basic, and there's a plethora of designs to suit your desired vibe.


A pair of leopard-printed capri pants will be the ultimate fashion-forward statement that can take you from day to night with a simple footwear swap, while gingham or polka-dot capris will make you feel like you stepped right out of the 1950s. The patterned capris serve as both a wardrobe essential and a statement piece, so feel free to experiment.

A white pair of capri pants is surprisingly chic

The problem with styling capri pants is that many don't treat them as regular bottoms. If you did, you'd likely discover that a white pair of capri pants can be a chic addition to your wardrobe that can effortlessly be paired with pieces you already own.


For example, matching your white capris with a fitted graphic tee will give you ultimate "cool girl" vibes, while a chiffon top will offer a more delicate aesthetic. Those feeling fashionably brave can try a capri pantsuit — one of the most underrated extra-bold suit trends to get on.

Pair them with something unexpected

Capri pants are like a blank canvas — you can pair them with basically anything. If you own a pair of plain pedal pushers you don't know how to style, consider matching them with something that doesn't necessarily make sense.


For instance, the balletcore fashion aesthetic might not sound like a natural fit with capri pants, but it actually works well. Sleek ballet flats or leather Mary Janes will counter the sporty feel of the capris, while a feminine top will round out the visually delicate energy; just make sure to stay in a complementary color palette.